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    An elderly Ohio couple who had been married for over 70 years died last week, mere hours apart. Helen, who was 92, passed on April 12, and her 91-year-old husband Kenneth died the next morning after realizing she had gone.

    The couple's eight children tell a tale of their amazing love story, and how the two have been inseparable since they met as teenagers -- even holding hands every morning during breakfast. Daughter Linda Cody said, "We knew when one went, the other was going to go."

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    Thirty years ago, two young tots met through their moms. They had one important thing in common: Both have Down syndrome. But they found a lot more that drew them together, and over the years, they fell in love. Now Austin Wayne Underwood and Jessica Smith are getting married this summer. The Texas couple is planning a Western-themed wedding, complete with custom-made cowboy boots. Yee-haw!

    Jessica and Austin met when their mothers bonded over trying to mainstream their kids wherever they could. And it was thanks to their moms that Austin and Jessica are now getting to do what so many of us dream of and take for granted: get married!

    But they can't do it alone. Couples with mental and developmental disabilities need a strong support network to help them with some very specific challenges. Here are 8 things that can help a special needs marriage like Jessica and Austin's flourish.

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    Relationships are better off when the man is older. With a certain few exceptions -- notably, every Real Housewives star ever -- he is usually the less intelligent and mature one at the same age. He is probably better able to provide at an older age, too, if that's important to her. (Luckily for me, it's not very important to my wife!)

    The reason it happens anyway is because we will always find our biggest dating successes with younger women. In our early 30s, they're like mail-order brides just grateful to have escaped Eastern Europe. There's no talk about children or how we intend to provide. All we need to do to impress them is not live with our parents.

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    The wedding ring is symbolic -- it's not just a ring. It stands for so much and can bring people comfort in so many ways. Kristen Walsh wanted her husband's wedding ring after she received the terrible news that he had passed while on duty. Boston Fire Lieutenant Edward J. Walsh Jr. and fellow firefighter Michael R. Kennedy died battling a nine-alarm fire in Back Bay.

    But when Walsh was found, his wedding ring was not on his finger. Kristen asked the firefighters to find it and Walsh's colleagues vowed that they would. The ring meant so much to Kristen, and it was all she wanted of her late-husband's, her best friend, the father of their three children.

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    When tasked with delivering a wedding speech, there's a ton of pressure to make it memorable. Some of us do that by going for the emotional, tearjerking effect, while others lean on the laughs. Leave it to Bradley Bredeweg, co-creator and executive producer of The Fosters on ABC Family, to go for pure, unadulterated entertainment ... and preaching the truth to his BFF Stephanie Huntington on her wedding day!

    Bredeweg's "speech" has gone viral, because it's one of the hottest choreographed wedding performances of all time -- set to none other than Britney Spears' "Work Bitch." HA! Yep! Even Brit herself loved and tweeted the clip.

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    Finding out that your spouse has cheated on you has to be one of the most devastating gut punches a person can experience. It doesn't matter if things were rocky already, or if the unsuspecting party had no clue there was trouble in paradise -- it's a betrayal in its most intimate form.

    So you got emotionally knocked flat on your back by a confession wrought after you uncovered some suspicious texts or receipts, or maybe even a sheepish unsolicited absolution of guilt. Well now what? What is the right thing to do when infidelity enters a marriage? Will you be a shmuck if you stay? Are you throwing the baby out with the bathwater if you go?

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    There are some classic mistakes that women make with men. So classic that I honestly wish a book was made of them -- a rule book -- and women had to read it in high school. And then take a test on it. Like 50 tests. And they had to memorize every single word.

    But there is no Relationship 101 unless you count the ones in the School of Hard Knocks. You have to live it or have your friends live it -- sometimes multiple times -- for the lessons to kick in. And sometimes then they don't even stick. But, boy, if every woman knew these classic mistakes, and to avoid them, before plunging into the dating world in their early 20s, what a different experience love could be for those ladies. Here are 6 classic mistakes women make with men.

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    There are about a zillion little tips and tricks for making relationships work, and it seems like there's a new study every other day proclaiming to have found the secret to forever love. You've heard them before ... have more sex, divy up the chores evenly, share interests, agree about money, etc.

    But really, the root of every relationship problem can be solved by one thing: Stop being a selfish jerk.

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    You vowed to love him unconditionally. To cherish him. To respect and honor him. To care for and protect him, and to comfort and encourage him. And hopefully you do, as he does you.

    But it's a good thing you didn't vow to tell him every thought that goes through your head. Because, based on these confessions, if you had, you'd probably be divorced now ...

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    Duh. It's not like we already didn't know he's getting hitched sometime in the near future, but now Johnny Depp has confirmed he's engaged to Amber Heard -- and wait until you hear how he did it.

    He could've simply fessed up or posted something on some social media channel somewhere in typical celeb fashion. But since he's Johnny Depp -- he had to go one step above anything remotely traditional.

    Honestly, would you really expect anything less?

    I think not.

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