Michelle Duggar's Wedding Day Secrets Are Incredibly Inspiring

Michelle DuggarMichelle Duggar is known for many things, but most obviously for her large and very happy brood. At the heart of that family is her nearly 30-year marriage to her husband Jim Bob Duggar. With the recent marriage of her daughter Jill, Michelle has opened up about her relationship a bit more, first offering some stellar marriage tips and now reminiscing on her blog about her own wedding day and what it has meant to both her and her children.

Michelle's wedding wasn't quite the grand affair her daughter's was. They actually got married in the hallway of their church building with folding chairs as pews. Adorably, they re-created that when they renewed their vows almost five years ago.

So many brides stress and fret over their perfect wedding day and Michelle's was anything but. Still, her memories are all good. Some of her memories include:

1.) No flowers or decorations.

2.) A lattice backdrop.

3.) Her colors: yellow, pink, green, and blue.

4.) She made her own bouquet using fake flowers!

5.) Her sister made a flower display to put up behind the altar area.

6.) She made her own wedding cake.

7.) She wore Jim Bob’s mother’s wedding dress.

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Some of these are things a bride today would never consider. But why? As Michelle says:

Everything we did for our wedding was so inexpensive, but perfect for us. We wanted to spend our money on our honeymoon, which was our first time to be alone together.

Isn't that what it's all about? Making choices and building a marriage over a wedding?

Twenty-five years later, they repeated it all again for their vow renewal, and in the end, Michelle's biggest takeaway was one we can all relate to: The wedding was for the family, not just the couple. She says:

Although we didn’t videotape our wedding, we took a lot of pictures and we had it recorded on cassette tape. As our children were growing up, we would listen to our wedding cassette again every year on our anniversary. We would reenact the ceremony, show them how we walked down the aisle, and tell them the stories about what it was like. It was a great moment to share with them in such a special way.


What do you remember most from your own wedding?

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nonmember avatar Jaime

Had 6 weeks to plan my wedding...hubby was coming home from boot camp. Wedding dress...$75 at goodwill. Mom baked a 3 tier wedding cake. Flowers $25 for my and maid of honor bouquet. $25 for her dress on clearance. $50 donation to church for services and hall use. My brother took pictures and played music. $100 to feed 75 guests cold cuts and salads. I made my veil, and hand wrote all of yhe invitations. Dinnerware from Party City. I case of champagne given by my uncle. Hubby eore his dress blues. And seriously, I wouldn't change a thing. Our 21st anniversary is next Wednesday. It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to be meaningful.

lonel... lonelynomore

I don't remember a damn thing. I got married in Las Vegas.

Barbi Young

oh I had a very memorable wedding.  I don't have enough space to write it all out, but most of it was my future MIL had a heat stroke getting flowers, my future BIL taped my BFF/MOH's butt instead of us, the minister told us to put the ring on the wrong hand and apparently my left and right ring fingers varry by 2 sizes, we dressed in matching outfit to leave on our honeymoon, we had to stop and wash the car because the birdseed/shaving cream wouldn't come off the windshielf, we got to talking and missed the exit to our hotel and ended up in another state but had a grand ole time talking.. and thru it all we laughed.. 19 yrs later we are STILL laughing

Jess_Lee Jess_Lee

Not legally married (married by the Bible (just the 2 of us and God)). But one day, when it happens, my FIL is a preacher man. It'll be small and sweet. Parents, close family. Inexpensive, but nice

nonmember avatar kday14

I did it all myself... we got self uniting marriage license, I made my center pieces out of empty jack Daniels bottles and fake flowers that are now garden decor and end stand decor at our new home. We are from the country so it was camo theme our guests worn their best camouflage. No fancy clothes. I made my 4 tier cake and 150 cupcakes. My friend did the dj my sister in law did the pictures which are great! We did Bbq chicken that my close friend cooked and charged nothing. Our wedding costed us $2000.00 for everything and I mean everything rings dress his shirt food decor music....

nonmember avatar christina

My hubby wanted a big wedding because he had never been married (this was my second marriage). We did everything our selves, but it was a big elaborate wedding. We spent around $17,000 including our honeymoon. We will never regret spending this much though because the year following our wedding 5 family members passed away that were at our wedding, including my MIL. Although we didn't know we would lose anyone at the time, it means the world to us to know that for one day everything in our lives were perfect and everyone who meant anything to us were together. We have beautiful pictures and videos to relive that day and we are so thankful for it.

Charl... Charlyla2

I got married at my baby shower, at a pizza joint in my hometown. My husband wanted to get married (I really didn't care either way, marriage is just a piece of paper but it was important to him) but we didn't have money to have a wedding because we were spending our money on baby stuff and I wasn't in any condition to travel to Vegas. My baby shower was supposed to be a surprise but someone let it slip. So my husband and I came up with the plan to have a surprise wedding instead. We had to let his family know in advance but my parents had no clue. No decorations, flowers, fancy clothes, photos or anything. Just a $25 marriage license. My former college professor married us, she was an ordained minister. My BIGGEST memory from that day, besides my large belly, was my husband's sweaty palm as he stood next to me, holding my hand, and we said our vows. He was so freaking nervous. He was white as a sheet. Three years and two kids later we are glad we did it. Someday we want a honeymoon. Lol

Mommy... MommyHuman

We had a very simple wedding. Five months before the wedding I found out I was pregnant with my eldest. We spent about $5,000 on the wedding. A friend of my mom's made my dress and my bridesmaids dresses. I had inexpensive decorations. We had a make your own sandwich bar and salads. My wedding cake came from Wal-Mart, but it was very good. The person who made the dresses, also did the photography, and my husband's friend did videography. We spur glued on the honeymoon because we really wanted the chance get away before the baby came. It was well worth it.

Tiffani Roberts

my whole wedding minus the catering (my step-father insisted) was only 500$   flowers were 25$ cake 100$ decorations were bought at the dollar tree bout 75$ for all the pices.  200 for the hall and 100 to tailor my mom's wedding dress and buy a gurtle to wear under it to keep things tucked in the right places.  my makeup was done by my Maid of honor, DJ was done by a friend of the family as his wedding present to me <3 and photography was done by my maid of honor's fiance <3 all was perfict.  can't wait to renew our vows with our little boys being in the ceramony too <3

cyber... cybersunshine

My husband & I got married exactly two months after we met. I was on a two week vacation and my husband was in the military. Don't ever let anything tell you that there's no such thing as love at first sight. Our eyes met across a crowded room at from that moment on nobody else existed. He took thirty days leave the next day after we talked all night and the sunrise caught us totally off guard. Our wedding cost less than $100. My friends bought my simple yet beautiful white regular church type dress, his buddies paid for and hosted our reception/party and our wedding was at the justice of the peace surrounded by military friends, two waitresses in their work uniforms, bikers, and a wide variety of people in their everyday clothes.I got pregnant on our wedding night and two weeks later after a middle of the night phone call my husband was sent on a mission and returned less than two weeks before the baby was born. We have been happily married for thirty years and seven months. From the day that we got married we were a team and we were family through good and bad times. Divorce was never a option and if more people viewed marriage that way there would be a lot fewer divorces. ,

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