Bride Writes Rude Facebook Post Telling People Why They Aren’t Invited (PHOTO)

wedding invitationYou have to make some tough decisions when you're planning a wedding. You want to include all the important people in your life, your family and loved ones, to share in this special occasion with you. But you've also got a budget to keep. There's no easy way to get around the hard truth that you can't invite everyone and that you'll have to trim some people from the guest list.

There are graceful ways of doing this. And then there's the way one socially adroit bride broke the news: Via her Facebook-posted list of reasons why you're not invited to the wedding. And just looking through the list, I've gotta say, you probably don't want to go to this wedding.

One of the bride's Facebook friends reposted her "why your [sic] not invited" list on Reddit. We're guessing an invitation is not in the mail for this person. Congratulations!

why you're not invited to the wedding

Nice, right? I'm so glad she was concerned about no one getting "butt hurt" over the guest list. You can tell she really gives a damn. I mean, she probably could have left it at "we have only so much room at the church and the reception." But no! Why miss an opportunity to list a series of past offenses and vendettas?

Your wedding isn't just an opportunity for people to get boozed up and fed. It's also a rite of passage into adulthood. Looks like this lady is a glowing example of maturity. Not holding any grudges here. Nope!

I have to admire the way she seems to assume her wedding and reception will be the PARTY OF THE SEASON, something people will be heartbroken to miss. Especially all those presumptuous work acquaintances who were expecting to attend. What will they do with their Sunday afternoon now? Hang out with their REAL friends?!?

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Bottom line is, you have your own reasons for inviting, or not inviting, certain people to your wedding. You don't have to explain anything unless someone asks. But announcing your upcoming nuptials with so much ill will is a terrible way to start your marriage.

Also, the correct spelling for the bride's usage is "you're," not "your." You're welcome!

How did you handle the awkwardness of not inviting everyone you'd like to at your wedding?


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luvmy... luvmybubs

That is the first time I have ever seen you're welcome written that way. It's written everywhere your and I never understood why since you're means you are.

Jill Hitt

I dont see anything wrong with this she probably had lots of people that wanted to go and she is blunt and prob sick of people bugging her two thumbs up

nonmember avatar katlynn

Agreed, 2 thumbs up. Not everyone needs to be invited anyways, it's unnecessary and a hassle. She didn't seem rude at all to me. I applaud her.

Prett... PrettyWings29

I wouldn't do it, but I see nothing wrong with this. She's probably really young. 

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Too bad she can't spell and that her grammar is terrible. 

Jami Stevenson

Personally, anytime someone asks why they weren't invited to something, I'm honest with them. I tell them " well, because you are an asshole" lol

katyd... katydidsmom

At the time of our marriage, my fiance was living in one state, I was living in another, and we got married in my home state. We invited people we were closest to to our wedding (some made the trip, some didn't) and had parties before the wedding so all of our friends and acquiantances had the opportunity to celebrate with us. Everyone understood and no one got hurt feelings

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