10 Things Women Have to Pay More For Than Men Do (PHOTOS)

Liz Alterman | May 6, 2015 Money

women looking at price tagUnless you placed them side by side, you might not realize that you're being charged more for some items than your hubby is. Also, if you gravitate toward more feminine toys for your daughter, you're going to pay up for that as well. Welcome to the "pink tax."

What's the pink tax, you ask? Well, it seems that certain products being marketed to women are being marked up (way the heck up!), while men's merchandise remains at lower prices.

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I'm sorry but last time I checked vaginas didn't come with ATM machines, do I don't know where we're supposed to get all this extra cash?! Take a look at some of the items we found that have been hit with this so-called pink tax. 

Does it surprise you that women are charged more for these items than men? 

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