11 Moms Confess Their Biggest Money Mistakes From the Baby Years

mom shopping online with babyWhen it comes to having a new baby, your heart may be full of love, but it is likely that your wallet is feeling pretty darn empty. A mother's love might be free, but all of the gear we are so sure we need certainly isn't!


I can remember being pregnant with my first and getting my first serious surge of nesting instincts while wandering the baby aisles at Target. That was a VERY spendy Target trip, as I loaded my cart with all manner of adorable things that I 100 percent didn't really need.

Here, we asked 11 moms who are fresh out of the baby stage to share their most regrettable money moments, and we discovered that we all have regrets, though some are bigger than others ...

1. "When I found out I was having twins, I insisted on two of EVERYTHING. Like, really, who needs two baby tubs and two diaper pails and two swings? It was so dumb. Also dumb was buying all sorts of matching outfits in the same sizes. One of my boys has always been at least a size bigger than his brother, so all those outfits were useless." -- Carrie H., Ames, Iowa

2. "After my baby shower, I took the tags off all the tiny outfits and washed them so they'd be ready to go when the baby came. Then he showed up and was over 11 pounds and 23 inches long. NONE of the newborn or 1-3 month stuff fit him and I couldn't return any of it. Grrrr." -- Heidi H., Tucson, Arizona

3. "I insisted on only new stuff and turned down boxes of hand-me-downs. So dumb, especially since I ended up with a kid with bad reflux who pukes on EVERYTHING." -- Charli M., Lexington, Kentucky

4. "I was sure I was going to be an extended breastfeeder, so I threw away all those formula coupons and samples you get. I ended up lasting 5 weeks nursing before my low production and sloppy latch baby made me feel like I was going crazy. I'm totally happy to be using formula, but kicking myself for basically throwing money away." -- Jamie J., Denton, Texas

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5. "This isn't a funny one at all. I really wish that I had done more before the baby came to save money and leave time so I could have taken a longer maternity leave. I was only able to take six weeks, and I was a hot mess when I had to go back. I cried every day, my hormones were going crazy, and I hated life. I should have stayed home longer, but we couldn't afford to." -- Mari K., San Jose, California

6. "We bought the top-of-the line video monitor. This was stupid, because we live in an 800-square-foot apartment. The baby can't fart without us hearing it. We never use it." -- Susie R., San Francisco, California

7. "I don't know what I was thinking when we spent a crap-ton of money on a crib. My kid is chewing on the wood on her crib like she is part beaver and her bed costs more than ours does. I blame hormones." -- Leah C., Des Moines, Iowa

8. "I bought a lot of stuff new that would have been just fine to buy used. Stuff like tubs, swings, and Pack-N-Plays are usually still in great shape when people sell them." -- Amy W., El Paso, Texas

9. "I didn't price out daycare until I was pregnant. Talk about sticker shock! Full-time infant care in our area is well over $1,000 a month. Our budget was not prepared." -- Hillary C., Saint Paul, Minnesota

10. "I wish I had paid more attention to how my insurance covered labor and delivery and newborn costs. I didn't realize that circumcision wasn't covered, for example, and our hospital bills were a lot more than we expected." -- Sarah F., Thousand Oaks, California

11. "I bought a $50 white cashmere romper for photos. Yeah. He blew out his diaper five minutes after I put it on. It would have been cheaper to have him just shit on a $20 bill." -- Karen B., Tucson, Arizona


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