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    Before her boyfriend left to vacation in Ibiza with his buddies, Abbie Bartlett, 20, of England gave him a little gift to take with him on his getaway. 

    While a lightweight, white T-shirt might seem like a practical item for an island retreat, how the possessive but creative girlfriend decorated it is causing quite a fuss.

    Beneath the words, "I love my girlfriend Abbie and I hate all the girls in Ibiza so please stay away from me," Bartlett had four photos of the happy couple printed on the shirt! 

    While news of the tee has pretty much taken over #whipped on Twitter, the prank-loving minx maintains that her beau, Leon Connelly, finds it just as funny as she does and is proudly sporting it while on vacay, which I suppose makes them well-matched.

    Though some are calling the love-struck Bartlett "psycho" and "controlling," I think it's hysterical and a variation on a shirt I've been wanting to craft for a while now! Unfortunately, my idea is more bitter than sweet.  

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    You know the old adage "once a cheater, always a cheater"? People use it all the time without a lot of thought. Well now it looks like they may have been right all along.

    In a recent survey of 484 unmarried 18- to 34-year-olds, people who say they cheated in one relationship are three-and-a-half times more likely to report being unfaithful again in another relationship. In other words, they tend to be repeat offenders. But here's what's even scarier: They aren't the only ones who get in a bad rut in that scenario.

    People who were cheated on are also more likely to be betrayed again in their next relationship. And believe me, I can relate. So why does this happen -- and what can those of us who have been there do to break the cycle?

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    I have heard of couples who've had bad wedding nights, but this takes the cake. A groom demanded a divorce from his bride hours after getting married, even before they consummated the union. The reason? He received a note telling him to look at the pictures stored in a memory stick that was hidden in a bouquet. And what did these photos reveal?

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    Once you've been cheated on, it's hard to learn to trust someone again. If you're brave enough to give love another chance after a breakup or divorce because of infidelity, how do you put your heart in someone else's hands? How much should your past experience color your new relationship? How can you let go and feel safe again with the memory of betrayal fresh in your heart and mind?

    I talked with family counselor Dr. Laurie Moore for advice on navigating a new relationship after infidelity. There are some surprisingly simple ideas that can help you work through all your complicated feelings. Moore offered 6 tips for how to love again after cheating.

    More From The Stir: 10 Classic Signs Your Man Might Be Cheating

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    So here's something "fun" for us to start worrying about. Ever heard of chexting? That's cheating + texting, and it looks kind of like ordinary friendship. But what's really going on is your significant other is obsessively texting another woman, getting deep into an emotional relationship with her that may never even cross over into sex. So ... does that really count as cheating? How can you tell the difference between an innocent friendship and something that could seriously threaten your relationship? What exactly is chexting, and how do you recognize it?

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    Most of us aren't born wanting to cheat on our spouses. We all walk down the aisle (most of us anyway) with visions of monogamy and love dancing in our heads, sure that this union -- OUR UNION -- will be the one to beat the odds.

    Sadly, not all of us will live up to those hopes and ideals. If 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and 50 percent of spouses are victims of infidelity, then there are a whole lot of cheating spouses out there. But who are they? What are the signs that a person is about to cheat? What are the signs that YOU are about to cheat? We asked various women who cheated on their spouses to explain what drove them to it and culled their answers into a list of 5 signs you are about to cheat on your man.

    Here are some:

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    People cheat. This is just the sad reality of life. No one wants to be in love with a cheater. No one wants their heart broken like that or to deal with the aftermath of trying to figure it all out. So what if I told you there was a master list of cheating men that you can check to see if your guy was on the list? Would you check it?

    I sure did. And there it was ... my man's name. This list isn't last name specific, but it's a collection of the 13 names of men who are most likely to cheat.

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    When someone cheats in a relationship the consequences can be devastating. i speak from experience. Opening yourself up enough to trust someone with your innermost thoughts and feelings? That's taking a big risk.

    To find out that this risk hasn't paid off can be absolutely crushing (cut to memories of me, a liter bottle of Boone's Farm and Bridget Jones' Diary on repeat). Not only does it cause you to doubt your partner's past actions, it can make moving forward almost totally impossible.

    Many marriages don't survive one member straying. Others survive and, with hard work, go on to thrive. You can't change how you've behaved in the past, but you can change how you behave in the future. Just because someone violated your trust in a past relationship, this doesn't mean your new partner will do the same.

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    The rumors about Kanye West cheating on Kim Kardashian with Pia Mia have been floating around for weeks now, but up until this point, they've kind of seemed like nothing but a bunch of ... well ... rumors.

    Considering how gaga Kanye is over Kim, it just seems odd for him to ever stray from the relationship. He's so narcissistic, in fact, that he'd probably feel like he was cheating on himself if he ever were to run around with another woman behind Kim's back.

    But based on a couple new social media posts from Pia, it's getting harder and harder not to speculate as to whether there really is something going on between her and Kanye.

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    Sigh. The saga continues. Though we're not sure what exactly is wrong with her, Tori Spelling has been hospitalized in the wake of the insane drama surrounding her marriage to Dean McDermott.

    In case you haven't been following their new reality series, True Tori, basically she and Dean are trying to work through all of the chaos that stemmed from his supposed affair with Emily Goodhand. He's apparently addicted to sex and Tori never managed to satisfy him in that department, which is why he sought out a "warm body" elsewhere or whatever. And now they want to save their relationship, blah, blah, blah.

    But there are some folks who think the whole cheating/crumbling marriage story is nothing but a bunch of bulls*&%, which Tori and Dean made up for the sake of scoring a reality TV gig.

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