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    Anyone who has ever had a baby has probably been there: Standing in front of a mirror, breasts swollen and heavy, body still stretched from childbirth and pregnancy, exhausted from newborn night confusion, and wondering how on EARTH you will ever find the energy, desire, or confidence to be with your partner again in any sexual way

    Take it from me who has been there three times: It comes back. But it takes a while. Still, the truth is the faster you get back on track to intimacy, the better things will be for everyone in the family (including mommy!). "Sexuality and, more importantly, intimacy are extremely important in a marriage. Sexless or low sex marriages are very fragile," says Dr. Lauren Napolitano, a psychologist and author of Over-Scheduled & Under-Sexed: How Busyness Is Destroying Your Marriage (2015).

    Indeed. But how does one get back on track when they feel ANYTHING but sexy?

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    Here at The Stir, we go through a lot of stock photos, looking for just the right pictures to go with our posts. And we have to tell you -- there are a lot of wacky couples photos out there.

    Some of them are too silly to use for a serious post. Some of them make us wonder what the heck the photographer was thinking. What the heck are these couples supposed to be doing, exactly?!? We gathered a few of our favorites and made our best guesses.

    More From The Stir10 Strange & Unrealistic Stock Photos of Pregnant Women

    We'll say this much -- at least the couples in these photos make your relationship look normal. (We think?)


    Image © JuliaMilberger/iStock

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    It's the little things. We all start out with the best intentions to see only the good in our spouses. It's easy in the beginning, what with all those pink, fluffy love hormones clouding our vision. But over time they creep into our consciousness -- those annoying little habits of our beloved. Why is he incapable of putting his dirty laundry INSIDE the bin instead of on top of it? Why does he insist on loading glasses on the bottom rack of the dishwasher, which is clearly designed for plates? Why does he have to finish the last three words of every sentence you ever say? (YOU. EVER. SAY.) 

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    It happens in a lot of long-term relationships: You or your spouse lets himself go. Maybe you put on a lot of weight after the baby and it seems too hopeless to get back into shape. Maybe he's overwhelmed with work and health issues and has just given up. What do you do? You want the two of you to be your best selves, to enjoy good health and remain vital and ... okay, almost as fun and sexy as you were when you first met. But you know what's going to happen if you bring it up: You're going to put your spouse on the defensive, and it's going to backfire.

    We asked relationship expert and author Dr. Logan Levkoff for advice on the best way to approach this issue constructively and lovingly.

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    Okay, want to see the most adorbs newlywed photo two people can possibly take? Here's Jill Dillard giving Derick a haircut. Everyone: Aww! Jill used the clippers to groom her guy and the hashtag "#savemoneylivebetter" to share. It's hard to tell if this is before or after the already clean-cut Derick got trimmed, but he sure looks happy with a towel over his shoulders and his new wife attending to him. But this photo isn't just about saving money -- it's also a great way for a new couple to bond.

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    This piece is part of an ongoing series featuring real people's epic love stories. Each one is a poignant reminder of true love's power to conquer almost anything.

    Everyone who knows Julie and Karl will tell you they had an amazingly close, passionate, harmonious marriage. It was the kind of relationship everyone wants. But it was a union that should never have worked in the first place.

    When they met, Julie was a 20-year-old sheltered girl from a large, prominent Washington, D.C.-area family. Karl was an 18-year-old rebellious, pot-smoking biker from a middle class, emotionally abusive one. Both were gorgeous. But Julie was a happy young woman, while Karl was in a tremendous amount of pain. He struggled with severe depression and thoughts of suicide, and turned to drugs and alcohol to escape.

    Not surprisingly, Julie's parents didn't approve of their relationship at first and were worried about their daughter.

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    Ah, vacation time is finally here. Time for some rest, relaxation and ... an epic brawl with your husband over whether you should have turned south at the fork in the road or if it was actually quite obvious that you should have kept going EAST, YOU IDIOT!!

    Deep breath. Does that sound familiar? It's amazing how a vacation that's supposed to be fun and rejuvenating can also be so stressful, especially for couples. But with the right strategy, you can restore peace to your holiday. We all want to know how to avoid fighting with our spouse on vacation. Well, here's three of the most common fights couples have on a trip and how to deal with them.

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    In the early months of dating, we spend a lot of time searching for clues about the other person. He wears pink. Does that mean he's comfortable with his sexuality and open to all things? Or is he just preppy (or gay)? He opens doors for us. Is he a chivalrous, loving person or someone who thinks women can't fend for themselves? There are so many pitfalls, so many little we do that could take on "meaning" for the other person -- justified or not.

    Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to the gifts he gives us and we give him. Ask any new couple celebrating their first Christmas or their first birthdays together and you will hear about the ultimate new relationship conundrum: What can I give him that says what I want it to say about "us"? Equally important is this: What does what he gives ME say about "us"?

    Good question -- and we just might have the answers for you. Here are nine gifts men give and what each one means -- about how he feels and what kind of person he is. 

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    The average couple dates for two to three years before getting married. But on a new show, six people will marry each other on the first date. Arranged marriages are back, and this time they're on TV! It's all happening on the reality show Married at First Sight.

    Matchmakers will use science to find the perfect match for a few willing singles, and those brave souls will meet each other for the first time at their wedding. We'll get to see their first weeks together and find out which marriages stand the test of TV-time and which fall apart under the pressure.

    Now what could possibly go wrong in this scenario?!?

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    Imagine getting a letter in the mail informing you that your marriage was no longer legal. That under the eyes of the law, your union simply doesn't exist anymore. For most of us, that seems like a total impossibility; however, that is precisely what happened to Kris Perry and Sandy Stier. Though they say Proposition 8 didn't just ban gay marriage in California, it also meant they were second class citizens. It meant their love didn't matter.

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