​Names of Men Most Likely to Cheat Revealed: Is Your Guy on the List?

broken heartPeople cheat. This is just the sad reality of life. No one wants to be in love with a cheater. No one wants their heart broken like that or to deal with the aftermath of trying to figure it all out. So what if I told you there was a master list of cheating men that you can check to see if your guy was on the list? Would you check it?

I sure did. And there it was ... my man's name. This list isn't last name specific, but it's a collection of the 13 names of men who are most likely to cheat.

WhitePages.com compiled a list after interviewing a couple thousand women regarding their experiences with men. They took down the first names and came up with the most unfaithful names of the bunch. And here it is.

Top Names Most Associated With Cheating     

  1. Scott
  2. Mark
  3. Matthew
  4. Lee
  5. Ryan
  6. Nicholas
  7. Steve
  8. Wayne
  9. Craig
  10. Harry
  11. Dean
  12. Ashley
  13. Liam

Sigh. So my guy is -- according to this -- more likely to cheat on me, and one of the least trustworthy when it comes to love. Instead of getting all upset and thinking the worst, I'm just going to call nonsense on this list. Sure, it may be true, but it still doesn't mean that every Scott, Ryan, and Dean are cheaters. Tori Spelling, however, might think otherwise.

Besides, if someone is going to cheat, they will cheat. You can't worry about controlling everything. If the worst happens, you deal with it when it happens. But I don't think if you meet a man named Mark, you should run away because his name made this list. Plus, most of these names are popular names, so it makes sense these monikers would come up more often than a name like Tiger. And we all know that name can be found in the dictionary under "cheater."

What do you think? Believe the list? Have experience that makes you believe? Is your man's name on the list?



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Prett... PrettyNInk87x

But I thought Scotty didn't know



nonmember avatar Christina

Lol... My SO is #1 on the list.

nonmember avatar trista

What difference does it make on what the name of guy is. If a guys is going to cheat they will cheat no question about it

mom03... mom030607

My cheating ex husband made the top 5! Cheated on me 3x before I stopped forgiving... haha and has since cheated on at least 2 of his girlfriends since me!

Meano... Meanolduglyoldm

Yep. 2 ex husbands, both named Steve. Both cheaters....

nonmember avatar Jessica Becker

They need to add Eric to that list!!

Lauri Kuhlmeier Kashkin

My ex husband's name was Scott. He couldn't keep his sh!t to himself AT ALL! 

Mom2S... Mom2Selena

But Scotty doesn't know....so don't tell Scotty! ;-)

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