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    D'oh! On pretty much every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, one or more of the contestants winds up having some sort of skeleton in his or her closet. And this time around things are no different, as one of Juan Pablo Galavis' ladies reportedly hooked up with The Situation.

    Yes ... The Situation, as in Mike Sorrentino from Jersey Shore. According to Star magazine, back when he was making the rounds in Seaside Heights, Mike supposedly used to have "booty calls" with Elise -- the pretty blonde who didn't want to get naked in front of Juan Pablo on this week's pet-themed group date.

    And while she may have been shy about stripping down this week, it sounds like she wasn't quite so timid when it came to getting a piece of The Situation.

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    What. The. HELL? I really wish this were some sort of optical illusion, but alas, it appears to be for reals, you guys. Yes ... that's a photo of Taylor Swift and Jared Leto looking all cozy together at a Golden Globes after-party.

    Go ahead and cry or scream a little bit if you feel like it -- I sure did. Maybe they simply bumped into each other and someone happened to snap a picture. Or maybe they were both totally wasted and wound up having a surprisingly interesting conversation. Let's go ahead and assume one of those is true -- because I think I speak for the masses when I say the thought of Taylor snagging Jordan Catalano is just way too much for our hearts to bear.

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    Here's one woman who may have taken the idea "once you find a good guy, you don't let him go" a little too far. After meeting and chatting with Ben at a bar in Virginia right before Christmas, Courtney left with friends without providing him with a way to contact her. No worries. The gutsy girl vowed to find him by posting 60 "missing" fliers around town, which included her phone number. Crazy romantic ... or just flat-out crazy? 

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    Ugh. I really didn't want to believe the rumors when they first came out, but sources have now confirmed that Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz's fling is actually happening.

    A couple of weeks ago, they were seen traveling on the same plane to Miami -- sparking whispers over whether or not they were joining the mile high club en route.

    And according to a source who talked to Us Weekly, Kellan was the one who pursued Miley, not the other way around.

    What the ... ?

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    When I was a teenager in the evangelical Christian world of the late 90s, it was pounded into my head that having sex outside of marriage was the worstest, most terriblest, sinnliest sin I could commit outside of murder.

    I was given lessons at church camp about how once I had sex, I’d be a “chewed up piece of gum.” In another youth group lesson, we were all given a piece of tape. Some of us would stick ours on the back of other people’s hands, and some wouldn’t. The more people we stuck, the less sticky the tape got. Only the “pure” tape people stuck together in the end -- the lesson being that if you had sex before marriage, surely your union would fall apart, as you had used up all your “glue” on other people.

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    The only thing I love more than Dancing With the Stars is a good old-fashioned Dancing With the Stars romance. And it looks like there might be one happening as a result of the season 18 pairings! Get this one -- apparently Peta Murgatroyd and Brant Daugherty were seen making out at an event in L.A. last weekend, which can only mean one thing. Duh. They're totally doin' it.

    According to an eyewitness, they were "inseparable" all night -- and at one point Peta was seen rubbing Brant's back in addition to sharing quite a few kisses.

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    I love food, and I love chivalry, so at first glance, a website promising to match the two of them might be a fantastic idea. But there’s something not quite right about online dating site HiDine, which promises to do just that.

    The recently launched site operates on the premise that “chivalry is alive” and matches up women who like to be wined and dined with the men who want to wine and dine them. Basically, the men have to buy dinner, and the ladies are just supposed to show up and look pretty.

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    Here we go again ... More sources are speaking to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's rumored reunion. While Robsten fans are sitting around getting their hopes up that the two could be back on in a big way -- and perhaps, even for good this time?! -- other speculation points to the contrary. This relationship redux could very well boil down to the two actors hooking up a la Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

    In other words, this suspiciously "just laid," self-satisfied smirk on Kristen's face could be the result of getting it on with Rob. But fun times in bed don't mean the two are headed for a full-on emotional reconciliation. In fact, sources close to the former couple claim that they're flat-out not interested in back together long-term. Womp womp!

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    Women are often talking or thinking about how to have an orgasm. If you aren't, you should be because the sad fact is that too many women aren't experiencing orgasmic pleasure often enough. Sure we can have great sex without having an orgasm, but I think we all deserve an orgasm now and then, too.

    The Big O is sometimes really shy and needs some coaxing. Coaxing that isn't going to happen during a one-night stand. This new study shows how there is inequality happening in casual hookups -- women just aren't having orgasms like men can. And we can learn a whole lot about the reason many women, even those who are in committed relationships, aren't reaching climax from this study.

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    What. The. Heck???? No, you aren't hallucinating. That's a photo of Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner riding off into the sunset (or whatever) together in a Range Rover. (Presumably his ride?) Yep. They were caught in the act while leaving Craig's restaurant in West Hollywood after enjoying dinner together.

    And I know exactly what you're thinking -- because the same questions are running through my brain too. First of all, what in the heck is Harry Styles doing with a member of the Kardashian crew? Second, are they simply buddies or have they hopped on board the hookup train? And third, when did Harry get a.) a Range Rover and b.) a U.S. driver's license? (Maybe the car is Kendall's?)

    My mind is more than a little blown, people.

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