Bride & Groom Pose With Tornado for Most Exciting Wedding Portrait EVER (PHOTO)

tornado weddingJust when you think it's safe to get married -- BOOM! A twister sends you off to the land of Oz. That's what looks like is about to happen in this amazing wedding portrait of a tornado photobombing a bride and groom in Saskatchewan, Canada. There they are, kissing and holding hands like they've got the brightest future ahead of them. And there's a dangerous twister looming in the background. Has there ever been a better visual metaphor for the institution of marriage? And of more urgent concern, did this couple survive their wedding?!? You won't believe what was really going on here.

tornado wedding

The couple looks completely oblivious to the storm behind them. But it turns out not only did they see the twister, they decided to use it for a dramatic backdrop. You will be relieved to know it was not headed in their direction, so it's not quite as dangerous as it looks. I mean, these two are crazy-in-love, but they're not completely insane.

Wedding photographer Colleen Niska told BuzzFeed she was out with the bride and groom when they spotted the twister in the far distance. No one was frightened; instead, she says, "We were pretty excited as none of us had witnessed a tornado before and thought it was a pretty cool opportunity. I wasn’t going to pass on it!"

Niska snapped away and then excitedly posted some of the twister wedding shots on Facebook. "I've dreamed about a day like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could NOT wait to post these! Pretty sure this will only happen once in my lifetime!" For once I fully endorse this use of multiple exclamation points. In this context? It's 100 percent warranted.

And wow, how lucky is this couple to have such a dramatic and unique wedding portrait!

Now that I know the back story, I love these photos even more. And about that metaphor for marriage -- that works even better as well. Imagine, two people holding hands, bravely facing whatever looms in their future (okay, fine, the tornado isn't heading toward them, just go along with it anyway) with excitement and confidence. That really is the best attitude to have when you dare to attempt one of life's greatest adventures, don't you think?

Would you be brave enough to pose like this in front of a tornado?


Image via Colleen Niska/Facebook



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Jacee... Jacee2348

If the opportunity had presented itself for me, I would've done it. What a COOL pic and a once in a lifetime occurrence for wedding day pics!

Mark Cox

if real then cool but I have doubts

Erin Sites Golden

Awesome pics but I still like the ones with the wildfire burning in the background best!

MacIv... MacIvormom3

It is real mark cox. I am from the area and while we do not typicaly have tornados here we did have a few in the last couple days. Tornados here are not nearly as damaging as the huge ones they get in the states.

nonmember avatar krystian

Sorry looks fake.

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