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    No matter how much planning, pining, and pinning we do for the Perfect Big Day, every former bride can think of something that didn't go exactly as she wanted at her wedding!

    In their 8th annual "What's on Brides' Minds" survey, David's Bridal found some pretty interesting regrets women had about their weddings, well after they were over.

    Twenty-four percent of brides wished they had asked people giving speeches to keep it short and sweet -- and 14 percent wanted to tell at least one guest "you're cut off" from the bar! Meanwhile, 13 percent of brides lamented that their bridesmaids caused unnecessary drama. Ouch.

    So let's face it: If you've walked down the aisle, chances are there's at least one big regret about your "I do"s that you would re-do if you could! We asked that 15 women tell us what they wish they'd done differently at their weddings. You have to see what they said!

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    Here is a situation most of us have been in. You meet a guy and feel the proverbial spark. Numbers are exchanged, flirty texting ensues, and eventually you go on a date ... and it’s amazing!

    The chemistry is strong, you connect, you have fun. You go out again and it’s another ace in the hole. Now you start to get really excited -- could this be it? Maybe you hang out a few more times, but then something changes. Either you notice that he starts to pull away and seems less engaged (commonly known as "the fade away") or he just vanishes (a phenomenon known as "ghosting"). You feel completely blindsided and shell-shocked.

    What went wrong?

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    Seeing your husband change a dirty diaper might be satisfying (ha, it's his turn!), but HOT? Hey, why not? It's not rocket science: We ladies are known for having much more varied and nuanced reasoning when it comes to sex.

    So it's no wonder that subtle, weird, or even eyebrow-raising things our guys do can get us all worked up. It's how we're wired!

    We asked 11 women to reveal their most strangely sexy, offbeat turn-ons, and wow, did we get some interesting answers ...

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    When my husband and I were first together, about half our lives revolved around sex. We were always in the mood, tearing each other's clothing off every chance we got. It was so much fun and, I suppose, a large portion of the reason we now share three children.

    There are consequences to all that fun.

    Sometimes I get nostalgic for that time. I remember us at 25. Or even at 23. We'd just moved in together for the first time. Our first grown-up apartment. We spent days in it where we didn't leave the house. We'd call them "naked days," ordering in food, watching movies, and having sex over and over.

    We don't do that anymore.

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    You know what is so much fun for couples to do together? Fight over housework! Oh yeah, baby. Nothing turns me on like arguing over whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher. And don't even get me started on how exhilarating the laundry squabble is. 

    Kidding, obviously. Dividing up what to do around the house is one of those problems that can divide a husband and wife.

    "I definitely see household chores and division of labor as something a lot of couples argue about," says family counselor Rachel Sussman. As of 2013, men spent about 10 hours more a week on paid work, while moms were spending six more hours a week on household chores and three more hours on childcare. But does it feel equal?  

    If you find yourself struggling to strike the right balance, here are a few tips for sorting it all out peacefully with your spouse -- without breaking dishes or throwing socks at each other.

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    Ladies, it's the first day of autumn; Do you know where your fall boyfriend is?

    Yes, it's the most important accessory a woman can have this season: A boyfriend you acquire in the fall. Just last week two women actually posted a Craigslist ad for that very purpose: "Needed: 2 Males interested in something steady/serious-ish as the weather fades from hot, humid, and carefree to crisp, Patagonia vest season." They later said they were joking, but I think they were serious. Why? Because locking down that fall boyfriend is super important, that's why!

    It's not merely so you'll be ready for holiday parties and that New Year's Eve kiss. Just look at all the romantic activities you could be enjoying if you only had a fall boyfriend. Now get on it, girl!

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    "If this is going to be something you end up bringing to a couples' therapy session, I don't even know what to tell you!" my best friend said, shaking her head. We were discussing how I wanted to hire a cleaning service -- maybe every other week or once a month -- but my husband wasn't on board. Better ways to spend money when we could easily DIY.

    I had been trying to explain to her how important it is to my husband that our home be clean and neat. Proof: Mise en place -- the French expression meaning "putting in place" that's often used in professional kitchens -- is one of his favorites. But not just when it comes to cooking. He would love if mise en place could apply to all things in life. And at the very least, in every room in our house!

    My husband was raised in a home where Neat + Tidy = Peace of Mind.

    I, on the other hand, was not. The last thing I usually feel like doing is cleaning.

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    Jenny McCarthy is one busy lady. She just married Donnie Wahlberg, sure, but that's only the beginning! The former View co-host also recently landed a full-time gig hosting her own radio show, Dirty Sexy Funny.

    With so many transitions, the 41-year-old comedian and former Playboy model tells The Stir she's beyond grateful that her 12-year-old son Evan and new stepsons, Xavier, 21, and Elijah, 13, get along so well.

    When divorced parents get together, they often hope for the harmony of The Brady Bunch, McCarthy jokes. But she knows that ideal scenario isn't always the reality.

    Donnie's sons and her own have a "loving understanding of one another," McCarthy tells us, which makes her feel very "lucky and blessed."

    Jenny also reveals that she and her New Kids on the Block husband have developed solid relationships with each other's exes. Wait, what?

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    When you're young, it's hard to resist the lure of aesthetics. Who doesn't go for the guy with movie star hair, rock-hard abs, and the cool car?

    But as you get older, your perspective shifts. I don't know about you, but I now find the fella who fixes my lawnmower way hotter than the man in the expensive suit. 

    The heart wants what it wants. But I've realized over time that the heart is fickle. While some of these sexy things might not be who you'd expect, you'll probably find yourself nodding in agreement when you see who my top 10 mom crushes are.

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    At some point in your late 20s or 30s, you’ll be skeedaddling along, enjoying life, and finally feeling satisfied in your marriage or relationship. Inevitably, some guy from your past will choose that exact moment in time to decide he needs to soul-search because things, perhaps, didn’t turn out quite the way he had planned. In his quest to find himself, he’ll contact you. He'll remind you that you were once such good friends. You’ll reluctantly, politely, agree to write back because you're a nice person.

    And, just like that, you've been sucked into his sad vortex of doom and despair -- one that will threaten to blast your current, wonderful relationship to smithereens. Three words: Don't go there.

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