12 Steps to a Great Quickie Without the Kids Having a Clue (PHOTOS)

quickie coupleLet's face it, if you've got kids, sometimes having a quickie is the ONLY way you're going to have sex. And it's the smart, engaged couple who takes advantage of those spontaneous moments to sneak away for a little intensive bonding. Even if you have the time and energy for longer lovemaking sessions, a brief tryst is a fun way to keep that sexual fire lit in your marraige. But just because it's a quickie doesn't mean it has to be unsatisfying. There are many ways to get the most out of quickies.

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RoseFan1 RoseFan1

Wow.  If you need clothes on because of "what you can't see" maybe you're just with the wrong person...just saying. Me and my man can't do something simple like get changed together because that ALWAYS starts something. Lol. every time. 

OneTo... OneToughMami

Um...clothes on is hot and all but why does the Stir have to make it negative?

ba13y... ba13ygrl1987

They meant it adds mystery, not a dig at covering up fat. Always gotta find a negative if you're going to comment.

lovem... lovemykids4E

Rosefan1, really? Im a little overweight and pregnant and very self conscious right now and hate taking my shirt off but that by all means does not mean my husband is the wrong man for me.... it means Im self conscious, nothing more. My hubby loves my body regardless and loves when I DON'T act self conscious. Some people need to think before the speak (or write).

aandt... aandt1999

They weren't being negative. I took it the same way as ba13ygrl1987 did.

Itali... Italiancouture7

15 to 20 minutes to climax? Geez that would suck.. By then I've had atleast 3.

Leah Ferreira

Wow first off I'm not getting dirty for nuttin if where going there where going for a reason just saying and 15 20 mins to climax ...well suxs to be whoever that is I can climax very very easily and almost as much as I want back to back .My husband knows what I like and Vis versa .

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