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    He's handsome, charming, smooth. He says he loves you and wants to treat you like a princess. You've never felt anything like this before. This man has to be your soul mate. He says he feels the same way. This could be the perfect beginning of a lifelong relationship ... or a con job. Con men know exactly what to say and do to get you hooked. Mischele Lewis was recently stunned to learn her boyfriend and father of her child was actually notorious con man William Allen Jordan. Unfortunately, she didn't find this out until he had stolen thousands from her, broken her heart, and impregnated her. If you pay careful attention, you can probably figure these things out a bit sooner. Here are 6 signs you're with a con man.

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    Finding out that your spouse has cheated on you has to be one of the most devastating gut punches a person can experience. It doesn't matter if things were rocky already, or if the unsuspecting party had no clue there was trouble in paradise -- it's a betrayal in its most intimate form.

    So you got emotionally knocked flat on your back by a confession wrought after you uncovered some suspicious texts or receipts, or maybe even a sheepish unsolicited absolution of guilt. Well now what? What is the right thing to do when infidelity enters a marriage? Will you be a shmuck if you stay? Are you throwing the baby out with the bathwater if you go?

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    Throw out everything you know about sexual aggression and coercion and get ready for this next bit of information to blow your mind. Nearly half of high school- and college-aged men claim to have experienced "unwanted sexual contact" from a female aggressor.

    According to a study published in the American Psychological Association journal, Psychology of Men and Masculinity, a survey of 284 young men found that a whopping 18 percent reported forceful sexual coercion, 31 percent claimed to have been verbally coerced, and 26 percent said they were seduced by "sexual behaviors."

    Half of the men that experienced the coercion reported that they ended up having sex against their will.

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    Did you know that there are certain characteristics that a woman prone to cheating will have? According to a recent survey, they are typically between the ages of 20 and 35, college educated, and work in an office job. Other telltale signs, according to Victoria Milan, an extramarital dating site for married people: they are flirtatious, intelligent, have a sense of humor, and consider themselves to be honest. I'm not sure if I buy that profile. It sounds like just about every woman I know -- and they are not all cheaters. However, after reading the stats, my curiosity was piqued. I wondered what motivates a woman in a committed relationship to cheat on her man, so I asked. Here is what they had to say:

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    When someone finds out that his or her spouse has been cheating, it’s a huge blow to the gut. Rightfully so too -- that’s an awful lot of deception, betrayal, and hurt to deal with all at once, especially if your spouse has desensitized themselves to the Terrible Thing they have done.

    Quite possibly the worst part about your spouse’s infidelity coming out is that all of a sudden, you’re forced to deal with some pretty big issues as you decide how to move forward. Is the relationship doomed? Or is it worth trying to save? That probably depends a lot on the reasons behind the cheating.  

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    You're spending another night at home, watching The Bachelor with your favorite fuzzy slippers and ice cream, when you hear that happy little ding. A message from your boyfriend! "Hey Snookums, hope you're having fun watching your fave show! See you tomorrow!" Aww, a message from your boyfriend. You know he's texting you from the office, where he's working late, or he'd be there jeering at Juan Pablo with you. OR IS HE? How do you know it's not ... The BroApp?

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    I can't go on living this lie. I cheat on my wife. Every single day.

    All she wants to do when she finishes a hard slog at work is kick off her heels and watch her favorite shows with me. And so do I. But I've already seen them. So I have to pretend that I haven't.

    You see, while my wife is out supporting my ass, I'm home all day. (Our daughter attends daycare three days a week.) Pretending that all this great TV is not waiting there on the DVR and Netflix works for a while. But there's only so much pretend job-hunting, pretend cleaning, and real Facebooking a man can do on an average (non) workday.

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    You’re just friends. You love your husband. It’s not like there’s anything going on. It’s not physical. You just get each other -- in fact you help each other understand your own spouses better!

    If you’ve found yourself saying any of these things to yourself or anyone else, especially if they’re frequently repeated, you may be smack dab in the middle of an emotional affair. Maybe you’re not fully into infidelity land yet, but if you don’t put a kibosh on it, that may be where you’re headed.

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    If you want an honest answer from someone, don't wait until after lunch or -- heaven forbid -- after dinner. According to a new study, our chances of lying about anything increase and our morality takes a serious dip as the day wears on. In fact, 20 to 50 percent of people are more likely to cheat on tests in the afternoon. Researchers are blaming the fact that we simply get tired and more drained as the hours unfold.

    None of this is too surprising, but one takeaway those of us in relationships can gain from this bit of news is that we should never, under any circumstances, ask our husbands or boyfriends the following 6 questions at the breakfast table -- not unless you're prepared for sheer, brutal honesty.

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    I'm a fan of the boyfriend tattoo. There. I admitted it. It's romantic and I don't believe it's a curse to get one. There are plenty of people out there with their loved one's name or some special design tattooed on their body that symbolizes their love for another person. If you like tattoos, it's quite romantic. And if the relationship ends, you can always get it removed or covered up.

    Which is why I think cutting the tattoo off of your body with a knife is a completely insane thing to do. Isn't it? Torz Reynolds, 26, thought it was a good idea. She had a tattoo that read "Chopper's Bitch" on her arm for Stuart "Chopper" May, her former boyfriend who ending up cheating on her. I get being upset and all, but cutting your skin off is being spiteful to yourself. Chopper is just going to think she's lost her mind. And he knows all about it. Because not only did she cut it off, she mailed it to him.

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