11 Men Confess the Sneaky Money Secrets They're Keeping From Their Partners

husband doing bills onlineWhen it comes to money and marriage, most of us would probably agree that honesty is the best policy. But according to a recent survey conducted by CreditCards.com, financial secrets are surprisingly common, and men are more likely than women to have secret credit cards ... or even bank accounts.


In fact, according to the study, one in five Americans have hid a purchase of more than $500 from their spouse.

'Course this made us curious to see what kinds of financial info husbands are withholding from their partners. Here, 11 guys anonymously spill the beans on their biggest money secrets.

1. "My wife doesn't know how much all my fantasy football and baseball stuff costs. I'm in multiple leagues and do some online stuff too. But sometimes I win money, so I don't tell her about that either, and I use the money to keep playing. We have the money, so it isn't like I'm spending the grocery money. She'd just think it was dumb."

2. "She thinks the purse I bought her on my last work trip is the real designer thing. It is actually a knock-off I bought from some dude's table on the sidewalk."

3. "When I buy groceries, I always get cash back so I can have some money to buy smokes without her seeing it on the receipts. I'm trying to quit. She thinks I already did."

4. "I had a credit card that she didn't know about. When I maxed it out, my mom helped me pay it off. My girlfriend would freak out if she knew. She already thinks I'm kind of a mama's boy. (I love my mom a normal amount, I think!)"

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5. "I once bought a $1200 hunting bow and arrow set without telling my wife about it first. I hid it in the garage until I got the balls to tell her about it. She was so pissed. I'll never do that again."

6. "Sometimes I take an afternoon off of work and go see a new movie by myself. The ticket plus snacks is usually about $25, so I don't think that is much of a secret. I don't think she'd care about the money, but I think she'd be annoyed I took time off of work and didn't spend it with her and the kids."

7. "Every summer, my dad and brothers and I go on a big fishing trip. I usually lowball what it will cost us so she doesn't know how much we really spend on beer and that we stop at the casino on the way home. My dad and brothers also fib to their wives, so I guess it is a family tradition?"

8. "When I set up my direct deposit for work, I had most of it going to our joint account, but $200 each paycheck goes into an account she doesn't know about. I don't know why I have the account -- we have a good relationship -- but I feel better knowing that I have a secret stash of money."

9. "Last year, after we got a big tax refund, my wife and I each got $700 of fun money to use how ever we want, no questions asked. I still didn't tell her though that I spent $500 on Harry Potter Legos. She'd think that was ridiculous."

10. "I try not to keep secrets but she DOES NOT need to know about the $80 I lost on a Super Bowl bet to her brother last year."

11. "My secret is that I collect soda cans from my work and take them to the recycling center and then put that money away so I can buy her a nicer Christmas gift. We are pretty broke, but she is my girl, and I want her to have something fun to unwrap."


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