Sheyla Hershey: 38 kkk Are Biggest Boobs on Earth

Sheyla Hershey

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The biggest boobs on earth do not belong to Dolly Parton or Pamela Anderson. They may not even belong to, oh say, the bull African elephant, anymore.

After eight surgeries and a full gallon of silicone, a petite model and actress, Sheyla Hershey, now has the biggest breasts ever recorded.

She is busting out at a size 38 kkk.

And to think I felt like a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader (minus the clear skin and great body) when I finally hit 34C during pregnancy.

Back to the boobs at hand--or maybe it would take three or four hands: Texas wouldn't allow Hershey to go any bigger than 34FFF. That's because the state has limits on the amount of silicone that can be injected into breast implants.

So she chose to ignore silly little technicalities like major, life-threatening health warnings. Hershey got her new titties in Brazil.

Who is this woman? I don't know because at 7 a.m. this morning--I'm not kidding--her website was down, surely from way too much traffic. Actually, I did some geeky tech things and got on after five tries. Sheyla is 28 and lives in Houston. She was born in Brazil, where she currently has her own record label. Her site says: "Her career is just taking off and about to soar to heights of majestic proportions."

In the private CafeMom group, Moms UNCENSORED, missamanda86 called these boobs Weebles Wobble But They Don't Fall Down.

What do you think about super huge mega boobs? The slightest bit sexy or just plain silly?

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kelfr25 kelfr25

I think it's absolutely ridiculous. It's not sexy at all... it's creepy and gross if you ask me. I can only imagine the back problems and such that she will have. Not to mention the fact that the problems that the silicon would cause if one of those puppies sprung a leak. But I guess that stuff doesn't matter when you can be famous.

kickn... kicknscreamn222

Good Grief! IMO, that's not attractive at all - in fact I believe it does more to hurt her look, than help it.  They are just too big for her body, and I hope her career does go big, b/c she's going to have to have bras specially made for her for that size. 

jennm... jennmarie77

Can you imagine what she'll look like when she's 70 walking around with those? 

Oh and now my back hurts from looking at them.

AMsMo... AMsMommy212

wow the biggest boobies live in my city..

That isnt even attractive -at all-

Norah... NorahSethsMommy

Yuck...that's all I can say. Oh yeah and she must have really low self esteem. Sad really.

Lanasmom Lanasmom

Not even attractive--its like oh my gosh, what was she thinking? Why would you even do that?

Nicol... Nicole757

That is just disgusting.  Makes me wonder just where this girl got it in her head that HUGE boobs are attractive??  Low self esteem is just one of the few things that come to mind.. 


I have to wonder if her back hurts.

krist... kristalee83

Mine are a natural size f or ddd and I hate them! They make me look bigger than I am and do hurt and make it hard to find decent clothing. She is out of her mind! Personally however uf given the choice I would only have a reduction to a d cup and have a breast lift. Geez some ppl

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