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    Are you a good kisser? Do you have any idea? I don't think any of us are walking around thinking "yep, I'm a lousy kisser, that's me!" However, there's always room for improvement. Yes? And since Sunday is International Kissing Day it's a good time to give yourself a smooching assessment. Perhaps your embraces use a bit of fine-tuning. Kissing, Relationship and Body Language Expert, and co-founder of L'amour TV, Katia Loisel gets us started with her list of top lip-smacking no-nos, and we've added a few more of our own. Are you guilty of any of these pucker misdemeanors?

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    Grinding thumbnail into palm, I make my first solo entrance into a Victoria's Secret -- but not before glancing left and right to check that my old high school gym teacher is not watching.

    The last place a guy feels comfortable with his masculinity is in the frilly hell of a lingerie store. We can't help it. On the playground, we're taught that hopscotch, dolls, and other sissy pursuits make our special friend fall off. I imagine the bonanza awaiting the inventor of a store just for men looking for girly gifts. There, big, manly flat screens would broadcast hoops while cans of chewing tobacco and Pabst rimmed the perimeter.

    "What exactly are you looking for?" a hot saleslady in her 20s asks.

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    When it comes to a happy relationship, women are off the hook in one surprising way: Apparently your man's health and disposition matter more than yours. That's the finding of one study, anyway. Researchers found that men's good health and upbeat personality lead to relationship bliss. But women's health and temperament don't matter nearly as much. Does that mean we get to stop pretending we're much nicer than we really are?

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    This article was written by Sophie Rosen of

    Being a single mother almost always means a life spent racing the clock. Our days often begin well before dawn and extend long past sundown. In between, our schedules are filled with the rigors and challenges of balancing career, child rearing, and homemaking.

    An evening spent with a great guy is something I know I always look forward to. But what guys think is a dating hot spot may be, for a single mom, a surefire dating not-not.

    Here are 5 places never to take a single mom on a first date.

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    In honor of Valentine’s Day, took to the streets of Dublin to ask more mature couples their secrets for making love last. What they got was a touching collection of stories as an older generation remembered fondly the good times they’ve had in love.

    It seems like there’s always some new study out “proving” which relationships are doomed, or more likely to succeed, based on what month you were born in or what order you do things in the shower. It’s nice to hear real people that have thrived in loving relationships talk about how they’ve made it.

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    Being romantic isn't always about wining and dining and buying fancy jewelry. In fact, a lot of times that could be done without thought. We want your brains to excite us! Show us you are thinking -- truly thinking -- and we find that completely romantic.

    With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I polled women and asked them what were some of the most romantic things their men could do for them. Men, do this this Valentine's Day ... or any day.

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    When it comes to romance, it's pretty safe to say that most of us wish the men in our lives would kick things up a notch or two. We'd all love to receive flowers every week, be wined and dined on a Saturday night, or be whisked off to a cozy bed and breakfast for the weekend.

    But given how hectic our everyday lives are -- sometimes the little things our husbands and boyfriends do to make our lives a bit easier are enough to make our hearts flutter.

    A recent poll found that many modern men view small gestures as romantic -- like taking out the trash and/or leaving the toilet seat down.

    And as crazy as it sounds, they're right. Those things are pretty romantic -- especially to moms who don't have one extra minute of spare time to take on additional tasks during the day.

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    I like to pretend that there's no such thing as a bad kisser -- only one that hasn't found someone that enjoys their particular style yet. Oh who am I kidding? There are some really lousy kissers out there. What's the saying? You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince?

    Well, there are't just frogs with cold, wet lips out there. There are lots of kinds of bad kissers, and they can all be described by a different species in the animal kingdom.


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    I recently went on my first date since my marriage ended last spring. It was also my first official date since I was 18 -- over a dozen years ago. Dating at almost 31, as it turns out, is much different than dating as teenager. You’re shocked, I know.

    It was a blind date, and the guy was nice and all, but I probably won’t go on a second date with him. No particular reason -- he was cute (very pretty eyes), established in his career (lawyer), and we shared similar backgrounds (turns out we both went to the same small private university) -- but there wasn’t really anything there that made me feel like I couldn’t wait to see him again.

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    We all have those days when we just feel like a total slouch, unkempt and unsexy as all get out. And then are times when we kind of feel like we’re rocking it a little, and would really appreciate a nice compliment.

    It doesn’t matter what state you’re in, sometimes your man will say something that makes you feel downright unsexy. From an innocent comment taken the wrong way to the deliberately hurtful, words have power, man, and sometimes they make us think, wow, it’s almost like you don’t want to get lucky tonight.

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