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    "Talk dirty to me!" We've all seen people do it in the movies. But have you ever tried to do it in real life? Awkward! What do you say? How do you say it? And how do you avoid sounding completely ridiculous? What if you try it and he just cracks up and laughs at you? Is this even worth trying at all?

    Relax, we've tapped some sexperts to give us their best advice on whispering sweet nothings. We'll have you talking dirty -- in the best way possible, of course -- in no time!

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    Four years ago, I wrote our first sexual bucket list post highlighting 50 things we should do sexually before we die. To say it went viral would be a major understatement. The list took on a life of its own, garnering more than 800 comments, hundreds of thousands of shares and views, and syndication galore.

    The truth is even I, the author of the piece, have not tried all 50. Has anyone really? It's an extensive list and not one that's easy to get through, especially if you've committed to marriage and monogamy early in life. So instead of saying we MUST do these things, let's say instead that we should be open to the possibilities. Is this a checklist that you have to complete in order to die happy? Probably not. But it's certainly fun to try!

    Look at it as a way for you and whomever your partner may be -- spouse, boyfriend, stranger -- to open your minds and expand your repertoire. We give you the ultimate sexual bucket list of 75 sex acts to try before you die ...

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    Let's face it, if you've got kids, sometimes having a quickie is the ONLY way you're going to have sex. And it's the smart, engaged couple who takes advantage of those spontaneous moments to sneak away for a little intensive bonding. Even if you have the time and energy for longer lovemaking sessions, a brief tryst is a fun way to keep that sexual fire lit in your marraige. But just because it's a quickie doesn't mean it has to be unsatisfying. There are many ways to get the most out of quickies.

    More From The Stir: 5 Ways to Have a Really Good 'Quickie'

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    Lying to your lover is pretty much the death knell of any relationship. Once you take honesty out of the equation, you are pretty much living on borrowed time. But lying is exactly what Daily Mail sex expert Tracy Cox says you SHOULD be doing when it comes to your "sex number" -- meaning the number of sex partners you've had in your life.

    Women should never, ever tell their man how many people they've been with, according to Cox, since his definition of "promiscuity" is "sleeping with men other than him." But she says if pressed, a woman should always say she's been with 10 people. Period.

    And yet, is that true? Is lying by omission REALLY the healthiest way to tackle this dicey subject?

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    Remember sex? It's what helped you become a parent. And then the kids came and making love became but a sweet, distant memory ... well, that's how the joke goes, anyway. Everyone seems to agree that nothing will kill your boom-boom time like having children. But is that really true? Aren't there any ways parenting could actually be GOOD for your sex life?

    Don't laugh! We asked a panel of experts, and to our surprise, the answer is a resounding YES. Here's what they say about why parenthood is the best-kept secret aphrodisiac.

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    As one of the stars of the upcoming MTV Show Virgin Territory Dominique is about to reveal to the world her sexual status...  or lack thereof. At the age of 22, Dominique is a virgin, which is something that, in her world, is highly unusual.

    "I’m the last of my friends," Dominique told The Stir with a mischievous laugh. Her sexual status is SO unusual, in fact, that her own sisters, who are 25 and 27, didn't even believe she was telling the truth about it until recently. "They thought I was lying. I have such an open, bubbly personality. They just couldn't believe I was waiting."

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    Remember that video of strangers (ahem, actors and models) sharing their first kiss? Well the follow-up is even hotter. This time filmmaker Tatia Pllieva asked strangers to undress each other and jump into bed. "Nothing else. No rules." Except that apparently there was an unwritten rule that everyone stops at their underwear. But that's all right! It's still flirty fun. "Undress Me" was made to promote season 2 of Showtime's series, Masters of Sex, about the pioneering sex researchers Virginia Johnson and William Masters.

    Once again Pllieva hired a crew of mostly gorgeous young people who look quite nice in their skivvies. And you know what? We actually picked up a few pointers from this video as well. If you've ever undressed a lover, you know it can be incredibly hot ... or incredibly awkward. So take one: Here are 9 important lessons about taking someone else's clothes off.

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    No one wants to admit that they're doing it wrong. You know what I'm talking about: Sex. By the time we reach our teens we want to think we know everything about it. But well into adulthood a lot of us are still clueless, running around with all kinds of silly ideas in our heads about how sex works. Then we carry that misinformation into a marriage, and no wonder there are so many sexless or sexually-blah relationships out there.

    Two doctors are out to dispel as many myths as they possibly can through a new book: Don't Put That in There! And 69 Other Sex Myths Debunked by Dr. Aaron E. Carroll and Dr. Rachel C. Vreeman. Even if you're sure you know everything about sex you may be surprised ... or at least curious. Come on, admit it. Here are 11 myths about sex that could be ruining your marriage -- or at least dampening things in the bedroom. See how many of these you already knew.

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    There's a rumor out there that most men are reluctant to perform a certain bedroom act on their women. I think you know what I'm talking about. Well, I'm here to tell you it just isn't true. Not only are there plenty of men willing to give a woman what she most deserves, there are plenty of men who are also quite skilled at it. But what if your guy is reluctant to join the Grown Up Sexual Man Club and give you what want?

    In the short story collection The Women of Brewster Place one savvy woman who wants her conservative husband to pleasure her a certain way came up with an unorthodox idea: She wedged some of his favorite sweet potato pie between her legs. Readers, it worked, and they all lived happily ever after. But you don't have to go to that extreme. Here's how to get your man to give you what you want in bed.

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    Do aphrodisiacs really work? Wouldn't we love to think all you have to do is slurp up some raw oysters and suddenly you are a sex goddess, ready for anything, right now, on the table. But the truth is there's very little science backing up that myth. It's pretty much all in your head. If you believe eating chocolate will turn you on, it just might. There is an interesting exception, though. Scientists may have found one true aphrodisiac, and you will NEVER guess what it is. It's something you may already eat every day!

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