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    Like beauty, "sexy" is in the eye of the beholder, right? And when it comes to lingerie, whatever you want to wear in the bedroom to get your engines revving is totally your business. But sometimes we come across lingerie that we assume is meant to be sexy, but seems oddly...funny, instead. Sure, the couple that laughs together stays together, but we're gonna bet most women don't want to put their partners in stitches because of something they wear to bed.

    We found 10 lingerie sets that we think are intended to be sexy, but might just make you laugh out loud instead.

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    Believe it or not, I'm a big fan of pornography, which tends to make most moms give me a raised eyebrow or a judgmental look. I'm certainly not a porn addict by any means, I enjoy watching for my own pleasure and education.

    After all, what better way to improve your moves in the bedroom?

    I've found is that many moms don't like porn because they're watching the wrong kind. So, here are my two suggestions for finding porn that will work for you. And trust me, it really does work.

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    Hey lovers, we hear your sex life is so explosively exciting and fulfilling you don't need sex toys at all. That's cool. But here's the thing -- sex toys aren't just for people with snoozy bedrooms. They're for everyone. And we know you're curious about trying one out.

    But where do you get started? So many kink shops have bad lighting, the websites are confusing, and for some odd reason half the erotic plaything manufacturers of the world insist on giving their wares this heavy metal/goth/dungeon aesthetic most of us don't really identify with. (WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THAT, SEX TOY MAKERS?) So allow us to guide you toward your first time ... with a couples' sex toy, that is. Here are 7 fun beginner sex toys that get rave reviews -- and that you may want to check out. No pressure! Just, you know, have a look.


    Image via tomas rodriguez/arabianEye/Corbis

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    Grinding thumbnail into palm, I make my first solo entrance into a Victoria's Secret -- but not before glancing left and right to check that my old high school gym teacher is not watching.

    The last place a guy feels comfortable with his masculinity is in the frilly hell of a lingerie store. We can't help it. On the playground, we're taught that hopscotch, dolls, and other sissy pursuits make our special friend fall off. I imagine the bonanza awaiting the inventor of a store just for men looking for girly gifts. There, big, manly flat screens would broadcast hoops while cans of chewing tobacco and Pabst rimmed the perimeter.

    "What exactly are you looking for?" a hot saleslady in her 20s asks.

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    For an advertisement meant to promote safe sex -- arguably one of the greatest ways a person can pass time on a random Monday night -- you've got to admit condom commercials are usually pretty stale. You can count on no hands the number of times you actually sort-of see folks doing the deed while we imagine they're wearing whatever condom is being promoted, and it sometimes seems like the company does everything it can to avoid even mentioning the S-word. 

    Leave it to a bunch of sexy, easygoing Australians to make the absolute best condom commercial you'll see -- and then blame another group of Aussie partypoopers for banning it. Boooo!

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    Ah, the great penis size debate. Whether you think length matters or not, men are always going to have their own goods -- and, apparently, those belonging to every other man in the country -- on the brain. One condom company decided to take this issue more seriously by tracking the number of people in each state who purchased their small, large, and elephantine-sized condoms (I made that up, I have no clue what they call condoms made for absurdly well-endowed men). The results are ... odd. And totally unpredictable. 

    But just in case you're in the process of looking to relocate, you may want to keep this list in mind. Here are the top 10 states where men with the biggest penises reside.

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    5 Things Most Women Prefer to Sex

    posted by Lisa Fogarty November 18, 2013 at 8:15 PM in Love & Sex
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    Sex is kind of like cookies. When you've just been to the grocer and your pantry is well-stocked with sweet goodies, you can wait and wait until late in the night to grab one because, eh, whatever, it's there if you want it. But the minute you run out of Nutter Butter's, dammit, it's all you think about. 

    I'm going to assume the women who filled out this British survey about things they prefer to sex -- and there are five of them -- have absolutely no room left in their cupboards for cookies. There's simply no other way to explain the lameness of some of their preferred pastimes. 

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    When you live in cramped quarters -- which basically means any apartment building in any city you can think of -- you get used to hearing many sounds made, mostly unknowingly, by your neighbors. You can listen to them argue. You hear them flush their toilets while you apply your makeup in the bathroom. When they have loud parties, which I hope for you only happens around the holidays, you grin and bear it because lord knows your friends are anything but quiet after a few cocktails.

    But one woman in Chicago decided enough was enough after having to hear her awesome and sexually satisfied neighbor do the deed a little too loudly. So she did something that has never worked for any person living in any apartment ever and left a nasty note on her door. And it didn't end there. 

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    The women in a small town in Colombia were fed up because the one road that led them to the nearest big city was in total disrepair. It was so bad that it took up to 14 hours to reach their "local" hospital and there were even reports of pregnant women dying in the ambulance on their way to give birth. Community board meetings and red tape, be damned! These women took matters into their own hands and did the one thing they knew would spur their men to take action and fix the road: they banded together and agreed to withhold sex until the job was done. Conniving and manipulative? Maybe. But you can add "effective" to that list because their protest, called the "crossed legs movement," is working like a charm.

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    Ah, the mile-high club. Some of us are members while others of us wouldn't dream of getting busy in a germ-infested flying capsule. But regardless of where you stand on having sex on a plane, we can probably all agree that the only "appropriate" place to actually do it is either in that godforsaken 2x2 bathroom or under the privacy of enormous blankets -- and that last exception only applies if you're in first class and far, far from your neighbor. 

    But not everyone agrees that plane sex needs to be private. Christopher Martin and his wife Jessica Stroble got so hot and heated on a trip from Oregon to Las Vegas that they either couldn't walk two feet to the restroom or thought it would do their prude cabinmates a world of good to witness their love. So they had oral sex right there in their seats -- and now they're paying big time for their actions. 

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