12 Sex Positions That Really Hit 'The Spot' (PHOTOS)

gspot When it comes to having good sex, every woman has discussed the infamous G-spot. Some people think it's a myth and get by on clitoral orgasms (which ain't too shabby). But ardent believers in the lore of the G-spot spend countless, amazing hours searching for this spongy, walnut patch on the front of the vaginal wall. As we know, half the fun of going some place is the journey, right? Let's pack up and head out on this uber sexy adventure. 

The rumors are true. A G-spot orgasm is a thing entirely unto itself. Different than than the intensely concentrated pleasure that comes from clitoral orgasm, this one provides all-over ecstasy. Yeah, I know, right? I'll have what she's having indeed. But because of where the secret spot is located, it can be pretty difficult to access through the more, shall we say, conventional channels. 

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We're sure you are more than capable of spending time in the sack with your partner doing all the, uh, "research" necessary to find this magical spot all on your own. Y'all are a bunch of sexual dynamos, and no one doubts it. But still, we thought we'd contribute a couple of delicious suggestions of the best sex positions for hitting the G-spot. These veritable appetizers are just a few starters to tease your palate. Bon appetit!

Which one of these positions works best for you?


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BGarcel BGarcel

None of these work best for hitting my g spot. But it might have to do with my husband being a big boy :)

For me, laying face down with my ass pointing up and him on top straddling my legs or laying between my spread legs hits my g spot the best. I think its called froggy style?

Cuntsuella Blade

Gawd, This article sounds like advice from a "girl" that had recently lost her virginity and now pretends to be a sex expert! "A little lube on the fingers and then....", why do you need lube? I'm a 53 yr. old man and married 25, and in my entire adult life lube has NEVER been necessary, NEVER!! IF you need, lube something is wrong with your approach, this is a FACT!! If anyone even attempts to argue this FACT, they are clearly not qualified to offer advice on sexual topics.

irish... irishstarz

Some of these work for me. I'm extremely sensitive, but certain positions just don't do it for me.

And we don't use lube - there's no need! ;)

nonmember avatar Kristi

Well pals, just because you don't NEED lube doesn't mean you wouldn't have fun with it. I don't have to use it, I get to.

the4m... the4mutts


These all depend on the shape of the penis also. For example: doggy style does NOT work for my husband and me. He points north. All it does it make the head of his penis, rub the wall separating the pink from the stink. It's uncomfortable for him, and flat out hurts me.

As to the rest of this... I honestly don't know why bloggers try giving sex advice. What are you, 12? I think couples can figure out girls can go on top too, and even change their straddling position. If you think "girl on top" is some breakthrough revelation, then you need to go get laid more.

MrsJa... MrsJaimet

@ cuntsuella blade. Just because you and your partner are lucky enough not to need lube doesn't mean some women actually need it. After having my last child I developed a hormone issue and am unable to make enough of my own lubication to keep things comfortable for us. It Is a real and true medical condition! So your "fact" is wrong and maybe you shouldn't be talking about sex advice!

purra... purracious

Lube is necessary for the back door pleasures (if you do it right), I like the ky intense massage gel. I put it on my clit before foreplay and the results are amazing. And while these are all great positions, I can feel myself orgasm a lot before its all over, doesn't matter what position, the last one being "the big one". Having a husband who has had tons of experience before marriage does help (he popped my cherries lmao).

How can you NOT achieve one orgasm during sex? Can someone explain this to me?

Hope Wilson

This is hysterical because none of it matters, every woman is different and evey man's penis is a different size and shape so I'm pretty sure couples can figure their bodies out over time!!!!  lol

deann... deannamidwife

Once i meant my husband I was very surprised how big he was, and he is a man that makes sure you are satisfied many times before he is. Our first night together lasted 6 hrs, and the second night 6 1/2 hrs. He knows right where my g spot was in a very short period of time in any position we are in. He says once he gets it (it like my insides grab him and pull him in more). I luv my multiples, and having orgasms at time is great. I also found out you really have to be in tune with one another to archive an orgasm at the time. After 4 children and more than 25 yrs we still are going strong. I luv to make love with him anytime, anywhere, it keeps things exciting you always have to have an open mind. Most of all be comfortable with each other.

nonmember avatar BadGirl

Just because some people don't need live doesn't mean others don't or that it isn't fun to try! Also I don't understand everyone saying she must me 12 etc everyone cannot know everything so the blog is about giving folks some ideas!

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