Faking Orgasms: Have You?


faking orgasmLet me start by saying that all women are different when it comes to orgasms...and all orgasms are different, too. Some are intense, while others are quiet -- and this can be said about both women and the Big O, right?

Many women fake orgasms, right? Show of hands. Mine's up. And I can say that I've faked it for a slew of different reasons -- I've wanted to get it over with, I knew it just wasn't going to happen, I was tired....

But just because I have faked, doesn't mean that I wasn't having a good time every time. I never put on a big porno production of faking with the oooh yeahs and all that. It was more of a quiet fake. 

I've had pleasurable sex without climax. Of course, the climax does put the sex in the "oh yes I would like more of that" category. But not all women can achieve orgasm from penetration. And there's nothing wrong with that. An orgasm from oral sex, finger stimulation, and sex toys is still an orgasm.

An anonymous CafeMom asked others how many times they have faked orgasm. Answers ranged from 95 percent of the time to never.

The women who answered never wondered what was the point of faking. See above. But I do think being open and honest is always good, especially if you are in a serious relationship. You deserve that pleasure and if you can get your partner to work overtime to help you climax, why not?

Have you ever faked orgasm? I put a poll so you can answer anonymously, too.


Have you ever faked orgasm?

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nycbabe nycbabe

I never even thought of "faking." And, of course, I don't ALWAYS have one...but have a great time anyway. I'm just reassuring and explain about the "good time." I'm lucky - I have an incredible sex life - but...it's also LIFE...and LIFE isn't always 100%, right?

nycbabe nycbabe

P.S. As my husband's gotten older - he understands what the cuddling part is all about and loves it, too. I think honesty is really important.

lucky... luckymomma08

i just faked my first one, it was cold outside and it would have ruined it for my hubby if i didnt. but 99.9% of the time i do orgasm so once is ok,

smich... smichellem

I used to fake it all the time. That was at a point in my life before I found out that there is a better way. I never thought it was bad to fake it I mean sometimes i faked jsut to get it over with. sometimes as suggested in the above post i faked it because even though I had fun I just couldn't climax. Now days I am happy to say that I have been with the same man for over three years now and I have never ever faked it with him.Only once or twice have I not climaxed with him, but I didnt' feel comelled to fake it either. Fewer women would have to fake it if they were with the right man and in the right relationship. =) Who says sex is for men only!? I am so happy to have found out that it's just as fun for me now. It jsut took the right guy.

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