Moms Who Don't Like This 'Guilty Pleasure' May Be Doing It All Wrong

You're watching the wrong kind of pornBelieve it or not, I'm a big fan of pornography, which tends to make most moms give me a raised eyebrow or a judgmental look. I'm certainly not a porn addict by any means, I enjoy watching for my own pleasure and education.

After all, what better way to improve your moves in the bedroom?

I've found is that many moms don't like porn because they're watching the wrong kind. So, here are my two suggestions for finding porn that will work for you. And trust me, it really does work.

When moms think of porn, they typically think of a ridiculously fake-looking woman having sex with a ridiculously average-looking guy with a big penis. And really, that's exactly what I thought porn was too, and that's all I had ever really seen up until I bought this video (yes, it was an actual videotape), with a variety of different scenarios on it. I realized there is much more to it than just the male-dominated porn most of us are familiar with.

Let's just say the scene with three women getting it on was some of the hottest sex I had ever seen.

And no, I'm not a lesbian. And I'm not bisexual.

For whatever reason, or really lots of reasons that are both personal and pretty obvious, I find two, three, or even four women together way hotter than heterosexual sex.

And if you want to add a guy into the mix, all the hotter.

Granted, this might not be your preference, but it's always worth a try. And that's really just the tip of the iceberg. Take a peek at the different "combinations"; you might be surprised at what turns you on.

Another problem is that for many moms, it's not the sex that's the problem but the idea that these women are performing against their will or might be underage. And it's a legitimate concern.

That's why I'm very careful to watch feminist porn when I can, which has pretty strict rules in terms of everything from how the performers are hired to the acts they perform.

You can also find specific porn stars who might not do feminist porn but are wiling to admit their age and preference up front, so you know what you're getting when you watch their videos.

So before you completely write off porn as gross, disgusting, or degrading to women, you might be really surprised at how good it can be -- and how much it can positively impact your sex life.

Do you watch porn or is it too uncomfortable or too much of a turn-off for you?


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Traci Tsakiris

I use to buy my graphic porn books from a place called Adult World near out apartment. After my husband and I bought a house miles away, I was on the lookout for a new store. I finally drove passed a place called Adult Books. When inside, all we saw were toys and DVDs. Very deciving. 

Rhodin Rhodin

@Traci, Amazon? The boxes look the same no matter what you order, even if they aren't plain brown.

nonmember avatar Shawn

I'm a guy (if that matters). You might want to consider the porn of Tristan Taormino. She wasn't on the list of feminist porn you had linked to.

the4m... the4mutts

I don't like porn. Period. And Im not some prude that just finds it "icky"

I was a stripper who also had a side job in a porn shop. I sold anal plugs to 80yr old men.

But I don't like watching it. It does not turn me on. No matter what "kind" it is. And trust me, I have seen, handled, and sold ALL KINDS.

There is nothing wrong with women or men that enjoy it, or those that do not. There is not something wrong with me, simply because it doesn't float my boat. And there is nothing wrong with my husband for wanting to watch it when Im not home.

Why do all you bloggers seem to insist that porn and toys are going to give you Like, OMG, the bestest sex life, ever!? It's stupid.

pippi311 pippi311

I'm not gay or bisexual either but I find girl on girl porn exciting too. I think it's because I can see the pleasure they're getting and imagine it's me in their place.

nonmember avatar Lisa

Or perhaps some of us are simply content to have a satisfying and wild sex life (after 16 years, no less) without needing to look at other people doing what we would rather be doing ourselves? We used to watch it early in our relationship and while it was certainly physically satisfying, it pales in comparison to the imaginative, frequent, and emotionally satisfying sex we've had in the years since we stopped watching it. It was a replacement

BGarcel BGarcel

I definitely watch porn! And yes the author makes a good point in that there are different kinds of porn and liking porn does not mean you like all kinds of porn.

nonmember avatar krystle

I don't like it.. I don't let my my fiancée watch it either... I find it degrading and it's disgusting... I tried to do it for him I once and I wanted to reach in the screen and rip the chicks eyes out..I see it as cheating if he watches it by himself, it's not okay in our relationship and he knows there won't be one if he does.. I think that it should be between 2 people not a screen of dirty people.. You asked for my opinion on it and how I feel this is how I feel.

mskai... mskailuakona

So how long have you been a lesbian?  Come out, come out whatever you are!  Please spare us if you like women getting it on you're definitely a lesbian or bisexual there are no other choices let's face it.  Feminist porn?  In your dreams maybe.  Call it what you like yet if you weren't attracted to women not men you would not watch it.  You even created a new name for it to lesson the blow as you secretly don't want to admit you're attracted to women otherwise you wouldn't be watching it.  Say you like wrestling you would watch WWF.  Keep telling yourself you're not a lesbian 100x if you want maybe one day you'll believe even as you watch three women have sex.  No different than a man wanting to see two or three men have sex what would call him?  GAY

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