'Drunk' Bride Orders Taco Bell After Her Wedding & Picture Goes Viral (PHOTO)



This is not one of the classic moments you think of when you picture your wedding. And yet, it is so very, very perfect. A newlywed groom photographed his "drunk wife trying to order Taco Bell after the reception." At the drive-through. On foot. It's a photo so winning it went viral instantly and nabbed a million views in just one day.

No one, I mean no one, has ever looked more like a glowing Disney princess while ordering Taco Bell. I think that groom just fell even more deeply in love than he was before. And you know what? This makes for a beautiful start to their lives together -- seriously!

taco belle bride

Aww, a young bride and her burritos. And who can blame her? Those of us who have been there know that you eat maybe one bite of cake at your wedding. The rest of the time you're meeting and greeting and getting hugged and kissed by everyone and dancing and okay, probably drinking a lot. It's your party, so you can do that. But after it's all over you're STARVING. And thank God for that fast food restaurant right by the hotel.

The bride gets bonus points for looking so classy while ordering her food, too. Her husband posted another photo of "the Taco Belle bride" in her dress. Apparently she's one of those kinds of women who can get away with looking totally glamorous while barefoot. It doesn't hurt that her dress is literally by "Cinderella." (Much to the disappointment of many, many fans, this is not enough information to help them search for that exact same dress.)

That doesn't stop people from making jokes, though -- here are a few of our favorites from the comments section:

"Help me Taco Bell, you're my only hope!" (Haha, Princess Leia reference.)

"Diet's over. I'm married!!"

"I think I made the right decision when I said 'I do,' But I KNOW I made the right decision when I ordered the triple XL steak-tac'urrito-wrap with all new Cheeto-taco-shell inside."

And finally, it's hard to see here, but if you zoom in you can see this under that priceless photo: "Your best decision of the day."


Were you hungry after your wedding reception? What were you craving?


Image © iStock.com/BelleMedia, via turnaroundslowlyinyourswivelchair/Reddit



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nonmember avatar krystian

I wasn't able to eat at my wedding at all....

People kept coming up to me wanting to talk. And I got so wasted...I got flagged at my own wedding.

After words, I went did my wedding,night thing, showered, changed into sweats and a tank top and me,my husband My oldest, My mom and her bff all went up the straight to Applebees and ordered a bunch of half priced apps.

So more power to this woman!

Andilena Pacifico

AWSOME photo, wish I knew the photographer... Oh wait, I DO lol it's my amazing little sister. Www.gringallery.com

nonmember avatar Haywood

This is the dumbest fucking story I have read all day. And to the moderator, go take your nose ring our and stuff it up your ass.

nonmember avatar eddie

We went right from the church- she in her gown, me in my morning suit- to the drive-in liquor store and got a cold sixpack. We were quite a sight to the lady who waited on us. That short drive to the reception with a cold beer really took the edge off. It's like we had been holding our breath for an hour and finally got a few minutes to relax. I wish I'd gotten a picture!

Jack Sherman

He should throw her back for ordering Taco Bell .. ever

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