10 Things Never to Say to a Bride-to-Be (PHOTOS)

bride to beWedding planning is stressful enough for a bride-to-be. We've got the dress, the venue, the florist, the wedding favors ... not to mention the monthly payments for everything I just listed above. But you know what's a real pain in the bustle? Everything else. And by that, I mean all the people and their idiotic comments directed at the bride leading up to her big day.

If you know a bride and plan on communicating with her in the near future, you're going to want to read this.

Here are 10 things never to say to a bride-to-be: 

 1 I don't really have to send my RSVP back, right? So annoying.

2. How can you possibly spend that much on a dress you'll only wear once? 

3. The day is going to FLY by. You will barely remember it!

4. Aren't you going to start working out soon?

5. I found this gourmet cheese basket that would make a great wedding gift for you. 

6. I heard it's supposed to downpour on your wedding day. 

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7. Long wedding ceremonies are SO obnoxious.

8. Are you seriously making your bridesmaids wear that?

9. The honeymoon night is SO overrated. You'll probably just pass out right away. 

10. I'm in your wedding party ... right?

Have you heard (or said) any of these gems?

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nonmember avatar Samantha

I've actually had someone ask me why I am even bothering with a wedding, because we have already been together so long anyway? !?!?#?# Seriously. ....

nonmember avatar Cait

Samantha, I had the same thing happen! And was told several times that it's just a piece of paper! By married people no less.

nonmember avatar Amy

I didn't have anything rude said to me but my aunt and uncle boycotted my rehearsal because I didn't have my younger cousin as a Bridesmaid. They had a big stink about it for months leading up to the wedding

Starc... Starchica21

I got told by a close friend that was not a part of the wedding (she was a bit jealous) that I talked to much about my wedding.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

I had a girl I didn't even know very well tell me that she would be more than happy to be a briesmaid at my wedding ... yeah ... didn't happen. LOL.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I'm ok with people telling brides they probably won't do the deed on their wedding night. Takes the pressure off.

Mary229 Mary229

One of my husband's friends invited himself to be a groomman.  Because my husband couldn't figure out a tactful way to tell him "no", we ended up adding him as well as another friend of mine, to keep the numbers of bridesmaids and groomsmen balanced, to our wedding party.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

 I said someting along the lines of "seriously.. you dont HAVE to get down right freaky deaky on your wedding night.." Because seriously.. I've seen big weddings.. Who'd have the energy? As a matter of fact, my wedding night was sexless because I was deathly ill :-p LOL!

nonmember avatar me

Well, most of these are true. You should rsvp, but really, justifying spending thousands on your wedding dress? Unless you are really well off, thats just a waste of money. You can get a great dress for very few hundreds. Would I have loved a 10 k dress? Of course. But my $250 one was very nice and didnt bankrupt me.

The day will be a blur and many couples dont have sex on their wedding night...

Charl... Charlyla2

Amy, when my bff got married her aunt showed up with her little cousin dressed as a flower girl. Even though she already had a flower girl. Ah, she was pissed. She didn't use the kid in the wedding either. I hate how people just ASSUME they will be in a wedding. I threw a surprise wedding when I got married. Problem solved.

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