5 Male Celebs Who Wear Engagement Rings -- Should Real Men Do It Too? (PHOTOS)

As the wise Beyonce once warned us: If he liked it, then he shoulda put a ring on it.

But don't we like our men back? Is it really fair that he goes out of his way to scrimp and save for that diamond solitaire engagement ring and we return the favor with ... a thank you? And never mind the cost of a ring -- that isn't even the point. It's a romantic gesture. One that reminds us of commitment and the promise of a future together. It always seemed odd to me that men weren't expected to (proudly) show the world they were "taken" too. What's that about, anyway?

Well, the days of engagement rings made for women only may be behind us. Manly men like Johnny Depp and Charlie Sheen are wearing engagement rings -- why wouldn't the "mangagement" ring catch on? We spoke with wedding expert Amanda Gizzi to get all the details on this trend.

Gizzi, a spokeswoman for Jewelers of America, says the trend of men rocking engagement rings was a topic of conversation long before Depp pranced around in his. For the record, he's actually wearing fiancee Amber Heard's actual ring, not a "male" engagement ring. But it's the thought that counts, right?!

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Though they aren't mainstream yet, Gizzi says the mangagement ring is becoming more accepted by American men.

"What the trend comes down to is that men and women both want to show their commitment during the engagement period," Gizzi said. "There's no better symbol than a ring on your left finger to show that commitment."

When it comes to styles, Gizzi reminded us that most men are NOT Johnny Depp and will, therefore, probably not be thrilled with the idea of wearing a dainty diamond on their digit. She says they're opting instead for solid platinum or gold wedding band styles -- and some of the more daring grooms-to-be get theirs set with diamonds.

The best part of the mangagement ring fad, in my opinion -- and a totally sweet tradition that is often followed by couples in Latin American countries -- is that the man wears the ring on his left finger until he says "I do." He then switches the engagement ring to his right hand to make room for his wedding band.

Here are 5 celebrity men who love their mangagement rings, and a few styles we think would work perfectly for any real man.

Would you give your fiance an engagement ring?


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lasombrs lasombrs

My husband had claddagh ring which we bought in ireland when he proposed. He wore it until we got our celtic wedding bands.

Avi Val

Johnny Depp is wearing now a gold band (and rather broad) on his ring finger. It seems he returned and resized the chick's ring to the right size of his fiancee (because she has been seen also wearing that ring too again. so she has two engagement rings!) and he (or maybe she?) put that gold band on his finger. But the meaning it's the same: he's proudly taken!

nonmember avatar Don

The issue is, how many women have bought engagement rings for their man? Answer: .000089 percent.

Jennifer Kilpela

I bought one for my now husband. Bought him a promise ring too. And his wedding band. He switches between the three. He thought it was sweet of me. 


When my friend got engaged his future in-laws got him the ring (they really love him!).

nonmember avatar Don

P.s., real women buy their SO a ring. Way to go Jennifer! Need more women like you.

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