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    When it comes to sex, a lot of us keep what gets us hot and bothered under the sheets on the down-low. This is especially true if the stuff that gets our proverbial motors running is, well, specific -- or at least, not on the cover of this month's Cosmo. I'm talking about sexual fetishes, and they are way more common than you think.

    With the success of 50 Shades of Grey, the relatively 'secret' world of the fetishist is becoming more and more socially acceptable. But don't feel bad if you're still in the dark when it comes to dishing about the kinkier stuff out there. That's what I'm here for!

    A sexual fetish can be described as an object or situation that gives one a sexual thrill. It's a broad definition, and kind of a great one since it is expansive enough to cover the vast gamut of our weird, wonderful, human natures.

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    There's never a right answer to some questions wives may ask their husbands. "Does this make me look fat?" comes to mind. Another tricky topic to navigate is anything having to do with sex and her friends.

    Ray Romano was on Conan on Wednesday when he told Conan O'Brien that he recently made a fatal mistake when his wife hypothetically asked him whch of her friends he'd like to have a threesome with.

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    Poor Taylor Swift. These last few days, all Swift fans have been able to talk about is whether the rumor is true that America's Sweetie Pie lost her virginity to Jake Gyllenhaal. We know they dated a few years ago and assumed it was a G-rated affair filled with lollipops and flowers. But, according to this source, no one on earth -- not even a virginal 20-year-old Taylor -- could resist the powerful charms of Jake. Hey, I don't fault her if it's true. But, sadly, it also resulted in heartbreak when Jake allegedly skipped out on her 21st birthday party, squashing her dreams of marrying him.

    Did Jake take her virginity and run? Who knows for sure -- but it has us thinking about other celebrities who reportedly gave their virginity to other folks with famous names. Here are 8 celebs whose intimate affairs have been spilled in the press.

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    These days, there isn't much two-way action I can count on. But a while back, after dating my wife for about a year, a three-way came shockingly within reach.

    Playboy assigned me a story about how kinky you can get your girlfriend to go. And, believe me, being on assignment from Playboy gives you tons of excuses you never otherwise get.

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    I have a horrible disability that was inflicted on me by my closest loved ones and celebrated with a bottle of wine. And it was my people, the Jews, who invented it.I can't share the details of this problem with my parents or best friends, but I'm going to share it with you. Are you sure you're ready? OK...

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    For an advertisement meant to promote safe sex -- arguably one of the greatest ways a person can pass time on a random Monday night -- you've got to admit condom commercials are usually pretty stale. You can count on no hands the number of times you actually sort-of see folks doing the deed while we imagine they're wearing whatever condom is being promoted, and it sometimes seems like the company does everything it can to avoid even mentioning the S-word. 

    Leave it to a bunch of sexy, easygoing Australians to make the absolute best condom commercial you'll see -- and then blame another group of Aussie partypoopers for banning it. Boooo!

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    It may cause blindness, but it will cure cancer. Two scientists in Australia have been busy studying all the health benefits of self-pleasure, and the results show that it’s quite possible that teenage boys are the healthiest humans on the planet.

    According to Anthony Santella, a public health scientist at the University of Sydney, and his colleague Spring Chenoa Cooper, a senior lecturer, masturbation “can ward off a host of illnesses, from cystitis, diabetes to prostate cancer.”

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    Ah, the great penis size debate. Whether you think length matters or not, men are always going to have their own goods -- and, apparently, those belonging to every other man in the country -- on the brain. One condom company decided to take this issue more seriously by tracking the number of people in each state who purchased their small, large, and elephantine-sized condoms (I made that up, I have no clue what they call condoms made for absurdly well-endowed men). The results are ... odd. And totally unpredictable. 

    But just in case you're in the process of looking to relocate, you may want to keep this list in mind. Here are the top 10 states where men with the biggest penises reside.

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    Today's hot celeb news had a lot of men around the world cheering. Olympic diver Tom Daley came out ... as bisexual. In a YouTube video (the better to see what this British hottie has to offer), Daley announced that he's dating another man, and it's making him deliriously happy. However! He's not putting a label on his sexuality just yet. He says he still "fancies girls," so don't count Daley out, ladies.

    Yeah, right. You know what I think? Daley be gay, everyone. He just doesn't realize it yet. If life has taught me anything, it's that unlike women, men prefer to pick a side eventually. Maybe it's the pressure men put on each other, who knows? But hey, no hurry! It's Daley's love life, and he can slowly emerge from the closet however he wants to. I mean, there are certain stages to this whole coming-out process for celebs.

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    You know the story: Boy meets girl, boy marries girl, boy invites another girl into their bed, and girl is strangely ok with it, because she has her own lesbian lover on the side anyway.

    Wait, what?

    Welcome to polyamory, the strange perversion of what love in marriage looks like. On Showtime’s Polyamory: Married & Dating, married couple Michael and Kamala talk about their open marriage, and why monogamy “just doesn’t work for them.”

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