13 Women Confess the Money Secrets They're Keeping From Their Partners

woman online shoppingWhether it is fibbing about a new pair of shoes ("These? No, sweetie, I've had these for ages!") or hiding cash, the truth is that most Americans are, well, not always truthful about money with their partners. One recent study shows that close to 60 percent of people have lied to their partner about money and nearly 70 percent felt that they have been lied to about money in a current or past relationship.


There are some who speculate that money-related deceptions come from feeling uncomfortable talking to a partner about money, as over a third of people report that talking about money is major source of stress. But what do real women lie about when it comes to money?

Our anonymous poll revealed that money lies can range from the tiny white lie to the shockingly huge cover-up:

1. "My husband is happy to buy all of his clothes at the thrift shop or second-hand store, so he has a seriously skewed idea of how much clothing should cost. He once said a pair of jeans I got on clearance for $17 were 'pretty pricey.' So I usually discount the actual cost of whatever I buy at least 50 percent if he asks what something costs."

2. "I haven't lied, exactly, but my fiancé doesn't know how bad my student loan situation is yet. I got behind on them a few years back, and the interest and penalties really added up. I need to tell him, I guess, but I'm totally embarrassed that I owe so much, especially since I didn't finish my degree."

3. "I 100 percent believe that EVERY woman needs to have a 'f*ck you' account. I saw my mom stay with my abusive dad for too long because she didn't have the money to leave. I have $10,000 in an account that my husband doesn't know about. We're good and I don't think I'll need to leave, but I feel better having it."

4. "Every year my mom gives me $100 for our wedding anniversary. And every year, I spend it on myself. This year I got a massage and took myself out for lunch. Happy wife, happy life!"

5. "Before we met, I had a little work done: Botox, hip lipo, and a breast lift. My boyfriend doesn't know that I'm still paying my boobs off."

6. "We use a cash envelope system for household expenses like groceries and gas and stuff. If there is money left over in the grocery envelope at the end of the month, I usually pocket it for coffee money for myself. I don't feel guilty about it because I figure it encourages me to stay on our under budget for groceries."

7. "I've been married for 17 years to a very thrifty, very savings-oriented guy. A few years ago I got a credit card and didn't tell him about it. I'm ashamed to admit I've gotten myself into a hole with it. I owe close to $27,000, and I'm having a hard time keeping up with the monthly payments. I am either going to have to sell a kidney or tell him about it soon. I'd rather sell a kidney."

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8. "I don't have money secrets from my current partner, but I did from my ex. I don't recommend it. I think when you start lying about one thing, it becomes easy to lie about other things."

9. "We are broke. B-R-O-K-E. My dad has been helping us out with money for groceries and some small bills, but my husband doesn't know how much help we've really been getting. It kills his pride to get money from my dad."

10. "My husband doesn't know that I lent my brother $500 after he lost his job. He and my brother don't get along, but we have money we can spare and he was going to lose his apartment."

11. "I don't know if this is lying exactly, but I often sneak in Target bags when my husband isn't looking so he doesn't know that I bought more stuff I probably don't need."

12. "When I got my last raise, I didn't tell my husband. I just arranged to have the extra money moved right into a retirement account. I don't feel badly about that."

13. "I cash in our credit card points for Starbucks gift cards that I hoard for myself. That is pretty minimal in terms of deception, right?"

And now, I'll be a little honest: One of those 13 answers is mine. But I'm not telling which one!


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