7 Dating Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe

dating horror

Silly question, but have you been on a bad date? Anyone who has ever been single (read: everyone) has at least one dating horror story for the books.

But after one of those REALLY terrible ones, didn't it always help to know you weren't alone? And after you've coupled up, unconsciously or not, isn't it fun to look back on all the madness and laugh?

I once ended up on a date where the guy demanded that I kiss him. After all, he reasoned, "I paid for dinner. You owe me." Sure, dude. I couldn't catch the subway fast enough after that one.

Everyone's got a doozy.

From the guys who refused to pay (and walked their dates to the ATM and even gave them CHANGE) to the men who picked food from our teeth and ate it (RETCH), we gathered the 7 worst dating tales in order to share the love!

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1.) "Guy picks me up, takes me to Beverly Hills. The plan is to go get lunch, but he says he has a special errand to do first, which turned out to be returning something at Tiffany's -- which he apparently thought would really impress me. Uh, no? And he was offended that I wasn't agog at the thought of Tiffany's! Haha. Then, we go eat, and I felt like I was being interviewed for a job. He quizzed me about 'the best meal I've ever eaten,' and I couldn't think of just ONE, so he was all offended by that, and his answer, which he felt compelled to describe in pretentious detail, was 'foie gras at the Four Seasons in NYC.' Oooookay. Color me NOT impressed."

~ Maressa Brown, married one year

2.) "I once went on a date with this big muscle head guy. Really macho type. We went to a haunted house (it was at Halloween time). I was 21 and weighed about 120 pounds. He had to be 225, solid muscle. He made me go first and hid behind me the entire time, clutching my arm. Needless to say, that was our first and last date."

~ Megan Flaherty, married mom of 2

3.) "A guy I was (briefly) seeing told me if I lost 20 pounds, I'd be just as hot as his ex-girlfriend."

~ Stephanie Branly, married mom of 2

4.) "I was invited over to someone's house (in retrospect probably not the best idea) for dinner. He made a piece of chicken. That's right: a piece of boiled chicken. That was it. No side. No sauce. Nothing."

~ Emily Roy, married mom of 1

5.) "One time I broke up with a guy I'd had just one or two dates with over dinner. He stared in disbelief: 'I don't get it! If I were you, I'd wanna do me!'"

~ Julia Magnusson, married mom of 2

6.) "I once went on a first date where I arrived laughing about the fact that I had just totally been tricked by a $20 swindle in which the guy tells you he's an actor who locked his costumes in his studio uptown and doesn't have money for a cab. I was laughing because on one hand, I couldn't believe I'd fallen for it, and on the other hand, I didn't care. He was like, 'Wow, are you usually that gullible?' and then followed that up with 'Is this your way of saying drinks are on me?' He was so cynical and so rude, you could just see all the negativity in him. He followed that up by telling me about some kind of stomach issue he had. He was a writer, and every once in a while, I'll see him in some party photo and I'll think, 'Oh, there's that asshole with the stomach issues.'"

~ Mackenzie Dawson, married mom of 1

7.) "I went out on a date once with a guy I’d met online. He was half British, half French. He used a lot of smiley faces in his emails and sounded nice. I came prepared to split the bill. My date -- let’s call him Steve -- was cute in a scruffy way, but he had a dark side simmering just below the surface. I just knew it. The dinner was fine. The check came and we both put down our credit cards. 'Sorry,' the waiter said, smiling at us. 'We only take American Express.' We locked eyes. 'Don’t worry,' Steve said reassuringly. 'I have the cash ... So I’ll pay the full bill and then we’ll go to the ATM and you can take out your share.' He wasn't kidding. But he did give me my $3 change."

~ Catherine Strawder, married mom of 2

So there you have it. Honestly, I had to cut some of the REALLY dirty ones ... but that doesn't mean they're not out there! We could do this forever. Yes. There are that many.

Sad yet wickedly funny, no?

Have you ever had a REALLY bad date? Share it!


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Chelsea Sowers Smith

I don't get the last one, I'm totally confused. He had a dark side because he took her to the ATM so she could pay him back for covering her part of the meal? Did I read that right, or am I missing something?

tbruc... tbrucemom

I don't think these are all that bad. I think most of them are finding out early that you're not compatible. There are women that would be impressed with Tiffany's, women that wouldn't mind the muscle guy showing vulnerability by being scared, maybe the guy who cooked the chicken just eats that way, the woman that gave the $20 is gullible, the guy who took her to the ATM was just doing what a lot of feminists expect him to do. The other two are conceited and shallow.

nonmember avatar Jenn

I think I can too all of those first date horror stories.

A few years ago I met a guy at work, we were both in relationships at the time, so neither of us pursued anything, well last year he and I ran into each other and he asked me if I wanted to get a bite to eat sometime. I took him up on the offer. (What could it hurt, right?) Well he picked me up for out dinner date, when I got in the car he was like "oh I hope you don't mind I have to stop by work and drop something off." I told him I was fine with that. Well he gets back in the car and tells me he has a surprise in store for me."oh boy!" I thought. We arrive at this place I've never seen before "The Gold Club" hmm.. Okayyy... Low and behold it's a strip club! Well I'm an adventurous and open minded person and just went with the flow.. My date got completely trashed and was falling asleep in his chair!!! When we were leaving I asked him for his keys to drive home( I hadn't been drinking) he threw a fit got in his car and just left me there! I ended paying $75 for a cab ride home. I found out the next day that he had gotten into a car accident right up the rode from the bar.. Worst date in history!!!

nonmember avatar john

I think if you ask guys they can tell you they've had equally bad dates, I know I have. I've had ones that ordered the most expensive things on the menu, never said thanks after I paid the bill, lied about their age (and I don't mean a few years, I'm talking ten or fifteen). I could list more, but you get the point. Online dating has been a total disaster, so many liars and flakes. It's been five years since I went on a date, don't miss it at all. I'd rather be single the rest of my life.

Melissa Desselles

lol Ive had worse lol once my date showed up in drag  (not even cute womaens clothing) and asked if we could go to the mall and shop for dresses... FOR HIM!

nonmember avatar Diana

After a 3rd date with a guy. He turned to me and said "let's see how much you really really like me. I need $170'to take a test and if you like me you will give it to me." I had already been thinking about how I was going to tell him I didn't see a future for us. After that he made breaking it off very easy.

nonmember avatar Melissa

Chelsea Sowers Smith, I thought the exact same thing! If he had the cash to pay the bill and the woman didn't, I don't see the problem with going to the nearest ATM and getting enough money to pay him back for her half of the meal. I mean it seems like that was the deal they BOTH agreed on. I would understand if they had made this deal and he didn't pay her back if she was the one who had to cover the whole meal herself. But it wasn't, so how exactly was that a bad date? I thought I was missing something as well.

Edaka Thomas

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