What Men REALLY Think About During Sex

couple in bedWant to know how you can have mind-blowing sex? Well, for a lot of us the key is to shut off the monkey chatter in our heads. We're so critical of ourselves, our bodies especially. And it doesn't always stop when we're in the middle of doing the do. But while the wheels of worry are spinning around in our heads, guess what's going on in men's heads during sex? Kind of nothing -- and kind of everything.

When you get naked with a guy they're not thinking anything except how glad they are to be invited to the party. The rest is all ... well, let me just show you in pictures.

Her: Oh! We're gonna do it! YAAS! Ooh -- but I wish I hadn’t worn my granny panties today of all days. Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look…



super excited

Her: Welp, here’s the part where he finds out I’m no Kate Upton upstairs…



super excited

Her: Oh no, this position makes my belly poof out. Does he think I look fat? Is it too late to run?



super excited

Her: Really wish I’d groomed more recently down there…



super excited

Her: Er, apparently that doesn’t matter. He's going for it! Okay, voices off. I got this.


Both of you a while later...

after sex

Do you worry about this stuff during sex?


Image via Annie Engel/Corbis



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TheSi... TheSilence

Maybe I'm not an oddity but I don't worry about crap like that when I'm having sex. I'm having too much fun.

BGarcel BGarcel

No I don't worry about these sorts of things. I only wear thongs for underwear. My husband is happy with my boobs. I workout a lot and eat healthy. I shave down there regularly.

I would have said "No because sex is and should be enjoyable." but then thought about what I do and take care of in order to make sex carefree, fun, and enjoyable.

.anon... .anonymous

I'm too into sex it to think, period! And WTF is "welp" all about? It's "well."

nonmember avatar jim

Some people need this. They need to laugh and have more fun with each other. Many thanks for the laugh-medicine.

nonmember avatar me

Lol I dont worry about any of that stuff, ive been with the same guy 13 years, hes seen all my underwear, he knows what my boobs and belly look like, no secrets there. I do think about stuff, but more along the lines of oh crap, I forgot to pack the kids lunches...

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