10 Purchases to Make in October If You Want to Save Money

woman shopping in cityThe air is getting a little colder, the leaves are starting to change, and the fall breeze is blowing in some major bargains! Turns out this isn't just the month for stocking up on Halloween candy ... There are other purchases experts suggest shopping for in October, because you can save big if you buy 'em now.


As any savvy shopper knows, the clearance racks at your favorite clothing or big box store are full of shorts, T-shirts, and other summer gear. But you'll do well to also look for ...

1. Camping gear: The peak season for camping is of course summer, so major outdoor retailers like REI and Scheels are closing out tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and more. Now is the time to buy if you are thinking about spring or summer camping or if you are lucky enough to live in a place warm enough to camp year round.

2. Cars: As the end of 2015 grows closer, dealerships are increasingly eager to move 2015 model cars off their lots in order to make space for 2016 models. Waiting until the end of the month might even increase your savings -- especially if it is cold month, as dealers will be eager to meet sales goals and shopping traffic decreases during poor weather.

3. Homes: The ultimate big-ticket item might be a little more affordable this month, if you are in the position to pull the trigger on getting a mortgage. According to new findings from Realtytrac.com, home prices for sales that close in October are almost 3 percent lower than the market value for a home. That is a $4,500 difference on a $150,000 house! The reason for the discount is simple: Many buyers want to buy before the start of the school year, so there is less competition for those who are still on the house hunt, and sellers may be motivated to try to move out before the holiday season starts.

4. Gas grills, lawn mowers, and air conditioners: Stores are eager to clear these summer bestsellers out to make room for holiday merchandise. Buy now if you expect to need to buy or replace these items next summer.

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5. Toys/games: Many big box stores will clear start to clear their shelves to make room for new items for the holiday season. You can expect to find deep discounts on outdoor toys (remember, a lot of stuff that can be fun to play with in sand can also be fun for snow!), toys connected to summer movies, and items like scooters and swings.

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6. Jeans: Stores that overstocked jeans for the back-to-school season are expected to have discounts between 30-60 percent during the month of October.

7. Vacuums: On average, October sees discounts of 25-40 percent on vacuums. Plus, buying one now is also a good way to ensure you don't get one for Christmas -- win-win!

8. Airfare: If you haven't already purchased tickets for your Thanksgiving trip, do it now! Prices will only rise as it gets closer to the holiday weekend.

9. Gardening gear: Again this is weather driven so now is the time to get everything from rakes to seeds (which will still be good in the spring).

10. Apple products: If you don't need the latest version of an iPhone, you'll be in luck. The release of the iPhone 6s means that the iPhone 5 and 6 just got cheaper.

On the flip side, October is NOT a good month to buy jewelry, perfume, computers, or digital cameras, as these are things that you can expect to find deep discounts on in November and December.


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