10 Things Husbands Are Incapable of Doing for Themselves

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As much as we all love and adore our husbands, sometimes it's tough not to wonder how on earth they'd manage to survive without us. And I don't mean physically survive -- I'm simply referring to the little things we take care of for them every day -- that they probably never even consider doing themselves. (Duh, because they know we'll do it for them.)

Before I go any farther, let me just go ahead and put it out there that I'm not saying the men in our life don't work their asses off and bend over backwards to help us out too -- because they most certainly do.

But there are those few little things we have to stop and wonder if they'd ever get accomplished if we were to suddenly stop doing them.

Like these 10 tasks, for example.

  1. Washing/changing their bath towel -- OMG. Are they immune to how a used towel smells after about a week of showering, let alone much longer than that? If we didn't' regularly put the towels in the wash and switch the ones hanging in the bathroom with clean ones -- our poor husbands would probably use them 365 days a year.
  2. Changing the sheets -- Another doozie. Would they even notice if they were sleeping on the same sheets for months on end? Maybe, maybe not. Kind of makes you wonder how often they got changed during their bachelor days before you entered the picture. (Oh, and forget making the bed. As if.)
  3. Cooking (decent) meals -- Like real, honest to God meals. Not toast. Or cereal. Or potato chips. Basically anything that involves the four major food groups.
  4. Sorting the mail -- Sure, they'll flip through it to take out stuff that belongs to them, but then they'll go and leave the junk mail on the counter in piles for you to throw out.
  5. Refilling the soap dispenser -- Um ... I don't care how much extra water you put in there -- at some point the soap in the bathroom or kitchen runs out and you either need to refill it, or purchase a new bottle. Husbands simply don't understand this concept. (Same goes for changing the toilet paper roll.)
  6. Cleaning up the kitchen -- For whatever reason, so many husbands are oblivious to food clogging up the sink drain, or the remnants of dinner that are spattered all over the stove. Sure, they'll load the dishwasher -- but rotting food simply isn't a problem.
  7. Buying things like toilet paper and toothpaste -- Duh. There's a magical fairy who makes that stuff reappear, so why should dudes bother picking it up on their way home?
  8. Making doctors appointments -- And dentist appointments and lab tests, etc. Husbands are so bad at taking care of their own health. Huh. Maybe that's one of the main reasons they married us in the first place?
  9. Shopping for clothes/personal items -- Sure, there are some who love to get their shop on. But for the most part, if it doesn't involve food or technology, men will bitch and moan about holes in their socks and gloves that don't keep their fingers warm -- but they'll never actually buy the stuff they need.
  10. Keeping track of kids' schedules -- It doesn't matter how many times you've been out of town and they've had to deal with things like after school or weekend sports. If you don't list out where each child has to be at any given time, they'll literally run around in circles.

What things would your husband never accomplish if you didn't do them for him?


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MrsRo... MrsRoberts413

My husband is actually a really good cook, and he is good about refilling the soap dispenser, but the rest of those items? Spot on! lol Since we've been married I just throw out socks and underwear with holes in them when I'm doing laundry, I replace them when I've gotten rid of a fair few, and he never misses them, but he does realize he feels a lot better because he's not chafing or getting blisters from where the holes are!

Lilma... Lilmansmom09

I guess I'm lucky:) My husband us capable of doing all of those things.

jacsm... jacsmama022

^ditto. Mine does all of these things even without me asking..*gasp*

I feel bad for women whose husbands don't.

Taisie Taisie

I have to wonder who the heck you're married to? My man does all these things and more, (he even grocery shops with me, wow!) and I wonder sometimes how I would ever get by without him. I love my man, yay for me because he's mine :)

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I love going through articles on this website and playing "Guess the Writer"... I'm right 99% of the time when it comes to Ms. Mary. Usually passive agressive with a dash of bitchy and a smidge of judgement for good measure. You can spot her posts from a mile away...

nonmember avatar kara

I laughed , alot! My husband is the epoitomy of this list. Lol

Hes such a man.

nonmember avatar nikki

My hubby is great at half of these. The other half he'd have to ask our 7 year old if I wasn't around.

the4m... the4mutts

My husband was single for over a year before we started dating. His girlfriends before me, were lazy pieces of shit (except his exwife, she was alright). He has done every single one of the things on this list for himself since he got his first job at 15. Nobody before me ever did a damned thing for him, once he was of an age to do it himself.

His parents didn't raise an incapable douche. They raised a contributing member of society. Someone that could take care of himself. They raised a man.

The "jokes" and idea that men are incapable of doing the simple, every day tasks, especially those involving child rearing, are the reason we have a society of man boys. Nobody ever expects better of them, because women have been conditioned from a young age to just accept that "boys will be boys".

No. Just, no.

nonmember avatar Lisa

The only thing my husband can do is make breakfast. The rest is spot on. Seriously. Not even just kidding. He is incapable of doing these things. Often when he was single, he would just buy new clothes instead of doing his laundry. Then he says "I'm not an idiot!" when I give him directions on how to do something that he doesn't normally do (but yeah, if he was making chicken and getting raw chicken all over the place, he wouldn't wipe it up with disinfecting cleaner unless I told him. He would either leave it or use a plain, dry paper towel.) Good thing he is good at his job so that I can be home and do everything else.

Chris Finley Miller

My husband is more than capable of doing all these things and much much more. My sympathies to you if your husband is truly incapable of doing any of these things.

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