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    Most of us have a type. Whether it's blondes, athletes, intellectuals, or jerks, we find ourselves drawn to certain types of people -- and probably don't even know why. Breaking out of your type can be one of the hardest things to do. But also one of the most rewarding.

    Says dating expert Kimberly Dawn Neumann, "Sometimes breaking 'type' can be a positive move for your dating life. You may be attracted to the same kind of person over and over because it feels familiar, like a dynamic you grew up with or saw in your parents' relationship without even knowing it. Open up your options if you haven’t been finding the love you want because at the very least, you can better define what it is that you want in your life, and not what you find comfortable that could possibly be dysfunctional." Here are six stories from women who broke type -- and had it work out great.

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    The only reason I'm married is because, 10 years ago today, my wife promised her workmate to give her number to any a-hole who asked.

    Jo Ann was getting over a bad breakup and hadn't been on the market for years. But Jen proved persuasive. (She was a lawyer.) She suggested a swanky hotel bar and wouldn't take no for an answer.

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    A guy on Reddit calling himself lfernandes just got the good husband award for the week. Maybe the month. Heck, maybe the year! He posted a photo of his wife of 10 years walking into her very own surprise wedding -- which he spent the last 18 months planning for her.

    Apparently they weren’t rolling in the cash when they originally tied the knot, and the bride did without a “proper wedding/reception.” Her husband loves big anniversary surprises, and for their tenth he wanted to do something extra special for her.

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    When my husband and I were making wedding plans six years ago, we were blown away by how much everything cost. We live in New York City, where wedding venues charge anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000. Even having a wedding in a park -- which we ultimately vetoed because of all the work -- proved to be a pain in the butt after we considered the cost of food, invitations, tables, chairs, and everything else. So when it came time to thinking about our wedding rings, we didn't. My husband had gifted me with an unbelievably gorgeous diamond engagement ring, and I approached the wedding band like some do their bridal undergarments. It was the last thing on my mind. I had a very whatever attitude about the whole thing.

    Big, huge mistake. The ring my husband placed on my finger, while saying the vows that meant a bazillion times more to me, now causes my finger to flare up and rash whenever I wear it. And this fact upsets me more than I ever imagined it would. 

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    While I wasn't personally invited to a family member's intimate wedding, his sister was, and while the ceremony was far away, requiring travel and hotel expenses, I was surprised when she was seriously thinking about not going.

    She was his only living family since their parents were dead!

    And yes, I understand that it can be a financial strain to attend weddings, funerals, even milestone birthdays. But if it's possible, I really strongly believe you should try to go, even if you have kids.

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    This summer marks my 15th wedding anniversary. I guess it's my wife's 15th anniversary too, huh? Funny how anniversaries lose a bit of their luster once you have kids. Everything just seems to take a backseat to those little bundles of joy.

    But 15 years is a milestone number, so I need to do something big, something memorable, something to make her go, "Wow! Now THAT was worth spending 15 years of my life with this guy."

    I suppose I could get her a bowling ball with my name on it or the coolest Avengers DVD box set ever made. I would kill for that thing it's so incred... I mean, I bet she would kill for that thing.

    But I've got a better idea. There's a list of traditional anniversary gifts you're supposed to give to your spouse. Every year, it's a different "material" to theme your gift around. Things like paper, bronze, wood, etc. What if I gave her 15 years worth of gifts on one single day?

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    Anyone who just can't get enough royal romance is shouting it from the rooftops: Today marks Kate Middleton and Prince William's big, exciting, and of course very very royal anniversary! Oh, but wait, they got married in April, didn't they ...? So there must be a mistake? Nope, November 16 is the anniversary of their official engagement. And although we have no confirmation on what they're actually doing to mark the day, apparently, an engagement anniversary is a whole different, separate event we're supposed to celebrate!

    What, you didn't know that on top of the anniversary of your first date or whenever you officially became a couple (or both) and the anniversary of your wedding, your engagement anniversary should be circled on your calendar? Ha! Neither did I until I started reading bulletin board threads on The Knot and Wedding Bee. Apparently, some couples celebrate every single little anniversary. Every. Year.

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    Let's just get this out there: anniversary presents are a bitch. Giving and receiving material items that are intended to show your love and appreciation just never seem to do the trick. They're either too over the top (what is he trying to prove?!), too little (what is he saying?!), or too annoying (seriously, this guy doesn't know me at all).

    While I can't help the ladies out there -- buying presents for men is simply impossible -- I can help the dudes out there who are looking for some guidance. Because someone I know just received a pile of thumbtacks for her anniversary, here are 5 anniversary gifts no wife ever wants

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    I met my husband in November of my freshman year of college. I was 18. He was 19. We were crazy for each other. I mean -- we weren't planning our wedding (I was never one of those girls clipping pictures out of wedding magazines) nor was I even looking for a relationship -- I had just started college for goodness sake. At the University of Miami of all places. The last thing I was thinking about was finding a boyfriend! But isn't that exactly when things happen? When you aren't looking for them?

    We knew, almost immediately, that we were a good match. The connection between us was instantaneous, passionate, and strong.

    We both cared about the same things. Family was important. Communication with each other was even more important. And trust was even more important than that.

    But man, our dating and getting serious at such a young age -- it really freaked people out!

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    When you think about it, moms like us all have similar cozy little routines. So much of it revolves around our kids, because we adore them, and we love spending time together as a family. But sometimes what we need most (and don't even know it!) is a date night.

    In this episode of Mya and Her Moms, Mya's moms are celebrating their 12th anniversary. They go out to dinner and then to a party at a friend's house. And if you have any lingering belief that gay couples are weird or different from straight couples, this ought to dispel that misconception right away. Because the conversation between them sounds exactly like what it is in my (straight) household...namely, "WHEE!!!! A night with no kids!!"

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