The Ultimate Sexual Bucket List: 75 Sex Acts to Try Before You Die

sexual bucket listFour years ago, I wrote our first sexual bucket list post highlighting 50 things we should do sexually before we die. To say it went viral would be a major understatement. The list took on a life of its own, garnering more than 800 comments, hundreds of thousands of shares and views, and syndication galore.

The truth is even I, the author of the piece, have not tried all 50. Has anyone really? It's an extensive list and not one that's easy to get through, especially if you've committed to marriage and monogamy early in life. So instead of saying we MUST do these things, let's say instead that we should be open to the possibilities. Is this a checklist that you have to complete in order to die happy? Probably not. But it's certainly fun to try!

Look at it as a way for you and whomever your partner may be -- spouse, boyfriend, stranger -- to open your minds and expand your repertoire. We give you the ultimate sexual bucket list of 75 sex acts to try before you die ...

sexual bucket list

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The first 50 to refresh your memory:

1. Kiss a girl
2. Have anal
3. Have a threesome
4. Engage in group sex
5. Have phone sex
6. Masturbate
7. Use a vibrator
8. Use a sex toy on someone else
9. Be tied up
10. Tie someone up
11. Have sex in a public space
12. Be a voyeur and watch others having sex (live porn does not count)
13. Sex in a car
14. Sex at a drive-in
15. Mile-high club
16. Sex with a stranger
17. One-night stand
18. Married sex (the best kind, in my opinion)
19. Sex on a boat
20. Sex in a body of water
21. Light spanking
22. Read erotica
23. Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game
24. Sex in the shower
25. Sex standing up against a wall
26. Sex with no kissing
27. Sex in the pitch black
28. Sex in the broad daylight
29. Making out with no sex long after you're no longer a virgin
30. Sex in a tent in the wilderness
31. Watch porn together
32. Watch porn alone
33. Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms
34. Sex on the beach
35. Blindfolds
36. Using ice sexually
37. Sexual role play
38. Whipped cream
39. La Perla lingerie sex
40. Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie sex
41. Sex with someone much older
42. Sex with someone younger (legal!)
43. Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner
44. A quickie in a skirt
45. A longie in the rain
46. Sex in the ocean while people swim all around you
47. Feather ticklers
48. Sex while "altered" whether by alcohol or something else
49. Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone
50. Silent sex in a full house

And 25 more!!
51. Sending naked photos to each another
52. Talking really dirty
53. Sex while someone is watching
54. Teasing your partner to the point of orgasm, over and over
55. Really loud sex
56. Sex in a favorite position
57. Sex in a new position
58. Orgasming at the same time
59. Sex with deep emotion and love
60. Spending all day naked
61. Not sleeping all night
62. Sex on the floor
63. Sex while no one else knows you are doing it
64. Trying the 69 position
65. Sex with a condom
66. Sex without a condom
67. Oral sex with mints
68. Sex in the back of a movie theater
69. Sex with someone you're angry at
70. Masturbating during sex
71. Having sexy nicknames with your partner
72. Using a dildo and your man -- at the same time
73. Feeding someone sexually
74. Sex in a chair
75. Sex with constant eye contact

How many of these have you tried? How many do you want to?



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Robin Hartman

sex with a stranger, good luck with the herpes. 

nonmember avatar natasha

All but 44, 46 and 60 ;)

nonmember avatar Alessio Ventura

So, threesomes and group sexbwhile you are married? A quickie with a skirt with a stranger while married? Are you promoting infidelity here? Disgusting.

nonmember avatar Vanessa

I feel like if I did everything on this list I would be considered a slut..

joesa... joesafree

Done many on the list- mostly with my husband. Lost him almost 3 years ago and miss him deeply. Don't be so judgemental people! And doing these things with my soul mate doesn't make me a slut, FYI!

nonmember avatar Red

Wow.... Some people really can't read. No where on here does this state that the post is promoting infidelity. There are a LARGE number of these that you can do while married or in a committed relationship. They could also be combined into whatever groupings you could imagine. I hate reading comments on articles that just bash the author or the article when the sole purpose of the article was to be a fun suggestion. Those people that go around bashing stuff like this make me sick and sad to think that this is the future of the world.

BGarcel BGarcel

I've done most of these. All that only involve one person. Am I a slut? No. Do I care if catty, miserable bitches call me a slut? Nope. So bring it on.

nonmember avatar skyinnc

Done many of these. A few left to go. Im in a committed relationship and we both are open to interesting ways to keep things hot and spicy. Ill be 40 soon he will be 31. I think its great to experiment together but safety is a must. Use protection!

Darnell Davis

12/75 I haven't done and don't plan on doing. Most of the ones I haven't done involve other people besides my husband and that just isn't me, SO they wont be happening lol.

nonmember avatar tonya


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