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    Seeing your husband change a dirty diaper might be satisfying (ha, it's his turn!), but HOT? Hey, why not? It's not rocket science: We ladies are known for having much more varied and nuanced reasoning when it comes to sex.

    So it's no wonder that subtle, weird, or even eyebrow-raising things our guys do can get us all worked up. It's how we're wired!

    We asked 11 women to reveal their most strangely sexy, offbeat turn-ons, and wow, did we get some interesting answers ...

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    When you're young, it's hard to resist the lure of aesthetics. Who doesn't go for the guy with movie star hair, rock-hard abs, and the cool car?

    But as you get older, your perspective shifts. I don't know about you, but I now find the fella who fixes my lawnmower way hotter than the man in the expensive suit. 

    The heart wants what it wants. But I've realized over time that the heart is fickle. While some of these sexy things might not be who you'd expect, you'll probably find yourself nodding in agreement when you see who my top 10 mom crushes are.

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    Like beauty, "sexy" is in the eye of the beholder, right? And when it comes to lingerie, whatever you want to wear in the bedroom to get your engines revving is totally your business. But sometimes we come across lingerie that we assume is meant to be sexy, but seems oddly...funny, instead. Sure, the couple that laughs together stays together, but we're gonna bet most women don't want to put their partners in stitches because of something they wear to bed.

    We found 10 lingerie sets that we think are intended to be sexy, but might just make you laugh out loud instead.

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    Let's talk yoga. No, not like magazine cover yoga, real person yoga.

    I'm a chubby girl. I'm not a born yogi by nature, one of those slender ballerina types who is so graceful it's kind of disgusting. That said, I love the rush I get from exercise...allll exercise. Yes, 'exercise' here includes doing the nasty. Mind your chakras, y'all -- it's about to get sexy up in here!

    Yoga leads to better sex. It makes sense! Yoga is all about existing in the moment. It's about being limber and present in your body. In other words, doing yoga = daaaayyyyum girl, check that swirl! I want that! And if I've got to log a few extra sessions being wobbling and sweaty and insecure alongside some Natalie Portman-type clone in exchange for the best sex of my life, I am totally okay with that.

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    Relationships are better off when the man is older. With a certain few exceptions -- notably, every Real Housewives star ever -- he is usually the less intelligent and mature one at the same age. He is probably better able to provide at an older age, too, if that's important to her. (Luckily for me, it's not very important to my wife!)

    The reason it happens anyway is because we will always find our biggest dating successes with younger women. In our early 30s, they're like mail-order brides just grateful to have escaped Eastern Europe. There's no talk about children or how we intend to provide. All we need to do to impress them is not live with our parents.

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    These days, there isn't much two-way action I can count on. But a while back, after dating my wife for about a year, a three-way came shockingly within reach.

    Playboy assigned me a story about how kinky you can get your girlfriend to go. And, believe me, being on assignment from Playboy gives you tons of excuses you never otherwise get.

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    I recently went on my first date since my marriage ended last spring. It was also my first official date since I was 18 -- over a dozen years ago. Dating at almost 31, as it turns out, is much different than dating as teenager. You’re shocked, I know.

    It was a blind date, and the guy was nice and all, but I probably won’t go on a second date with him. No particular reason -- he was cute (very pretty eyes), established in his career (lawyer), and we shared similar backgrounds (turns out we both went to the same small private university) -- but there wasn’t really anything there that made me feel like I couldn’t wait to see him again.

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    There is no question that Idris Elba is one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood. Actually, let's correct that. He's one of the hottest men in the world. THE WORLD. So when he talks about his personal life, we rabid fans usually perk up and listen. However, his latest sex confession is a bit on the strange side. Warning, this is NSFW.

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    Here's one woman who may have taken the idea "once you find a good guy, you don't let him go" a little too far. After meeting and chatting with Ben at a bar in Virginia right before Christmas, Courtney left with friends without providing him with a way to contact her. No worries. The gutsy girl vowed to find him by posting 60 "missing" fliers around town, which included her phone number. Crazy romantic ... or just flat-out crazy? 

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    Ah, the great penis size debate. Whether you think length matters or not, men are always going to have their own goods -- and, apparently, those belonging to every other man in the country -- on the brain. One condom company decided to take this issue more seriously by tracking the number of people in each state who purchased their small, large, and elephantine-sized condoms (I made that up, I have no clue what they call condoms made for absurdly well-endowed men). The results are ... odd. And totally unpredictable. 

    But just in case you're in the process of looking to relocate, you may want to keep this list in mind. Here are the top 10 states where men with the biggest penises reside.

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