How Your Husband's Name Can Affect Your Marriage

men's namesWhat's in a name? Whether we like them or not, our names precede us. They tell everything about who our parents are, how we were raised, and who we will become.

This is also true of our spouses' names. Think of a man named Scott. Who are you picturing? Now think of someone named Jerome. It's someone completely different, correct? Even though it's just a few letters our parents bestowed on us, our names become us -- and we become them.  

Kerrie Hopkins started the website, a site where people can download information about names to help them in their relationships. Just by hearing a man's name, she can help ascertain their personality type and, in turn, help us fine-tune our relationships with them.

Rob: He's a charmer and lots of fun. You have to be fun as well to keep him interested. Keep an eye on him so that he doesn't fool around.

Joe: You are in a relationship with him, but just be sure that he WANTS to be in a relationship. Make sure you have a sense of humor and use it on him when he comes home from work.

Dave: This one is charming and a good provider. He needs to be pampered and hates to ask for permission. He'd rather ask for forgiveness.

Matt: He's a nice guy. He tends to attract control freaks who want a guy who'll be successful but who will let them run the show. To keep him, you should be nice to his friends and family.

Steve: He loves to be the boss at work and pampered at home. Needs someone to keep up with him.

Kurt: He has tons of personality. Don't be surprised if he left his wallet home when you're dating. As a married person, you have to make him feel important.

Ryan: He's another nice guy who gets completely dominated by his partner. Again, to make him -- AND YOU -- happy, you have to like his friends. His connections with them will be the main source of Ryan's income.

Sean: He is independent, smart, won't listen to anyone. To stay married, embrace his capabilities and his smarts. Also, you need to focus on your independence and your own smarts and then you'll be compatible.

Dan: He is a great storyteller, loves to exaggerate. If he comes home late, you'll never hear the real story why. To stay together, you must appreciate his creativity and don't accuse him of things. You'll never get a straight answer and he'll resent you.

Are your men's names here? Is it accurate?


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ceeja... ceejaysmama19

nope not accurate, the Rob I know goes by Bob for starters and he is sweet, serious,determined, no way in the world do I have to "do" anything to keep him loyal.  As for Matt the one I dated years ago was the control freak and expected me to do everything but within his limits. Like I couldnt hang out with my bestie unless he was there kind of thing, he didnt trust me yet he was the one that cheated.

Krista Randall Gambala

No not accurate at all! I think this is another farfetched money maker ploy. Nothing in a name ties to a personality! SMH Stop trying to use science to prove bullshit.

Ashle... Ashley1113

No. This is not accurate AT ALL. My Ryan is an asshole lol.

Heather Sprouse Counts

I know at least one of each and I have to say they were all wrong.....just something for people to waster money on

Melan... Melanie_berries

Its On The list....And no, NOT EVEN CLOSE to being accurate. Where do you find this sh*t??

Diana... DianaAlbert

well, the Dan is absolutely correct. One of the reasons I'm not married to him anymore.

nonmember avatar Tom

Sounds like poppycock to me.

nonmember avatar Vikki

The Rob I a.charmer easy.on the.eyes smooth talker....MANWHORE.....HE'S A Dominant and his way

nonmember avatar KFitz

There's some pretty accurate "name meaning" or wwhatever their called, on Urban Dictionary.

Like most of them seem creepily accurate.

Fondue Fondue

My brother is a Ryan. He's a super-nice guy and his girlfriend is a lying, cheating whore who likes to take advantage of him. So yeah, I'd say that one is pretty accurate.

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