15 Real Reasons Women Gave for Cheating on Their Husbands

coupleDid you know that there are certain characteristics that a woman prone to cheating will have? According to a recent survey, they are typically between the ages of 20 and 35, college educated, and work in an office job. Other telltale signs, according to Victoria Milan, an extramarital dating site for married people: they are flirtatious, intelligent, have a sense of humor, and consider themselves to be honest. I'm not sure if I buy that profile. It sounds like just about every woman I know -- and they are not all cheaters. However, after reading the stats, my curiosity was piqued. I wondered what motivates a woman in a committed relationship to cheat on her man, so I asked. Here is what they had to say:

  1. "He cheated first."
  2. "He got so fat. I love him, but the sexual attraction took a plunge."
  3. "The man I cheated with made me feel a way my husband hadn't in years."
  4. "I wanted to be more wild and do something adventurous."
  5. "I felt trapped in a marriage I didn't want to be in."
  6. "He thought my fantasy was weird. I felt too embarrassed to ask him again."
  7. "I was bored out of my mind."
  8. "We hadn't done it in over a year."
  9. "After all those years together, we are more like friends than lovers."
  10. "It's fun and exciting."
  11. "My husband doesn't desire me anymore. I wanted to feel wanted, sexy, and adored again."
  12. "He never initiated sex and became more interested in playing video games."
  13. "Honestly, I wanted an excuse to end my marriage."
  14. "I wanted to make my husband jealous."
  15. "He didn't find me sexy anymore."


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tbruc... tbrucemom

Am I the only one that sees 15 reasons listed when the headline says 20?

Jammi... Jammie209

Nope, there are only 15...lol

nonmember avatar American Expat

I like the word "reasons" in the title, because it in fact strongly implies women are saying it's perfectly fine for women to cheat. Using the word "excuses" would likewise imply cheating is wrong.

NikiG91 NikiG91

Insane! If it is bad enough that you want to cheat, it's time for a divorce.

nonmember avatar Typical Guy

So: boredom (only idiots get "bored"), complacency, payback, a fat spouse, and being needy are all acceptable reasons to cheat.

And then women have the NERVE to rip a guy's balls off is HE uses any one of these pathetic, shitty excuses.

nonmember avatar Happy One

I wonder how outraged women would be if a man said " I cheated because my wife got so fat".

eykelley eykelley

Horrible! Even through an 8m seperation from dh i NEVER cheated. We barely spoke for 3 of those months. But, i still stayed ttue to my vows. How horrible. No excuses in my book.

jacsm... jacsmama022

Sounds like all of those are excuses. I've gone through some of the same issues but we worked on them, I didn't just throw my hands up and decide to cheat.

starr... starreyedcutie

There is no excuse other than you are a coward. Simple as that. If you dont want to be in a relationship anymore LEAVE! Try actually taking marriage serious and communicate how you feel.

nonmember avatar Amber

I just exchanged vows last night and I must say.... there is no acceptable reason to commit adultry and to break your vows. If you did not plan to spend forever with the person you married you should not have made a promise to him before God.

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