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    You know this would rock your man's world -- but do you dare try it? We bet your husband would love to see you do a striptease dance. It sounds like a lot of hot fun ... or it would if you looked and dressed like Sofia Vergara. How do you even get started? I mean, what, you just march into the room, put on a Beyonce ballad, and start taking off your peach t-shirt and matching capri pants while shaking your non-Beyonce hips? What if he laughs at you? OMG, so much potential for humiliation!

    Relax. This striptease business? You can do it, and we're going to tell you how. Here are 14 striptease tips you'll both love.

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    How important is sex for a healthy marriage? Supposedly one in three couples is struggling with a "sexual desire gap" -- meaning one of you wants it a whole lot more than the other does. It's not surprising. All the demands on our lives, the stress, the lack of sleep, can be libido-crushing. And sex is hard to talk about for many couples. But letting your sexless marriage chug along untended could seriously hurt your relationship -- and in ways you may not even be aware of.

    There's a lot of great advice for couples struggling to get some sexual healing back into their marriage. But relationship expert Michele Weiner-Davis has a novel suggestion for those of you in a sex-starved marriage. Here's how to save your marriage if you're never or rarely in the mood for gettin' it on.

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    Just call him "Mr. Congeniality." I speak of the Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis, who, if you haven't heard, is a friend to and great supporter of all men -- whether they're straight, gay, or bisexual.

    Yes, I'm talking about that Juan Pablo.

    Maybe his love Nikki Ferrell is rubbing off on him in a good way. Maybe he has truly had a change of heart. Or maybe -- just maybe -- he is sick and tired of being hated by everyone in America. Whatever the reason, Juan Pablo has decided to come out on Twitter (no, not that kind of "coming out") and has kind of, sort of, shown his support for openly gay NFL player Michael Sam. Whew, we bet Michael is super relieved he has an ally in JP!

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    I hear way too many moms complaining about how they don't want to have sex or how their sex lives are boring and well, I don't really have much sympathy because these days, there's just no excuse.

    There are all sorts of fun things you can do in the bedroom to spice things up that you're probably just not willing to try. And hey, we tell our kids "you can't say you don't like it if you don't try it" when they turn their nose down to a new food.

    Guess what, moms? The same thing applies to sex. So loosen up that darn chastity belt and stop being such prudes.

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    Grinding thumbnail into palm, I make my first solo entrance into a Victoria's Secret -- but not before glancing left and right to check that my old high school gym teacher is not watching.

    The last place a guy feels comfortable with his masculinity is in the frilly hell of a lingerie store. We can't help it. On the playground, we're taught that hopscotch, dolls, and other sissy pursuits make our special friend fall off. I imagine the bonanza awaiting the inventor of a store just for men looking for girly gifts. There, big, manly flat screens would broadcast hoops while cans of chewing tobacco and Pabst rimmed the perimeter.

    "What exactly are you looking for?" a hot saleslady in her 20s asks.

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    Let's talk yoga. No, not like magazine cover yoga, real person yoga.

    I'm a chubby girl. I'm not a born yogi by nature, one of those slender ballerina types who is so graceful it's kind of disgusting. That said, I love the rush I get from exercise...allll exercise. Yes, 'exercise' here includes doing the nasty. Mind your chakras, y'all -- it's about to get sexy up in here!

    Yoga leads to better sex. It makes sense! Yoga is all about existing in the moment. It's about being limber and present in your body. In other words, doing yoga = daaaayyyyum girl, check that swirl! I want that! And if I've got to log a few extra sessions being wobbling and sweaty and insecure alongside some Natalie Portman-type clone in exchange for the best sex of my life, I am totally okay with that.

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    When it comes to sex, a lot of us keep what gets us hot and bothered under the sheets on the down-low. This is especially true if the stuff that gets our proverbial motors running is, well, specific -- or at least, not on the cover of this month's Cosmo. I'm talking about sexual fetishes, and they are way more common than you think.

    With the success of 50 Shades of Grey, the relatively 'secret' world of the fetishist is becoming more and more socially acceptable. But don't feel bad if you're still in the dark when it comes to dishing about the kinkier stuff out there. That's what I'm here for!

    A sexual fetish can be described as an object or situation that gives one a sexual thrill. It's a broad definition, and kind of a great one since it is expansive enough to cover the vast gamut of our weird, wonderful, human natures.

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    There's never a right answer to some questions wives may ask their husbands. "Does this make me look fat?" comes to mind. Another tricky topic to navigate is anything having to do with sex and her friends.

    Ray Romano was on Conan on Wednesday when he told Conan O'Brien that he recently made a fatal mistake when his wife hypothetically asked him whch of her friends he'd like to have a threesome with.

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    Poor Taylor Swift. These last few days, all Swift fans have been able to talk about is whether the rumor is true that America's Sweetie Pie lost her virginity to Jake Gyllenhaal. We know they dated a few years ago and assumed it was a G-rated affair filled with lollipops and flowers. But, according to this source, no one on earth -- not even a virginal 20-year-old Taylor -- could resist the powerful charms of Jake. Hey, I don't fault her if it's true. But, sadly, it also resulted in heartbreak when Jake allegedly skipped out on her 21st birthday party, squashing her dreams of marrying him.

    Did Jake take her virginity and run? Who knows for sure -- but it has us thinking about other celebrities who reportedly gave their virginity to other folks with famous names. Here are 8 celebs whose intimate affairs have been spilled in the press.

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    These days, there isn't much two-way action I can count on. But a while back, after dating my wife for about a year, a three-way came shockingly within reach.

    Playboy assigned me a story about how kinky you can get your girlfriend to go. And, believe me, being on assignment from Playboy gives you tons of excuses you never otherwise get.

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