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    Maybe those online dating algorithms deserve more credit than we usually give them? It seems virtual matchmaker OkCupid really knew what it was doing when it made this connection! You won't believe the following love story, which reads like a real-life fairy tale and could easily transfer to the big screen. Let me explain:

    Piper Goodeve, 35, and Garbriel Vaughan, 36, started off as teenage pen pals in 1994 at the urging of friends who knew they shared many common interests. 

    After four years and one in-person meeting, the letters stopped and the pair went in different directions -- or so they thought

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    Bummer dating news for some of us: OKCupid has been experimenting on you. A couple of their tests were pretty harmless. There was one where they threw out a profile featuring a sexy photo of a bikini babe and no description at all. Her fake profile quickly became among the most popular because duh: Hot, scantily clad chick. But another experiment they did completely defeats the whole point of online dating -- and could make you lose faith in it altogether.

    Or it could just confirm what you've long suspected about online dating.

    Regardless, this is going to seriously peeve a lot of single women out there.

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    Nothing brings me back to junior year of high school quite like the melodic warbles of rap metal musician Fred Durst singing about doing it all for the nookie. Seriously, I hear Limp Bizkit, and I'm transformed into a 16-year-old badass who can sing every word to "Nookie" while cruising with my brand new driver's license and the windows down.

    In other words, I don't exactly equate Fred Durst with romance, or the search to find lasting love. This is the guy that wrote a song about staying in an emotionally destructive relationship because the sex was decent, after all.

    Get ready to have your mind blown, because the 43-year-old musician just directed an eHarmony commercial.

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    One time I went on a date with someone who claimed on his online profile that he was 5'11", but upon meeting, it was pretty clear he was a good two inches shy of that. Eh, it wasn't the end of the world, and it didn't make or break the date, but it was a good example of the embellishments people sometimes make on their online dating profiles.

    A 22-year-old Indian man got an even bigger shock when he met up with his virtual girlfriend of three years. Upon discovering that his 21-year-old girlfriend was actually a middle-aged mom of three, he allegedly shot and killed her for the lie, then attempted to commit suicide. He later died in the hospital.

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    Do you ever think of all the random ways people come in and out of your life? Some of the people we're most strongly bonded to are there simply because of the right circumstances, and there's just something terribly fragile about that. This is especially true when it comes to falling in love. The same guy who catches your eye one day could fly right past you another day. I've been in a relationship with the sweetest, most thoughtful, hottest, most who-raised-you-to-be-so-fantastic man ever for the past 8 months or so and I'm ridiculously happy -- but it almost didn't happen for us.

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    Ah, dating. Can't I just skip this whole dating thing and settle in with a nice, normal boyfriend who thinks I'm pretty and enjoys my cooking? No? I have to go through the rigmarole of getting to know guys on awkward first dates and deciding to move on or, worse (!), dealing with the unrequited crush when I'm not his cup of tequila? No? Damn.

    Occassionally, a date makes a confession on a first date that crosses him off my list almost immediately. Like the time this one guy admitted that he liked to smoke pot. A lot. To each their own, I guess, but I'm pretty sure I don't want a pot-head boyfriend.

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    It's a tale as old as time ... girl meets boy, girl falls in love at first sight, girl forgets to get his contact info or even his last name, girl uses Twitter to track down her "future husband." Wait, what? OK, maybe love stories have been around for as long as humans have existed, but this whole technological side to romance is pretty new.

    Emily Domesek was on a flight from Dallas to Calgary when she met Clauco, a dashing stranger in a blue sweater who was "born in Torino & lives in soho." The DIY lifestyle guru (she runs the site P.S. - I Made This) couldn't stop thinking about Clauco after the flight, but had no way to contact him. So she tweeted to American Airlines (and her nearly 55,000 followers) with the hope that they could help track him down.

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    Dating is hard. Online dating is even harder. But it's an increasingly common and less socially-weird-than-it-used-to-be way of meeting potential mates. I've done my fair share of it. I've tried OKCupid, eHarmony, and Match to name but a few of the cyber romantic walkways I have stumbled down. I haven't found love yet (call me, Michael Keaton). And while I might every so often shut down every single account and vow never to do it again, I always come back for more.

    Because the odds are a whole lot more likely that I'll meet a dude online than I will in real life. I work with mostly ladies, and while they are awesome, I am not attracted to ladies. When work is through, I go to the gym or usually I go home. So unless I plan on the potential disaster of hitting on someone at the gym or on the subway (where I feel like I'd just immediately be arrested for harassment), I've got to keep an open mind where online dating is concerned. 

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    To say that the dating world has changed in the last dozen or so years since I’ve been in it is an understatement. Back in the day (in the year 2001), the majority of people would look at you askance if you mentioned that you were going on a date with someone you met on the Internet.

    Nowadays, conversations between singles go something like this …

    “I have a date tonight!”“Where’d you meet him?”“Match -- of course.”

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    Researchers have found the key to a woman's heart. It's not the promise of flowers, jewelry, or even romantic date nights. The one thing that makes a man irresistible to us? A pronoun. Apparently men who use the word "whom" when they speak are more desirable. According to a statistical study published in Wired magazine, these guys get 31 percent more contacts from women through their online dating profiles.

    But I have to question if that really makes a man more click-worthy? The ladies here at The Stir are certainly skeptical. Here are the words and phrases we think will actually get a woman excited to connect with a guy.

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