Most Jaw-Dropping Ways Moms Have Spent Their Tax Refunds (PHOTOS)

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Who doesn't love a sudden windfall? Even though it's our own money coming back to us, most families rejoice each year when tax refunds start popping up in the mailbox.

Sure, financial experts will tell you it's best to get the smallest amount back, as that means you've been collecting most of your money in your paycheck all year long. Still, taxpayers received an average refund of $3,034 in 2014, according to the Internal Revenue Service. 


Once you've got that check in hand (or in the bank, courtesy of direct deposit), the real question becomes: What will you do with it? 

Financial advisers extol the virtues of paying down your debt or chipping away at your mortgage. And don't get us wrong, those are great, not to mention smart, ideas. But a fun way to spend your influx of cash? Not so much.

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Many moms would love to remodel the kitchen, take a once-in-a-lifetime family vacation, or drive off in a new car rather than save for a rainy day. (Sounds way more exciting to us, too!) So we reached out to moms to ask them what were some of the most extravagant purchases they made after that government check cleared. #5 and #6 look pretty good to us! 

What's the most decadent thing you've ever purchased with your tax refund?


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