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    Ask any married couple and you will hear the same thing: Being married is not easy. Loving someone and having them be your best friend is wonderful, but the daily slog and the tit for tat fights and the little squabbles add up. Sometimes the person you love most in the world becomes the person whose eyes you dream of scratching out in a fit of rage. Those are the bad moments.

    Of course, there are also lovely moments. Moments when you can't imagine being with anyone else and the sun rises and sets with your spouse. But how can you tell when the bad moments are starting to outnumber the good? How can you tell when your marriage has gone from normal, everyday difficulty to "we're in trouble" town?

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    There are some moments during your wedding you know you'll remember for the rest of your life. For a couple from England, that moment came when the people they'd accidentally invited to their wedding via a wrong number text message showed up for their wedding photos.

    Assuming this is not an Internet hoax, it's easily one of the greatest wedding stories in history. It all started when the bride-to-be (Kristen) sent out a text message to someone (it's not clear who) providing the address and time during which they would be taking wedding photos. Soon it was revealed that she had the wrong number, but the total stranger she texted replied: "We still coming."

    He was true to his now-famous word. They came. They saw. They took photos. The result was amazing.

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    The Duggars must be feeling nostalgic -- they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this week! And to commemorate the special day, their kids posted the Duggars' 1984 wedding photos on Instagram. "Happy 30th anniversary to the most amazing parents ever!" they wrote. "More in love today than ever! And such a great example for all of us kids!" Daww, that's so sweet. I think Michelle and Jim Bob definitely still have a youthful twinkle in their eyes, even though Jim Bob just celebrated his 49th birthday. How can their kids not be inspired?

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    "Talk dirty to me!" We've all seen people do it in the movies. But have you ever tried to do it in real life? Awkward! What do you say? How do you say it? And how do you avoid sounding completely ridiculous? What if you try it and he just cracks up and laughs at you? Is this even worth trying at all?

    Relax, we've tapped some sexperts to give us their best advice on whispering sweet nothings. We'll have you talking dirty -- in the best way possible, of course -- in no time!

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    How often are you and your husband having sex? It's a personal question not many people have the courage to ask (or answer!), but it's something most of us wonder, especially when we get curious about how our own sex lives stack up against those of other married couples.

    Well now we can stop wondering. Thanks to a highly amusing Reddit thread, we are privy to how much sex married people are really having -- and there are some surprises.

    In fact, just how often spouses are sleeping together might throw you for a loop. Even people married decades and well into their 50s are apparently getting it on as many times as people half their age who have no kids. Impressive, right? For instance, one man who's been married for 15 years says he and his wife are engaging in intercourse five to seven times a week! Really?!

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    If you're feeling like your marriage is in a rut, here's one option for shaking things up: Try it 1950s-style. 

    Mandy and Gary Jones say living a 1950s lifestyle saved their marriage. They dress in vintage clothes, decorate their house with kitschy mid-century antiques, drive a 1949 Chevrolet, listen to rockabilly records on a jukebox, and yes, have even reverted to 1950s-style gender roles. "It may seem strange and we get the odd nasty comment," Mandy Jones says, "but this way of life works for us and has saved our marriage."

    In fact, the Joneses think we should all "take advice from our grandparents" and live the '50s way. "1950s marriages definitely work better than marriages these days," Mandy says. She'll have to forgive my skepticism, but that's not what my divorced-in-the-1950s grandmother says. But let's give these two the benefit of the doubt, because they really do seem happy. What is it about their marriage that's working, and what can we learn from it?

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    Rich, ugly men marry hot women, right? It's an age-old formula we all know far too well. Think of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley or Ric Ocasek and Paulina Poriskova -- or any number of aging multi-millionaires who aren't exactly swimming in the good gene pool who managed to land themselves stunning women. Well hold onto your hats, folks, because I'm about to rock your world with this: It's all a lie.

    According to a study that ran last month in the American Sociological Review, the idea of a "status exchange" relationship -- where one partner, usually a man, exchanges his wealth and power for the other partner's beauty -- is largely a myth. Yes, that's right. Everything you think you know, you don't.

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    A Reddit user's post has gone viral this week after she revealed the Excel spreadsheet her husband sent her when she left for a business trip. In it, he details the entire month of June into July and the myriad excuses she gave him for not wanting sex. Assuming this is real and not some Internet hoax, it's pretty shocking. And it's also hilariously astute.

    She used the typical reasons for turning down sex -- I'm tired, I have to be up early, etc. But she also had some inventive ones -- I'm still sore from last night's sex (REALLY?!), I feel "gross," and I'm watching TV (a Friends rerun).

    People are divided over whether the husband's spreadsheet documenting her sex excuses is manipulative and crass and whether the wife is ruining her marriage with her frequent denial of sex. Any married person will tell you: We don't OWE our spouses sex, but we also kind of DO. Sorry. It's the truth. And it's not just me saying that. Experts agree.

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    By now you may have seen the spectacular photos: A bride and her flame-haired groom embracing against the dramatic landscape of Reykjavik. Twenty-year-old Sarah Cusson and Josh Walk eloped in Iceland, bringing photographer Gabe McClintock as their only guest. No friends, no family, not even parents. Just two kids in love posing in a setting as singular, magical, and beautiful as their relationship.

    The images are jaw-droppingly gorgeous and dramatic. But how did their families feel about this elopement? We spoke with the new Mrs. Sarah Walk about her elopement and their families' surprising reactions.

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    Four years ago, I wrote our first sexual bucket list post highlighting 50 things we should do sexually before we die. To say it went viral would be a major understatement. The list took on a life of its own, garnering more than 800 comments, hundreds of thousands of shares and views, and syndication galore.

    The truth is even I, the author of the piece, have not tried all 50. Has anyone really? It's an extensive list and not one that's easy to get through, especially if you've committed to marriage and monogamy early in life. So instead of saying we MUST do these things, let's say instead that we should be open to the possibilities. Is this a checklist that you have to complete in order to die happy? Probably not. But it's certainly fun to try!

    Look at it as a way for you and whomever your partner may be -- spouse, boyfriend, stranger -- to open your minds and expand your repertoire. We give you the ultimate sexual bucket list of 75 sex acts to try before you die ...

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