8 Old-School Dating Tips That Sound Strange but Actually Make Sense


dating couple The more dating changes, the more it stays the same. And also....not. A hilarious 1950s-era vintage women's magazine is making the rounds. In addition to being a super-fun tour of days gone by, it provides some snort-worthy outdated ideas about what's okay and not okay to do on a date.

It's mostly super old-school. If you tried a lot of their "tips" now you'd most like just come across as charmingly insane.

1) Apparently, it's okay to eat asparagus with your fingers.

2) But God help you should ever order your own meal or speak directly to the waiter. Can you imagine doing this today? You'd look like a feral animal.

3) Also not cool? Eating fruit with your hands! This guide would have you delicately cutting up your apples and pears. I would only do this if I want to make sure I never went on a date with a guy again.

4) As bananas as a lot of this old advice is, there are a couple of tidbits that remain true -- like avoid eating fish on a date. I don't know that I've ever read this in any contemporary how-to guides to dating, but that sounds like solid common sense to me. If you want to get smooched, maybe avoid the trout. I can get behind that.

5) Don't slurp out of a soup bowl (one of the guide's "duh" manners suggestions that still applies).

6) Don't put your elbows on the table (another obvious one).

7) It's "rude" to leave lipstick prints on your drinking glasses. I've always felt like leaving my lipstick behind was a sexy and subtle reminder of my mouth -- but that could just be me.

8) Oh -- and don't brush your hair at the table while you're with your date. On the surface, this seems like it shouldn't need saying. But then I remember the MULTIPLE PEOPLE I HAVE WATCHED CLIP THEIR NAILS ON THE SUBWAY and think that probably folks could benefit from being reminded to keep the personal ablutions at home.

What other old-fashioned dating etiquette still applies today?


Image via Max Wanger/Corbis


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berit berit

I wish more people knew about the lipstick one

nonmember avatar Sarah

I agree with the author, I've always found it kinda sassy to have that lipstick mark left behind. But even if I didn't, I haven't really found a way not to, unless I stop wearing lipstick. And I love my red lipstick!

But, seriously. Brushing your hair on the date? What the? If you have to fix your hair, excuse yourself to the restroom. I mean, think of how much people tend to freak out when they find a hair in their food.

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