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    I have been a longtime fan of Gary Oldman, but I was fairly taken aback by his recent Playboy interview. Some of it is a fascinating read (who knew he didn't like his performance in Sid & Nancy?), but what instantly made headlines were his comments on political correctness, and how Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic rants shouldn't have been controversial because "No one can take a joke anymore." Oldman insisted that the cop who arrested Gibson had probably "used the word n—– or that f–king Jew," because "we've all said those things."

    Oldman went on to share quite a few more opinions on what he described as Hollywood double standards. But after railing against the so-called hypocrisy of being condemned for using gay and racial slurs, Oldman pulled a 180 yesterday and apologized for his own "insensitive" comments.

    If his original interview was cringeworthy, Gary Oldman's groveling apology is downright nauseating -- not to mention transparently insincere.

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    Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are one of the most all around awesome Hollywood couples. It’s not enough that they’re both adorable and talented together, but recently they managed to turn their celebrity spotlight on something much more important than their latest side-boob angle.

    Unlike many other celebrities who are used to growling and snarling or desperately posing each time they see the paparazzi flashing their light bulbs, Stone and Garfield recently took their photo op and turned it into a promotable moment for charities in need.You hear that, Charlize Theron?

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    We already love Jason Segel for being funny and cute in an utterly approachable-guy way. The How I Met Your Mother star -- who costars alongside Cameron Diaz in the comedy Sex Tape (out July 18) and stars in the upcoming David Foster Wallace dramatic biopic The End of the Tour -- just seems incredibly normal.

    And as if we didn’t like him enough already, he recently revealed a hilarious story to Vanity Fair about forgetting to warn his mother that he would be appearing completely naked in 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall before she saw the film. Oops!

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    Whoa, hot mama! The newly-single Jennifer Lopez posted a no makeup selfie to Instagram recently, and unlike many of her Hollywood counterparts who partake in the "#nomakeup" thing as well, JLo really, truly doesn't have a stitch of makeup on in the photo -- nary a false eyelash in sight. The singer is as bare-faced as it gets in the revealing shot, and although yes, she still looks undeniably gorgeous (I mean, come on, it's JLo we're talking about), it is worth noting that this could be one of the first times in lord knows how long that we've seen Lopez without her signature trademark: Her glow. 

    That's right. JLo is glowless.

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    Hey remember when Courtney Love was constantly making headlines for posting all kinds of crazy things on Twitter, and she even got sued a handful of times over the various things she was saying online? Well, according to Love, there's a very simple explanation for her unhinged behavior: she was on drugs.

    I know, you're thinking this is a giant NO DUH revelation on Love's part. Except the drug in question which she says was making her "crazy" probably isn't quite what you'd expect. And frankly, I'm having a seriously hard time believing all of her problems can be traced back to one medication.

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    Did you hear about Harrison Ford's bad luck on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII yesterday? He was hurt while filming and ended up being helicoptered to Oxford's John Radcliffe Hospital, which has a trauma unit that specializes in fractures. A police spokesman said, "We were called to Pinewood studios after reports of a 71-year-old man being injured by a garage door,” and a studio spokesman confirms Ford has "an ankle injury."

    Now, I am ABSOLUTELY not snickering at the idea of poor aging Harrison Ford getting in a losing fight with what was apparently a hydraulic door (THE DOOR SHOT FIRST), because that would be incredibly rude. I am, however, snickering a little bit at the jokes that have been popping up on Twitter ever since the news of Ford's injury went public.

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    Standing just 5'2", Ruby Dee was small but mighty. Her strength came bursting through in many ways - either while rallying behind a cause close to her heart or through steely characters on screen, some of which were beside her late, great husband Ossie Davis. Sadly, the actress and activist died on Wednesday, June 12 at her home in New Rochelle, New York. Her passing is a great loss to Hollywood and humanity. But she leaves behind an amazing legacy and words of wisdom that have the ability to inspire us all. Take a look at her most profound quotes.

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    I know that if you don't like something, you're supposed to stop paying attention to it so it will go away, but I can't help it, you guys: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH JAMES FRANCO?

    It's just ... seriously, what is his deal? Between that sweaty, creepy half-naked selfie he posted then promptly deleted and his leaked attempt to hook up with a 17-year-old girl, which may or may not have been a publicity stunt, I can't tell if he's embroiled in some Andy Kaufman-esque performance or if he's legitimately unhinged. And now a couple months after publicly slamming Lindsay Lohan's infamous "sex list" ("I can’t believe she put me on that private list, she’s so delusional!"), James Franco has published a short story in Vice titled "Bungalow 89," and it's a name-dropping hot mess in which describes his night with Lindsay.

    Excerpt: She said, “Open the door, you bookworm punk blogger faggot.”

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    With only days to go before the kickoff of the World Cup, the Associated Press reports that singer Jennifer Lopez has pulled out of performing at the opening ceremonies in Brazil. Her official excuse: Unspecified "production issues."

    Lopez was to perform the official song "We Are One (Ola Ola)" that she had recorded with rapper Pitbull and Brazilian star Claudia Leitte. Right now it's clear we are not one -- because one of them is outta there. Why did J-Lo decide to be a no-show? I've got a few theories.

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    Celebrities aren't exactly known for their brain power. They already have looks, talent, and money, no one wants to think they could be smart too! But, sadly, a lot of them are.

    It's pretty tough to get to the top of the Hollywood food chain without having something rattling inside that big old head besides kale chips and Swarovski crystals. Some celebs are even, dare we say it, bonafide geniuses -- and have been since they were kids! Here are 11 unexpected celebrities who were whiz kids. (No, Justin Bieber is not on this list. Neither is Kim Kardashian.)

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