Having Sex When You're Co-Sleeping?


bedHere an anonymous sex question that really riled up A LOT of moms:

If you have sex while co-sleeping and your baby/toddler wakes up, do you finish, or do you stop and put the child back to sleep?

I was surprised at how split moms were on this issue: Some moms were truly disgusted by the thought of having sex in the same bed as a co-sleeping baby or toddler. But other moms didn't see the harm in it—if the children are asleep, they don't know what's going on, right?


Where do you fall on the sex while co-sleeping issue? Take our poll.


Should you have sex in the same bed as your co-sleeping baby/toddler?

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Lumin... LuminousMom

gross. NO. We've had sex in the same ROOM... when our kids were tiny babies and had no clue (we're talking 6 months or younger) but in the same BED? Thats wrong. Besides, thats dangerous.

pixie... pixie_stix

Why would you not just move to another place or room?  It's not like the bed is the ONLY place to have sex.  Geez.

nonmember avatar paul

what's dangerous LuminousMom?

alystyn alystyn

They are asleep, duh!  It's not like they even know what sex IS.

nonmember avatar happymom

Please!! You can't hold off till you go to another room? The whole idea sounds rather perverse. By now you should be behaving as two ADULTS (sorry, that's what happens when you decide to become parents, like it or not) . Spontaneity is great, but either put the child in their OWN bed or have some semblance of s.elf-control. Yuck

athenax3 athenax3

Our children sleep with us often (or did) and we moved to another room or just didn't- I wouldn't feel comfortable nor would my dh being that intimate right next to our children.

lesli... lesliemck86

Bad idea especially with a TODDLER!!! Same room, maybe, same bed? Plain stupidity....Move yourselves to the bathroom for heavens sake.

court... courtneybon

Your children come first. Sex can wait untill you find a new room.

nonmember avatar aqmike97@yahoo.

NOT IN THE SAME. But if the baby 6 months or younger is in a crib or cradle in the same room I see no harm.

nonmember avatar jen

Even if they're "knocked out cold" and don't hear, see or feel anything. I think its disrespectful to the child. Plus, I have personally experienced where my surroundings while im sleeping all of the sudden become part of my dream. Poor kid! Its just a selfish thing to do.

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