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    This year I ate Christmas dinner seated between my ex-husband and my boyfriend. If that sounds awkward, well... it kind of was. But it was my idea. This is the reality for my family: We're not going to have a typical, traditional Christmas dinner because we're not a typical, traditional family. But maybe that's all right -- and maybe my kind of family is more common than I think.

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    I did it you guys. I survived my very first post-separation Christmas, and I only cried in front of people twice! Hey, that’s pretty good. And in all fairness, one of those times was because nobody saved me any caramelized onion and feta tartlets. I take my food pretty seriously.

    Everyone says the first one is the roughest. Who this Everyone is, I have no idea, but Everyone always thinks they’re right. They might be. I don’t know yet, this is my first Christmas since 2000 without my soon-to-be-ex-husband by my side.

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    Gary Shirley has come out to explain the rant about his now ex-girlfriend that mysteriously disappeared from the Teen Mom star's Twitter account almost as quickly as it appeared. His reason for going off on his cheating ex is sure to break your heart. Gary isn't mad at Kristina for breaking his heart ... he's mad at her for breaking his daughter's heart!

    His daughter, of course, is Leah Shirley. With ex-girlfriend Amber Portwood in prison up until a month ago, Gary has been a single father to the 5-year-old for quite some time. But he hasn't been a monk during that time.

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    It’s always rough on kids when their parents aren’t together, but you do your best to make things work and help the kids understand that both parents still love them very much. Believe me, this task is much easier in theory than practice.

    So hat’s off to Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry, who recently uploaded a video to Instagram to show that her son Isaac still has regular contact with his biological dad Jo Rivera.

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    What to do with the engagement ring and wedding band after a breakup?! Not an easy decision. One man who never made it to the altar with his lady love is now lovingly referring to her as "Satan herself." So he's doing what any man in his right mind would do and is selling the ring. On Craigslist. For way less than he paid.

    The only twist is his ad to sell the 1.5-carat diamond sparkler states how the ring may be cursed and he goes on to explain why in incredible but heartbreakingly hilarious detail. 

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    I have a confession to make: I'm still in love with my ex-boyfriend. Which wouldn't be so bad if we hadn't been broken up for several years now, and if there was absolutely no chance in hell I would ever get back together with him. You see, we honestly can't stand each other. When we were dating, we didn't go a week without a huge blow-up. We don't understand each other; we don't have the same idea about what a relationship is; and I suspect, deep down, we didn't even like each other very much. That didn't stop us, however, from falling madly in love.

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    Holy crap, there are a lot of people on the Internet hating on me recently. In just the past couple of weeks, the comments on my blog have exploded, douche canoes on message boards have had multiple conversations about me, and someone even devoted a whole series of blog posts to talk about how evil I am because I filed for divorce.

    I’ve been called a hypocrite, a traitor, a slut, a whore, the c-word. I’ve been accused of destroying my children’s lives, smashing my ex-husband’s balls, and basically ripping apart the fabric of society. Apparently I’m an adulterer caught in the snare of the devil, and even though I’m a hideous evil man-hating beast, I somehow manage to hop from bed to bed of any man that will have me. Seriously you guys -- they said I was ugly. What the heck do my looks have to do with anything?

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    If you were picturing Bruce Jenner spending Thanksgiving alone with nothing but a defrosted Swanson's dinner and a sofa throw to keep him warm, worry not. Bruce was invited to the Kardashians' Thanksgiving feast. “Of course I’m going," Bruce told concerned friends. "It’s my family.” Aww! I love that even though Bruce and Kris are separated, they're still friendly enough to get together for holidays. I'm sure it means a lot to their kids to have them both there.

    It's not a trick everyone can pull off. Thanksgiving with your ex? So soon after the breakup? Maybe you should invite a therapist, too. Or a referee. But this says so much about Kris and Bruce's relationship. I bet they'd gone platonic/besties long before they separated.

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    Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will break my heart and soul. Let’s face it -- if you have an ex that you share children with, you’re going to have to have some sort of contact with them.

    And chances are, if you’re no longer with your co-parent -- there’s a reason. No matter what drama went down, no matter who hurt whose feelings, no matter what was said pre-split, you can be sure of one thing: Your ex will say things that hurt.

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    There are a lot of wonderful things that happen after you get married. Sometimes there's a honeymoon, maybe some nesting, a new kind of closeness, bonding in a different way now that you are hitched. It's usually all beautiful. Just like the months experienced after you have a baby. Sure there is insomnia and moments you are terrified and wonder how in the world are you going to keep this baby alive, but it's all quickly replaced by the wonderment of parenthood and that sweet look on baby's face.

    Then you learn about couples having trouble and getting divorced after having a baby. Maybe it's happening to you. It tears the whole first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage fairy tale to shreds. There is pain and hurt and so many whys and why nots and a sadness almost too strong to bear. But it happens. And we learn to deal ... just like this celebrity couple divorcing just seven months after they welcomed a baby.

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