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    Rumors about the two of them doing the dirty have been running rampant for quite some time. Now there's speculation over whether Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry will record a duet -- because that would only be fitting, right?

    I mean, he's single. And she's single. And Rob and Katy have both been through pretty tough breakups with Kristen Stewart and John Mayer respectively. It definitely makes total sense for them to want to heal their broken hearts through music.

    And duh -- it's not like they haven't gotten their singing on together before.

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    Throw out everything you know about sexual aggression and coercion and get ready for this next bit of information to blow your mind. Nearly half of high school- and college-aged men claim to have experienced "unwanted sexual contact" from a female aggressor.

    According to a study published in the American Psychological Association journal, Psychology of Men and Masculinity, a survey of 284 young men found that a whopping 18 percent reported forceful sexual coercion, 31 percent claimed to have been verbally coerced, and 26 percent said they were seduced by "sexual behaviors."

    Half of the men that experienced the coercion reported that they ended up having sex against their will.

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    Hey, all you fun singles out there one-night-standin' and hookin' up, listen up: There is officially no shame left in the "Walk of Shame." In fact, we might as well just do away with the stodgy, antiquated term altogether, because now, there's a $35 handy-dandy little kit curated specifically to help you get out of dodge in the a.m.! For real.

    The official Walk of Shame Kit includes a dress, flip-flops ("because you can't run away fast enough in the heels from last night"), a backpack ("to make a quick getaway with all your belongings"), sunglasses, a prepasted toothbrush, wipes, and a call or don't-call note card to leave behind ("in case he doesn't remember your name and number, unless you don't want him to"). And then, so maybe you feel less weird buying something actually called the Walk of Shame Kit, you'll get a breast cancer awareness bracelet (because a portion of the proceeds go toward a breast cancer foundation). Yep.

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    To say that the dating world has changed in the last dozen or so years since I’ve been in it is an understatement. Back in the day (in the year 2001), the majority of people would look at you askance if you mentioned that you were going on a date with someone you met on the Internet.

    Nowadays, conversations between singles go something like this …

    “I have a date tonight!”“Where’d you meet him?”“Match -- of course.”

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    Ooo! We never really saw this one coming, but now that Liam Hemsworth and Nina Dobrev were spotted at a bar in Atlanta together looking "couple-y" -- it looks like there's a decent chance they might be hooking up.

    A photo of the two of them (ok, so it's the back of Nina's head, but Liam is recognizable) popped up on Twitter. Supposedly they were "drinking beer by the bar" all night and even shared "three sensual kisses" outside the joint upon leaving.

    And as far as Hollywood romances go, kissing on the lips (more than once) typically means there's more going on than meets the eye.

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    Most of us have been there. We come to the end of a long relationship with a person we trusted and loved and then -- boom -- just like that it's over and we feel like someone dropped us flat on our faces. There's a period of mourning that occurs after a relationship ends, but instead of seeking solitary confinement and sitting in a quiet room reflecting on old times and trying to move on, some of us pursue...uh, more social activities to try and cope with our anger and sadness. 

    I'm talking about sex, folks. Rebound or revenge sex, to be more accurate. According to a recent study of 170 college-age students, one-third of people have revenge sex within one month of breaking up with a partner. Ah well, if you're going to jump into that fire, at least make sure you're following a few rules and doing it right. 

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    Gah. Even though we already knew their romance was pretty official, there's definitely no denying it now. Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles were spotted at an Eagles concert on January 17 -- and people who saw them said they were acting like boyfriend and girlfriend. (Which they totally are. Duh.)

    They were first seen hanging out together in a VIP room before the show. During the performance, photos of Harry with his arms around Kendall were snapped while they cuddled and danced -- like any couple at a concert would do.

    Sure, this shot is a little blurry, but it's Harry and Kendall, all right.

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    The only reason I'm married is because, 10 years ago today, my wife promised her workmate to give her number to any a-hole who asked.

    Jo Ann was getting over a bad breakup and hadn't been on the market for years. But Jen proved persuasive. (She was a lawyer.) She suggested a swanky hotel bar and wouldn't take no for an answer.

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    D'oh! On pretty much every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, one or more of the contestants winds up having some sort of skeleton in his or her closet. And this time around things are no different, as one of Juan Pablo Galavis' ladies reportedly hooked up with The Situation.

    Yes ... The Situation, as in Mike Sorrentino from Jersey Shore. According to Star magazine, back when he was making the rounds in Seaside Heights, Mike supposedly used to have "booty calls" with Elise -- the pretty blonde who didn't want to get naked in front of Juan Pablo on this week's pet-themed group date.

    And while she may have been shy about stripping down this week, it sounds like she wasn't quite so timid when it came to getting a piece of The Situation.

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    What. The. HELL? I really wish this were some sort of optical illusion, but alas, it appears to be for reals, you guys. Yes ... that's a photo of Taylor Swift and Jared Leto looking all cozy together at a Golden Globes after-party.

    Go ahead and cry or scream a little bit if you feel like it -- I sure did. Maybe they simply bumped into each other and someone happened to snap a picture. Or maybe they were both totally wasted and wound up having a surprisingly interesting conversation. Let's go ahead and assume one of those is true -- because I think I speak for the masses when I say the thought of Taylor snagging Jordan Catalano is just way too much for our hearts to bear.

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