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    When people get engaged, it's this lovely display of love and happiness and a ring is given as a symbolic gesture that all the love and happy are forevermore tied up in that ring that is round and has no end. A dream ceremony is planned. Wedding bells start ringing. But sometimes that whole fantasy comes crashing down and a breakup happens. The engagement is off.

    Louis J. Billittier Jr. and Christa M. Clark were engaged, and Christa has the 3-carat diamond ring to prove it. A ring that Louis paid $53,000 for. Yes, $53,000. But after an argument over a prenuptial agreement, Louis broke up with Christa over text. Yes, over text. I'm stuck on the fact how anyone could break up with someone over text, particularly your fiancee who you apparently loved so dearly, you were going to marry. But people do exactly that. Louis proved his cold heart was even colder by taking Christa to court to get the ring back.

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    Proposals are romantic no matter where they happen. It's a proposal -- a declaration of undying forever kind of love! They often are very telling of what kind of man or woman you will be marrying if you say yes. Hopefully you already know that though. But if Lesley Frankel, 28, had any doubt about John Tracy, 29, that was replaced with a huge dose of "oh my goodness, you are the sweetest, most incredible man in the world" after his proposal.

    And all he had to do was ask her to marry him in a taxi cab. But it wasn't just any taxi cab.

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    It may be the first day of spring, but it's also National Proposal Day! Yes, it's true! And what better way to celebrate than by taking a microscope to some stunning findings from David's Bridal's 8th annual "What's on Brides' Minds" survey of newly engaged and married women? Hmm, actually, I guess being proposed to would be the best way -- even for those of us who are already hitched. Because if this survey is any indication, 1 in 2 of us would love a re-do proposal!

    Well, 53 percent, in fact, said they'd change something about their proposal if they could: 22 percent would change the location; 14 percent something about their engagement ring; 14 percent wish different people had been present for the Q-popping; 10 percent wanted a different engagement date; and 3 percent would change something else. Ouch!

    So, to test these stunning stats ourselves, we asked real women to share about the proposals they wish had gone down (even a bit!) differently. Here, 10 proposals gone wrong ...

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    Huh. Well this is all sorts of bizarre. Amid reports that they're either already engaged or planning on getting engaged any day now, supposedly Cressida Bonas might not want to marry Prince Harry -- or at least not any time in the near future.

    According to the Daily Telegraph, Cressie "has told her closest friends [that] she is not yet ready to settle down."

    Oh, and apparently, "People talk to her all the time about Harry and she gets quite cross and says, 'I don’t want to get married yet.'"

    Uhh ... what?

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    New details have emerged regarding Ashton Kutcher's big proposal to Mila Kunis. I'll admit I'm a bit shocked about this revelation. Apparently Ashton is quite romantic (which isn't exactly a shocker), but he's also very traditional when it comes to getting married.

    Ashton asked Mila's father, Mark, permission to marry her first.

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    It's a huge time to be an Olsen and in love. Well, only if you are two of the three Olsen sisters. Mary-Kate Olsen, 27, got engaged at the end of February to her much older boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy, 44, with the blessings of both families. Except Sarkozy's ex-wife who called the pairing “grotesque.” They are totes happy and in love and Olivier has even said that MK makes him a better dad. His kids are 12 and 10 so Mary-Kate is still within "proper" stepmother age. Whatever that means.

    But now just a couple weeks after that happy news, Mary-Kate is being upstaged by her sister who just announced her engagement, too. And of course she is! That's part of life being a twin, isn't it?

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    When it comes to engagement rings, diamond solitaires aren't every girl's cup of tea. While many women prefer popular, classic styles they can wear with anything and possibly even pass down to their daughter or granddaughters, some of us are too artsy for all that traditional sparkle. Some of us are indie, quirky, or feel altogether too modern to rock a timeless ring.

    One look at Mary-Kate Olsen and you just know she isn't the type of woman who goes for the gold/diamond standard. We recently found out that the former Full House star and designer is officially engaged to Olivier Sarkozy, but today we got a glimpse at the colossal engagement ring she's sporting -- and it couldn't be more perfect for MK.

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    It’s finally happened, you guys. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are engaged! We’ve been wondering for months when the two of them would make it official, and sources are now confirming to multiple outlets that this gorgeous couple is indeed betrothed.

    Ever since Ashton and Demi’s divorce was finalized last November, we’ve been waiting for a sparkler to show up on the third finger of the Jupiter Ascending actress’ left hand. Lo and behold, there it was for the paparazzi to see on Thursday as Mila went shopping with her mom in Los Angeles.

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    You think that Valentine's Day pumps up the pressure to amp up the romance? Try getting engaged! I wouldn't be surprised if lots of people are psyching themselves out from popping the question if only because they're afraid whatever they plan isn't going to go viralSigh. The thing is ... when it comes to the best marriage proposals, going viral is just a side effect of how much heart went into them!

    So in honor of putting less pressure on one another when it comes to popping the question and celebrating that hearts and flower-filled holiday comin' up, here are 16 of the most memorable, romantic, and heart-stopping proposals on the web, as inspired by an awesome recent compilation from UK site Too Little Fleas.

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    Lucas Bane recently proposed to his boyfriend David Devora in a spectacular fashion, complete with choreographed dancers from Step Up, a slew of blown-up love notes on poster boards, and “Will u marry me?” spelled out in twinkle lights. Because that’s how you get someone to say yes. Heck, I want to say yes and I’m the wrong gender and sexual orientation.

    Anyway, the newly engaged couple uploaded their proposal video to Vimeo, where it immediately went viral because it’s so sweet. Then Lucas got an incredible engagement gift of sorts when a former high school classmate contacted him and apologized for his bullying behavior back in the day.

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