31-Year-Old Man Is ONLY Attracted to 90-Year-Old Women (VIDEO)

31 year old dates 90 year oldWhen it comes to love, sex, and dating, it's a good rule of thumb never to 'yuck' someone else's 'yum.' Sure, some people are turned on by things you aren't, fine. Human beings are different! What you're attracted to in a partner might be a total turn-off for someone else. Who cares, right? That's their business.

This is what I keep saying to myself as I learn more and more about 31-year-old Kyle Jones. Kyle is a handsome, charming guy with a unique quirk: He only dates senior citizens. When I first read this, I thought, Great, more power to him. That was before I caught an eye-full of him making out with a 91-year-old woman named Marjorie McCool. I can't. My eyes. So much tongue. So much old tongue. I'm trying to be hip and accepting, but I JUST CAN'T DO IT.

There is something about Kyle's obsession with older women that just doesn't sit right. I want to say that I'm impressed by Kyle's fervor for wrinkles and sags that come with age, but it comes across as being objectifying rather than reverential. Maybe if Kyle was dating Marjorie exclusively, I might have an easier time viewing this to be a love story for the ages. But he isn't.

Kyle is dating around three women of varying senior ages and having sex with all of them. They are all significantly older than his mother -- whom he introduces all of these ladies to! I like to think that as a mother, I'll be all about acceptance, but I think I'd have to draw the line at my young son bringing home girls with AARP cards.

But maybe I'm being small-minded. After all, older men have been dating seriously younger women since time immemorial and nobody gasps in horror when they walk down the street arm in arm. I don't know though. Looking at Kyle and Marjorie, I'm starting to think that maybe we should.

Do you think Kyle and Marjorie should be dating?


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Mark Cox

she is the one who turns it sexist then whines about sexism..typical....two adults so leave em alone

nonmember avatar Dax

So with all those wrinkles can he tell the difference between her face and her Vajay-jay?

Margie James

Whatever floats you're boat!

Jenna McCrea

Margie Jones...."Whatever floats YOU ARE boat!" Come on, English.

Sarah Wagner

To each there own I also date older men who are consider senior citizens I was dating a 65 year old and I'm 35

Lacey Tierney

Who cares? They are two (or more) consenting adults..that's the only thing that should matter to anyone not involved in their relationship dynamics.

nonmember avatar KEL

Jenna McCrea, next time you call someone out for their grammar or type-o, why not double check yourself? Her last name is 'James,' not 'Jones.' Also, if we want to get technical, "..." IS appropriate for trailing off sentences--NOT addressing someone--but you used four dots in a row. Let's not forget you improperly quoted as well.

nonmember avatar Emma

I guess if that is what he likes than so be it but I can't think about what they do when they are not in public ewwwww.

justj123 justj123

My son is 21 I am 50. If he brought home a 80-90 year old woman for me to meet I would have an attack!! I am SO SORRY this is SICK!!!! It is even sick LOOKING!!! I being the woman would be embarrassed to be seen in public with a man young enough to be my damn grandson or my son!! Grow the f@&k up people !! 60 year old age difference is a BIT TOO much!! 20-30 years NOT that bad... HELLO!!!

nonmember avatar Jeanetta

The question I have is really is he just dating these women. Cuz of money, I couldn't imagine my son cmon home with someone that's as old as my mother wow, what's his motive

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