10 Best & Worst Cities for Your Financial Peace of Mind (PHOTOS)

family of 4 out shoppingWhether we think about it daily or not, our physical and emotional wellness is often influenced by our bank accounts. After all, if your ability to earn and, perhaps, on a bigger scale, your local economy aren't in tip-top shape, you may be all sorts of stressed out. That said, it's no wonder where we live can help or hinder our ability to sync up our financial and overall wellness.

WalletHub took a microscope to 150 US cities to figure out which are most conducive to "wallet wellness." In other words, they used 8 key metrics to explore how consumers fared with managing their lifestyles and finances, as well as how their cities promote wealth creation and upward mobility.


Check out 5 cities that came out on top, and 5 that landed at the bottom of the barrel, then tell us: How do you think your city does at promoting physical, emotional, and financial wellness?

Image via iStock.com/Geber86

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