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    Silly question, but have you been on a bad date? Anyone who has ever been single (read: everyone) has at least one dating horror story for the books.

    But after one of those REALLY terrible ones, didn't it always help to know you weren't alone? And after you've coupled up, unconsciously or not, isn't it fun to look back on all the madness and laugh?

    I once ended up on a date where the guy demanded that I kiss him. After all, he reasoned, "I paid for dinner. You owe me." Sure, dude. I couldn't catch the subway fast enough after that one.

    Everyone's got a doozy.

    From the guys who refused to pay (and walked their dates to the ATM and even gave them CHANGE) to the men who picked food from our teeth and ate it (RETCH), we gathered the 7 worst dating tales in order to share the love!

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    When we heard the awful news that we'd lost actor Robin Williams to suicide, we were stunned -- and deeply saddened. How could a man who projected so much joy and mirth be so wracked by the devastating mental illness of depression?

    The disease is tricky that way. And when it wins, it leaves behind spouses and children who desperately wish they could have rescued the victim.

    Men have a particularly hard time dealing with depression because of the perceived stigma in admitting they're suffering from a condition that may be stronger than they are. Many self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. For the women who love these men, there are no easy answers.

    So what do you do if your husband is dangerously depressed but can't -- or won't -- get the help he needs?

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    You'd think that by living in a post-Sex and the City world, the idea that women are just as sexual as men wouldn't be met nearly so often with absolute shock and awe. But here we go again! A new study has found that -- gulp -- women watch porn, too! What's more, women are at as much risk as men for porn addiction, according to a new study published in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking. You don't say!

    Researchers at Duisburg-Essen University in Germany say anyone -- aka men and women -- who watches porn regularly runs the risk of psychological dependency. Which of course is no good, because hello, sex with another human is way better and healthier than being hung-up on all the unrealistic images and messages of porn.

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    When I had my first serious boyfriend, I remember how obsessed I was with "I love you." When was he going to say it? What would happen if I blurted it out first? How would I react when he finally said it to me? I remember how desperately I wanted to hear those three words.

    When he did tell me he loved me, it was the single best day of my teenage life. And later, the day he said "It's over" was one of the worst.

    Little did I know that even better times were yet to come ...

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    If you feel like you're pulling teeth with two thumbs and no anesthesia every time you try to get your guy to talk about his feelings, well, you wouldn't be alone. Plenty of men find they can't, because they're cut off from their emotions. Society still tells guys, from the time they are very little, to deny their feelings or better yet, not have them at all. Unfortunately, women are simultaneously being primed by society to believe that men should fulfill them emotionally.

    So little girl and little boy grow up, get married, and become frustrated with each other. Amiright? 

    Sigh. We're here to help you recognize when your man is having a hard time getting in touch with his "feminine side" (see what a sexist world we live in?). Patti Henry, therapist and author of The Emotionally Unavailable Man, writes that there are various behaviors suggesting a man is emotionally shut down. Here are 16 signs your guy is emotionally unavailable.

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    So you're finally engaged, the wedding planning has started, and the details of the big day are slowly becoming real. But now it's time for you to pop the question. That's right, find your special lady and utter those seven beautiful words: "Will you be my maid of honor?"

    The commitment to your maid or matron of honor is serious and binding. You'll be spending countless hours together leading up to the wedding, and they'll be your right-hand lady on the day of, so the decision shouldn't be light.

    But once you figure out who to ask, the asking is the fun part. Maybe you can do exactly what one bride-to-be did, and give them a sweet card that really tells it how it is: "I might pee on you."

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    When I was younger, I babysat for a couple who had their wedding photos hanging in the living room. The mother and I used to look at them -- her husband's powder blue tuxedo, her big hair and billowing shoulders, their multi-tiered plastic-filled wedding cake -- and laugh. "It was a long time ago," she said with a sigh. Indeed, I thought. It was.

    Yesterday, I had the shocking realization that I am now her. My own wedding 11 years ago is just about that dated. Someone hold me.

    The fact is, 11 years after a wedding, trends are bound to change. Intellectually, it's obvious. But honestly, had you told me then just HOW much would change, I might not have believed you.

    It turns out, I got married in the Dark Ages.

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    Today I'm devoting an entire episode to Married at First Sight, which was just renewed for a second season on A&E's rebranded Biography Channel, now the FYI network. It's a fascinating sociological experiment to begin with, agreeing to a blind arranged marriage. There's also a whole different layer of OMG-is-this-really-happening, because not only did these six strangers agree to the experiment, they agreed to have it filmed for reality TV, with all that entails.

    In today's exclusive video, I break down episode 5, which (to me) is where the real work begins. 

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    It's a ring you'll wear for the rest of your life: your engagement ring. It's funny how a piece of jewelry women obsess over -- I mean seriously, girls start Pinterest boards for them before they're even out of high school -- is so often left to a man's judgment. And yet, most of the time the prospective groom manages to surprise his girlfriend with just the right ring. And it even fits!

    This does not happen by accident.

    Women have been devising subtle and not-so-subtle ways to get the engagement ring they want for ages. Do you just tell your guy exactly what you like? Or are hints enough? Here are 5 tactics for leading your man to the perfect engagement ring.

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    Sex. We talk about it and think about it far more than we actually do it. And that's a damn shame. Especially for those of us who sleep next to our partners every night and it still doesn't happen. What can we say? We are tired, have children, jobs, and busy lives.

    That's no excuse. Enter the sex drawer.

    We all have one, right? Er, maybe not ALL of us, OK. But I know I do. And most women I know do as well. It's the little drawer in your nightstand that is full of all your goodies. At times, mine has contained handcuffs, flavored "treats," my dream journal (it's not ALL about sex), various pieces of erotica, and, of course, some toys. Having it close at hand is just more conducive to having a good time.

    So what should be in every woman's bedside sex drawer? We talked to Claire Cavanah, Babeland co-founder and co-author of Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex, to get her best tips for must-have sex drawer essentials -- and we added in some of our own, too.

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