Strangers Undress Each Other on Film & What Happens Next Is.... (VIDEO)

undress meRemember that video of strangers (ahem, actors and models) sharing their first kiss? Well the follow-up is even hotter. This time filmmaker Tatia Pllieva asked strangers to undress each other and jump into bed. "Nothing else. No rules." Except that apparently there was an unwritten rule that everyone stops at their underwear. But that's all right! It's still flirty fun. "Undress Me" was made to promote season 2 of Showtime's series, Masters of Sex, about the pioneering sex researchers Virginia Johnson and William Masters.

Once again Pllieva hired a crew of mostly gorgeous young people who look quite nice in their skivvies. And you know what? We actually picked up a few pointers from this video as well. If you've ever undressed a lover, you know it can be incredibly hot ... or incredibly awkward. So take one: Here are 9 important lessons about taking someone else's clothes off.

1. It's okay to be nervous. The other person probably is, too. Tense laughter is allowed. Giggling is great.

2. Don't ask where to start. That just puts the pressure on the other person. You know how this works, dude -- start with the outermost layer.

undress me

3. Make eye contact. Oh my Lord, making eye contact while you take someone's clothes off is sssteamy. ZAHHH.

undress me

4. Wear slinky underwear. In fact, always be ready to be undressed. What's the guy equivalent of slinky underwear? Oh yeah.

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5. Go slowly. What's these people's hurry? This isn't a race. Relax, take your time, and draw it out -- like this guy did. This one knows what he's doing.

undress me

6. Wiggle your butt. When he's pulling your pants down, do a cute little hip jig.

7. Careful not to tear anyone's favorite trousers. See above re: Going slowly and you can avoid this awkward mishap. If you do tear clothing, it has to be done deliberately and with passion. Not this way.

how to undress

8. Don't make your partner do the clumsy pants dance. This is a tricky maneuver, getting the pant legs past the ankles. You'll need to sit or squat down. Gently lift each leg one at a time with one hand while you pull off pants with the other. Allow your partner to rest their hand on your shoulder.

undress me

9. Once you get into bed ... er, well, I guess you can take it from there.

undress me

How does it make you feel when someone else undresses you? What about when you undress someone else?


Images via Tatia Pllieva/YouTube



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Nicol... NicoleLeahsMom

If I had a bit more confidence I'd be all for it.

nonmember avatar BostonBob

I love the process of slowly undressing my wife, and having her do the same to me.

But with the kids and limited time, it's more like "Get naked. We've only got XX minutes.", or "Too slow, get your clothes off NOW".

I know....not the best approach but we take it when we can.

Elizabeth Kilchoer

I love the fact that they had same sex couple as well!

phoen... phoenixrm1

Yea me and my husband dont even get fully naked anymore. We have a son and pretty much we just take off what is necissary and get it over with quick. And that is only maybe once a month lol. not by my choice but by his. Its nice to see this vid to remember it was once nice haha

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