7 Ways to Get Him to Perform Our Most Desired Sexy Move

couple in bedThere's a rumor out there that most men are reluctant to perform a certain bedroom act on their women. I think you know what I'm talking about. Well, I'm here to tell you it just isn't true. Not only are there plenty of men willing to give a woman what she most deserves, there are plenty of men who are also quite skilled at it. But what if your guy is reluctant to join the Grown Up Sexual Man Club and give you what want?

In the short story collection The Women of Brewster Place one savvy woman who wants her conservative husband to pleasure her a certain way came up with an unorthodox idea: She wedged some of his favorite sweet potato pie between her legs. Readers, it worked, and they all lived happily ever after. But you don't have to go to that extreme. Here's how to get your man to give you what you want in bed.

1. Tell him you want it. I mean, maybe you've already done this. But just in case you haven't, this is a friendly reminder that men can't read your mind. Don't ask, don't get. There are fun ways to do this, too. "You know what would be so hot? If you 'returned the favor!' I bet you'd be great at that!" Flatter him preemptively.

2. Make yourself fresh but not flowery. Try enticing him right after you shower, but don't add any feminine sprays or deoderants. Your yonni smells and tastes exactly as it should naturally. Let your man get to know that taste and like it.

3. Make it easy on him. Get into a position that allows him to reach you without straining his neck. Put a pillow under your hips, and maybe another under his body. Or experiment with different positions -- him on his back, you kneelling over him, for example.

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4. Be responsive. Okay, he's finally taken the dive. GIVE HIM SOME FEEDBACK. Be vocal. Move. No man likes to work away at a woman who is totally unresponsive -- it makes him feel like he doesn't know what he's doing (ego crusher!).

5. Run your fingers through his hair. If he has hair on his head (Tee hee!). It feels nice, and it also tells him, "I'm paying attention, I'm loving this, and I'm loving you for doing this."

6. Say thank you. Praise him. Tell him he did a great job and you can't wait for him to do it again. Be effusive. We're assuming here that you're happy to return the favor, by the way.

7. Find out why he doesn't want to. So you've made it abundantly clear that you want your husband down there. And he's told you he doesn't want to. Well ... find out why! Talk about what's keeping him back. It could be something you can solve. And if he's wondering what he'd do down there, remind him that just being there is a huge pleasure and then maybe direct him to a men's article with oral sex tips.

Is your man happy to perform or is he holding out?


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nonmember avatar BostonBob

Looks like I'm the first to dive in here (sorry for the bad pun), but I am ALWAYS willing and eager to curl my wife's toes.

All I ask is that any long hairs be trimmed back.

jenns... jennslost

Really?? Ive NEVER had this issue, in fact I have to fight him off sometimes! I dont ALWAYS have to have tht! Although its great when I do!

nonmember avatar Karma

Peer pressure works every time. I remember an article in reverse when we told women they should never be pressure to do something they wish not to do. We bash men for this same type of article....SMDH!

nonmember avatar David

"We're assuming here that you're happy to return the favor, by the way."

Hope my wife reads this ... she loves to receive (and does, every time), but isn't eager to give in return :( Thank goodness for birthdays and anniversaries...

nonmember avatar krystian

David don't be an ass....

That is probably why she doesn't give it to you.

Or maybe it doesn't interest her, did you ever think of that? Or maybe her gag reflux is bad.

It seems like I'm the only one with a sensible husband and realizes that having sex isn't just about him.

nonmember avatar Mrs T

My hubby is sometimes reluctant, but I do those things(in the article), plus I'm an amazing reciprocater....so I just tell him he's next, and he dives in....

OneTo... OneToughMami

Why is it so wrong for a man to expect oral in return? Relationships are about two people not one. Karma is right, we bash men for these articles and apparently right in the comments, but it's okay for us? Nah. Be a woman. You want him to do you, do him.

nonmember avatar Don

@Krystian. You criticized David for saying his wife doesn't return the favor? This why Karma is 100% correct. Read David comment again...he said he does his wife a lot more than she's willing to return the favor. Hint hint...this article was about that same problem, but addressed at women. So, you are saying men don't have any say in the situation? Because your attack on David seems pretty sexist!

Railr... RailroadGirl

How exactly is David being an ass? Its a perfectly normal question. Its nice to give without expecting on return sometimes but most men love to receive. It sounds to me Krystain you aren't very good at it and are extremely selfish.

Phoenix Matthews

I love to do the deed for my husband. But he almost never does it in return. Been married 6 years and hes done it maybe 3 times. but he also rarely wants sex either. So i pretty much have been forcefully killing my own sex drive. I was constantly wanting it before that. Now its maybe once a month that we do anything. Just whenever he wants to. I guess thats compromise. So although its nice to read how to change things. Im pretty sure itll never happen.

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