Newlyweds Find Photo of Them Both As Kids -- Years Before They Met!

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beachIf you're meant to find your better half, will the stars align to keep putting you in each other's path?

That's what newly married couple Aimee Maiden and Nick Wheeler must be wondering after they discovered an old photo of themselves playing at the beach just yards apart taken 11 years before they met. 

This isn't the first time a couple discovered they were in the same place at the same time as kids.  

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Illustrating that it really is a small world after all, Alex and Donna Voutsinas learned that they were at Disney World at the same time as preschoolers and have the photos to prove it. 

If you're typically skeptical about the notion of soul mates, these stories definitely make you wonder if the universe will, in fact, conspire to help you find one another. 

For years, my husband and I lived less than five miles apart but never met. We attended the same concerts and local events and we'd even frequented the same restaurants but don't remember ever seeing each other until we met years later. We've often wondered if we were ever within feet of each other but unaware of it.

I guess we'll never know unless someone finds an old photo!

Do you believe in the notion of soul mates? If it's truly meant to be, will you find each other? 

Images via ©; The Telegraph/Twitter; and Shane Worth/Twitter


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tecsa... tecsabates

Years ago, I worked at a Ponderosa that was next to a gym. There were a couple groups of guys that came in regularly after working out that I waited on frequently.. Turns out, my So was one of those guys.

Years later, we met a bday party for his grandma. Turns out our grandma's had been best friends all their lives ( from age 4 on) Our mom's had played together as kids......

00NoW... 00NoWay00

My parents have an old video of my ex-husband playing basketball in 4th or 5th grade. We were on opposing co-ed basketball teams as kids. :)

nonmember avatar Jacjaclou

My SO and I met on in our 40's but soon realized that we went to the same high school, lived in the same neighbourhood growing up and have many "mutual friends". We went to the same parties and his best friend was my best friend's prom date! Yet it was 20 years before we got together :)

nonmember avatar Faith

My husband and I discovered we had been in the same place at least once as children. My story definitely isn't as happy as Disney though. I was around 4 and playing with my cousins at their house. A car hit and killed their dog right in front of us. 15 years later after meeting my now husband, my aunt told me it was my father in law that hit the dog and my husband had been with him. He'd lived in my hometown til he was about 6 and moved back at 20. As you can see, our first run in wasn't as romantic as playing on the beach :) it's really a terrible story.

Julia... Juliaairene

My boyfriends grandparents lived down the street from my grandparents, in a different state! He lived with his until he was 8, so when I was little and I'd visit my grandparents, we'd play together all the time. He ended up transferring to my highschool, and we realized the connection at our graduation when my grandmother recognized his family.

nonmember avatar Kora

My boyfriend and i have tons of mutual friends . And only met eachother because if the internet. Also my uncle lives a few streets over. Before my nephew was born, my mom and sister purchased a stroller from the store he worked at, and was the one who sold it to them. We had sooo many chances to meet before we did, but didnt. I actully think its best we didnt meet till we did, cause i had alot of "growing" up to do between graduating highschool and when i met him.

nonmember avatar alisha

i do believe in soul husband and i went to elementary school together and were even in the same class but never really spoke to each other..then about fourteen years later his brother and i met and realized i new him(my husband)from school..we have been married almost seven years now...first person i have dated that likes the same things i do and as crazy as it sounds we think alike and tend to finish each others sentences...i love him very much and feel very blessed to have found my soul mate..

nonmember avatar Ashley

My husband and I discovered we have been at two locations at the same time but didn't know it. The first one was b93 birthday bash. It was year 14 and my first time going. I was about 15. My now husband was having a water gun fight with his buddy when my sister and I walked by them. One of them accidentally got us wet. I said your cute can I take your pick lol. The next time we were in the same area was my senior class trip. His family was doing a family trip there the same day I was there. We have pictures from our trip set for the same day and everything. He lives two hours away from where I lived. We finally met at my grandparents one weekend I was staying with them. He lived next door to my grandparents.

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