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    When my kids' birthday time rolls around, I -- like so many other moms -- stress out about it. I want it to be great and fun and memorable. And that includes the cake, or kid's favorite cupcakes. I've decorated (or had someone professionally decorate) birthday sweets with tiaras, superheroes, chocolate kisses, and jelly beans, which I discovered that my daughter hates. Who hates jelly beans?!? My kid.

    I've discovered that you have to keep it simple because let's face it -- kids just want the sugary deliciousness. Katie Holmes is onto that fact and for Suri's 8th birthday, she did just that with these perfect cupcakes.

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    Um ... whoa. She definitely has the body for them, but Katie Holmes' minuscule Daisy Dukes, which she wore while chilling out with Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World, are so short, it's ... well, kind of hard to look away.

    Paired with a simple button-down shirt, tortoise sunglasses, a hat, and bright red lipstick, Katie definitely stood out in the crowd -- but I highly doubt anyone around her even bothered to notice her accessories.

    Check out the lack of length on these babies.

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    You couldn't get farther from Joey Potter if you tried. Katie Holmes is returning to TV in a new role, and it's pretty much the opposite of her old Dawson's Creek character. She'll be playing a fancy-pants Manhattan socialite -- and it sounds like a juicy role. She's signed on to a new ABC drama. The pilot doesn't have a title yet, but it's from the creator of Behind the Candelabra, so I'm expecting some soapy fun. Could this be the perfect role for Katie?

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    Gah. Somebody obviously didn't overindulge on Christmas cookies last week. Check out Katie Holmes' bangin' bikini body, which she showed off while sunning herself by the pool in Miami. (And while rockin' the side boob, if I might add.)

    While Suri played around, Katie appeared as though she didn't have a care in the world. Based on the stretch she appears to be taking in this photo, she's clearly digging the whole relaxation thing. (Who can blame her?)

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    Whoa! If I didn't know any better, I'd think this photo of Katie Holmes at the Jingle Ball 2013 was actually taken at the Jingle Ball 2003! Does she look stunning, or what?

    First of all, her hair appears to be shorter -- and I'm really digging this shoulder length cut on her versus the longer style she usually has going on. Oh! And her makeup is just to die for. Between her rosy glow and bold reddish-pink lips, she's so gorgeous it's a little ridiculous.

    But let's forget about her face and hair and get to the best part of her whole look -- the super-sexy mini-skirt.

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    Now that the dust has settled on his divorce from Katie Holmes, the rumors about Tom Cruise dating Laura Prepon (the chick from Orange Is the New Black) really shouldn't surprise us at all. I mean, he's single and ready to mingle, and she's a Scientologist -- which basically makes her the perfect candidate to audition for and take on the role of Tom's new leading lady.

    The Tom and Laura romance buzz started when the two of them were spotted having dinner together at The Manor Hotel in L.A. earlier in the week. And of course, if two celebrities share a meal together it can only mean one thing -- they're totally doin' it.

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    Break-ups are the worst. There is no doubt about that. But even in the suffering, there are ways to find silver linings, especially when you are famous.

    For many women that means finding someone new. But the only way to really bounce back is to truly do something for yourself. This is something Hollywood is very familiar with. For stars like Katy Perry or Selena Gomez, it could mean a hit album or a starring role in an upcoming Emmy-nod worthy film. (In the wise words of a formerly single Kelly Clarkson, "Does it suck to see my face everywhere?") 

    We have to give these women the bounce-back props they deserve. Here are eight big stars who came back from break ups bigger and badder than ever. See below:

    Image via Splash News

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    Sigh. Are you believing all this craziness going on in regards to Tom Cruise lately? (Wait ... don't answer that.)

    But seriously, he opened up a huge can of worms by basically admitting that Katie Holmes left him to protect Suri from Scientology and everything that goes along with it.

    Gee. Imagine that. Katie suddenly woke up one day and said, "Holy aliens -- I married into a cult religion and it's probably not the best thing for my kid to be around. I think I'll get the heck out of here before it's too late."

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    Remember back in the day when those Dianetics commercials first started airing (with the volcano??) and Scientology was all crazy mysterious (as opposed to just crazy)? Or maybe you don't remember those commercials, because you're not as ancient as me. That's okay, because chances are you can still remember a time when Scientology was THE hot celeb cult religion lifestyle trend pyramid scheme whatever you want to call it, right?

    Well. Ever since Tom Cruise started acting a little ... odd, the church of Xenu has been slowly losing its prestige, with secrets leaking out all over the place in the form of tell-all books and celebrity escapes and snubbed potential spouses, and the latest nail in Scientology's coffin might be the most significant yet -- especially because it was hammered in there by none other than L. Ron Hubbard's chosen one. 

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    When A- or even B-list known actors' names -- like Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling, even Blake Lively -- were initially thrown around as possibilities for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, we pretty much KNEW how unrealistic it was to think they'd sign on for the sexy flick. Especially after hearing how little Charlie Hunnam was reportedly being paid! But now, there's believable buzz that a very well-known star may be vying for a part: the former Joey Potter and Mrs. Cruise herself, Katie Holmes! According to The National Enquirer -- which, sure, has a questionable reputation, but has gotten scoops right now and then! -- Katie wants to be cast as Elena Lincoln, Christian's "Mrs. Robinson"-turned-old friend and business partner.

    I know it initially sounds all sorts of strange. But ... there could actually be some truth to it!

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