Michelle Duggar Shares the Secret to Her Budget Honeymoon

michelle duggarWant to have the ULTIMATE honeymoon? It's only the most important vacation you'll ever take in your life. Oh man, the pressure! If you think people make too much out of this little post-wedding trip, you're not alone. 19 Kids and Counting's Michelle Duggar thought so, too. In a recent blog post, Mrs. Duggar shares the story of her budget honeymoon with Jim Bob, and it's so far from the idea your jaw will drop -- and yet it sounds perfect.

They did home repairs!

Duggar says she did plan an actual trip, but nothing turned out quite how they'd pictured it. She booked a cabin at a state park in Arkansas that turned out to be "really rundown with awful orange curtains -- and cobwebs everywhere!" They spent the night at a hotel in town instead. The next day they moved to another state park but then started having car troubles. So they cut their losses and decided to head home.

Jim Bob had bought a fixer-upper and moved into it a month before the wedding. Michelle moved in with him after the wedding. Jim Bob had started some of the repairs, but there was still a whole lot left for both of them to do. Michelle didn't mind at all because they were living together for the very first time, and that alone was a thrill. "We were living on love and it was so exciting," she says.

I can see how this could be more meaningful than a more traditional honeymoon trip. Instead of lying on the beach, getting sunburned, and going to bed drunk every night (oh, is that a little too blunt?), they built something together. They were focused on their new life as a couple, not on fantasyland. And the end result was a beautiful home they could enjoy for years. 

Don't get me wrong -- this is not the ideal honeymoon for everyone. But for the Duggars, it definitely set a great tone for their marriage and got them off to a perfect start. Michelle's first memories of her new husband are precious. She recalls thinking, "'Oh, how romantic. He’s at our house and he’s working on our car.'" She doesn't say so, but there's something really sexy about that!

What do you think about the idea of fixing up a house for your honeymoon?


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Jozemom Jozemom

While I think some people go way overboard with honeymoons and weddings, I think it's important for a couple to have time alone together, especially if they're alone together for the first time (as in, having not lived together ) especially if you plan on having kids right away. DH and I had a fairly simple honeymoon, nothing too fancy, but the memories are wonderful. 

laura... lauraparker

I think they are a little too closed minded for one. With how they live and dress and think, their kids won't survive if they are not thrown real life circumstances. In regards to the honeymoon, DH and I had to pay for our own wedding which wasn't big, only my parents, uncle, and friend were there, dinner after and the honeymoon which was a night in a fancy hotel. We had nothing when we got married, had to stay with my parents until we got stationed at Ft. Hood with the Army. We started out with nothing and have built a life for us and our kids from the bottom up.

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